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Marketing Assistant

Grains Innovation & Solutions Co., Inc.
Quezon City, National Capital Region, Philippines
December 22, 2016

Job Summary

Responsible for coordinating the activities of the sales and service units; in providing assistance in the preparation of marketing and sales materials and plans; in distributing information through direct mailings or phone calls to potential and current customers; in maintaining and reviewing all reports of the sales and service units; and in contributing to the overall success of the Company.

Duties and Responsibilities

Coordinates various integrated communication, sales and service activities.

Compiles and maintains files/log of sales proposals/quotations, pricelist and other related records.

Prepares bidding documents and/or represent the Company in bidding.

Maintains and update client profile and monitors completion of delivery of client's purchase order.

Maintains and writes reports on updates/status of projects and accomplishments of the sales and service units including related correspondence

Sorts out all customer queries and gives timely response.

Coordinates sales and service programs and assists in handling/managing them.

Compiles, maintains and reviews all reports of the sales and service units including liquidation reports relative to official business activities.

Maintains open-line communications with the sales and service units and provides prompt answers to requests.

Executes a wide variety of details that involve trade shows, exhibits, customer communications and other sales promotions and plans.

Contributes in meeting sales goals.

Prepares quotations for sales and service to be rendered.

Interacts with sales and service staff.

Performs administrative and sales support duties related to the daily operations of the sales and service units.

Performs other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned.

Education: BS degree in Business Administration/ Marketing/ Management/ Sales Administration/ Organizational Development or equivalent related fields. Experience: At least one (1) year experience in field work, methods of promoting and selling products and services. Training: Computer applications, presentation techniques. Special Skills/Aptitudes: Driving, proficient in job-related computer applications like Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Word