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Digital Marketing Interns

February 14, 2018


■ Work alongside professionals exploring DM methodology, gaining startup experience, testing new tools, content creation and social promotion ideas

■ Participate in and and contribute to the entrepreneurial journey and development of the whole startup

■ Share your ideas and knowledge with the eager members of the team

■ Be supported to learn and grow towards your goals, whatever they may be


■ Exciting, dynamic projects to work on

■ Flexibility to work remotely where you want and when you want

■ A skyrocketing learning curve (We give you the freedom to take on challenges, and we know that failing fast is an opportunity to learn)

■ Experience working on an international team (Antarctica is the only continent we don’t have a team member on. Antarctic applicants are encouraged!)

■ Join our open, collaborative culture (We want to share our knowledge as well as learn from you!)

■ Develop your entrepreneurial side

■ Additional opportunities as we grow and learn together


■ Passion for staying on the cutting edge of marketing and continuously innovating

■ Some skills in marketing, preferred

■ Experience working remotely a plus

PERSONAL QUALITIES (as important as skills!)

■ Creative: You think outside the box. We want your ideas and feedback not only for the project and coding, but also for the whole company

■ Timely and committed: You manage well your time

■ Challenger: You like to push yourself and go beyond your own goals. We’re ambitious and we want you to be too!

■ Quality-driven: You create great work you’re proud of!

■ Fast learner: You’ll learn a lot with us, and we move fast!

■ Team player: You share, discuss, ask for advice, and report on your work on yourself. You’ll work independently, we don’t want to be on your back ;-)

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