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Data Scientist

SaveSoft, Inc
Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
July 23, 2019


Data Scientist:

As Data Scientist, you will be analyzing a wide range of unstructured data (text, audio, image) to address problems for our customers through attentive listening, astute planning, and out of the box thinking to develop solutions and reporting results in an engaging manner. The role will involve working with Senior Data Scientists and mentoring Associate Data Scientists in analyzing complex data, generating insights, and creating solutions as needed across a variety of tools and platforms. The ideal candidate for this position will possess ability to perform both independent and team based research and generate insights from large data sets with a hands- on/can do attitude of servicing/managing day today data requests and analysis.

The Responsibilities

● Implement and validate predictive models based on statistical/NLP insights

● Prepare, transform and annotate client datasets

● Create compelling visualizations for client reporting

● Manage client communications in conjunction with senior team members

The Skill Set

● Approx. 3-4 years' experience working with data & analytics

● Have 1+ years' experience working with NLP, text analytics

● Basic knowledge of embedding models (word2vec, GloVe)

● Solid statistics knowledge (hypothesis testing, ANOVA, chisquare ests, etc…)

● Command of data science principles (regression, Bayes, time series, clustering, P/R, AUROC, etc…)

● Excellent verbal and written skills

● Proven collaborator, thriving on teamwork

● Demonstrated proficiency in R and/or Matlab

● Familiarity with SQL and noSQL databases (mysql, postgresql, mongodb, elasticsearch,

● Familiarity with Hadoop (hdfs, mapReduce, Cloudera, MapR, Hortonworks)

● Good relationship building