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Receptionist/Front Desk Officer

Casoline Concept
Lagos, Nigeria
January 21, 2017


Providing information to clients or all those people who will call in the office or visit the office premises.

Provides all kinds of clerical and administrative support.

Is responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the front desk area.

Answering the queries of all those people who call in the organization or information seekers about the business.

Receive all the important messages and pass them on to the required authorities.

Honoring and greeting people who enter the organization and communicate with them in a pleasing manner along with a positive attitude.

Maintaining a record of appointments and coordinate those to the right people in the office.

Have knowledge about the business status of the organizations for which he/she is rendering the services.

The front desk receptionist is considered as the face of an organization.

The receptionist at the front desk is also responsible for distribution of mails, deleting the junk mails and prioritizing the important mails that are required for business purposes.

The front desk receptionist is responsible for dispatching and receiving important documents, preparing financial correspondences, filing documents, making photocopies and sending faxes.

He/She should coordinate with all the employees of an organization for conveying important messages.

Requirement and Experience

Smart and a computer literate

Good written and verbal communication skills- English

Required Experience:2-5 years

Minimum of B.Sc