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Safety Tips

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If you apply for a job or publish your resume, please follow these safety recommendations:
  1. Beware of fake checks. If your prospective "employer" asks you to cash checks and then send part of cashed money back - that is most likely a scam. Chances are that this check is forged (even if your bank considers such check legitimate at first glance).
  2. Do NOT pay any fees to your prospective employer. Your employer has to pay you, not the other way around. If your "employer" wants money from you, then it is likely a pyramid scheme.
  3. Do NOT share your personal information (such as Social Security Number, date of birth, and your home address) unless you are sure about legitimacy of your prospective employer. Sharing your personal information with unknown "employer" may result in your identity theft.
Note that although we are trying to remove fraudulent postings, sometimes fraudulent postings stay undetected.