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Medical Device Sales

Parlin, New Jersey, 08859, United States
November 24, 2016

We are placing Nationwide FDA approved analytical device proven over 5 years that costs nothing but adds revenue to doctors in USA nationwide. This device tests every major organ in the human body, as well as the nervous system. It gives up an 18-page report to the doctor to let them know exactly what is wrong with that patient, prior to even seeing the patient. This pioneering analytical system takes approximately five minutes to administer within the office. It generates a comprehensive color-coded report that pinpoints problem areas for early detection and prevention, enabling more effective patient services. A qualified practice stands to capture a significant amount of revenue by using this in-house system that cost absolutely nothing out of pocket! 1- What this device does is once the patient is hooked up to the device, that patient has already been billed to their insurance by us. The office will receive about $100 per patient on every one of the tests that are run on this device and be paid fair market rent for the space. 2- We will actually hire a tech (certified to operate this device) to come into the office. That person will be on our payroll, not on the office payroll. 3- When this equipment arrives, it’s valued at $50,000, and the office is not going to be charged anything for it. We’re going to place it in qualified offices, and they will reap the benefits of it. So, what do you think about that or who do you think would be interested? Reps make $10/test about 500/week/device.

Joseph Quinn, Call or text 908-368-1411 4032 Highway 516 Matawan NJ 07747 call or fax 877-901-7494