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Back-End Developer

Motivo Inc
Tokyo, Japan
December 24, 2018


The successful candidate will be working on multiple assignments relative to back-end development, for those projects the candidate will join our development team, interacting and discussing a different kind of development approaches. We count with an extend developer teams such as UI/UX designers, front-end developers, server side developers and more. If developers have any questions or issues regarding a project, we are sure that will be able to assist them in order to achieve our project milestones.

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

Knowledge about PHP, Ruby, Python, Others

- Knowledge about Frameworks (Laravel, Ruby on Rails, CubtWeb, etc)

- OOP principles

- Code quality (SOLID)

- MySQL/MariaDB

- Redis


- Git

- Coding standards (PSR-2, PSR-4)

- HTML, CSS & JavaScript (jQuery)

- Intermediate Nginx administration

- Basic Linux server management

- Basic knowledge of AWS products and services

- Mastery of your favorite code editor/IDE

- Agile development workflows

Other Requirements:

- Required languages: English

- Others Required license or certification: University Degree

Compensation and Facilities:

- Salary: 3,000,000円 - 4,000,000/year (As Start)

- Visa Sponsorship (Tokyo - Japan)

- Full Initial Cost for your apartment to relocate in Japan

- Japanese Working Insurance

- 25,000 yen on top of your salary for your monthly rent.

- Flight Ticket Fare (Round Trip)

- Japanese Lessons

Who can apply for this position?

We are looking for developers from different nationalities, very active and who want to develop different services. It doesn't matter if you are a freshman or an experienced developer, we have internally different kind of teams which allow us to set you up with the right team and projects in order to scale your skills.

Visa Sponsorship

In order to apply for the visa, the candidate must have his/her license or certification (University Degree) or have more than 10 years experience as a developer with documents that prove his/her job career (recommendation letters, job certification).

Any further details will be shared during the hiring process.