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Business Operations Analyst

MivaTek International Inc
Fremont, California, United States
November 23, 2016

Job Duties:

• Assist with comprehensive reviews and analyses of production, logistics, marketing, sales and other operation data according to the executive plan to improve business operations.

• Review current work flow captured from global business practice, and assist in developing recommendations for process improvement and create new workflows and function descriptions.

• Collaborate with management and different departments to ensure the implementation of business plans.

• Analyze various distribution agreements, make recommendations and assist with standardizing commercial terms of distribution channels.

• Track and analyze performance of business agreements in the U.S., China, Taiwan and other countries in multiple channels, and provide suggestions to smooth the implementation procedures of agreements.

• Communicate and coordinate among the headquarters in the U.S. and affiliated offices in Taiwan, Zhuhai and Wuhan, China to assist with manufacturing plans and inventory management for global orders.

• Classify, compare and analyze sales data, and make recommendations to improve sales funnel operational models.

• Accumulate and analyze company-wide information and financial reports to enhance the decision-making process for management.

• Assist with the company's operations and financial planning processes.

• Gather and analyze operations and business data, identify problems, and develop practical solutions for decision-making for management pertaining to business planning, marketing and data development analysis in production, logistics or other business operations.

• Collect and analyze operational data and feedback from various departments to work out feasible budgeting and forecasting proposals on planned operations for further discussion and review.

• Assemble data analysis reports and create corporate procedures for its international business operations based on quantitative data and analysis reports.

Minimum requirements:

Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent degree in Business Law, Business Administration, Legal Studies or a related field and 2 years of related work experience required.