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Data Process

Belmont, Massachusetts, 02478, United States
March 25, 2010

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Jie Yao Phone#: (617) ***-****

OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging position in information technology utilizing my technical expertise and mutual fund business knowledge.


1. Solid recon data skills, data modeling and stored procedure building with strong mutual fund business knowledge;

2. Strong conceptual, analytical and problem solving ability with solid financial services background;

3. Excellent communication and team oriented personality;

4. Proven experience in Client/Server, N-tier Windows and Web based application development with full project life cycles;


ORACLE, SQL SERVER, SYBASE, .Net 2.0, ACCESS, VB Script, Java Script, PL/SQL, Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Report, , Informatica Power Mart, ORACLE SQL Loader, ER/Studio, Rapid SQL, SQL Navigator, TOAD, Windows XP.


Programmer Analyst IV, GIT Department, Massachusetts Financial Services. 2008, 9 – Now

Major Accomplishments

Portfolio Compliance Rule, Create fast run Sybase stored procedures compliance rules to monitor fund restrictions. This requires tremendous amount of fund knowledge and need to be able to retrieve accurate data from our existing database environment. I have independently created many compliance rules within this one year and half.

Account Characteristic, enhanced account characteristic process to create more useful data for end users. For example, just recently I have created average convexity, average par price, and average security price for portfolio characteristics. I also have created interest duration bucket for portfolio statistics for business user. Our business users are very happy with the testing results.

Currency Exposure and Sovereign Exposure enhanced the Sybase stored procedures to include all bonds with less than 1 year maturity into short term bucket.

Depository Risk enhanced the Sybase stored procedures to create depository risk data based on different fund board.

Programmer Analyst IV, GIT Department, Massachusetts Financial Services. 2005 – 2008

Major Accomplishments

Channel Integration Independently come up with design for new tables and the informatica loads to satisfy the client’s need and finish the project ahead of schedule without any error. So MFS can make strategic decision based on the generated data.

Morningstar data load Came up with idea to proactively check the flat file data automatically before doing the data load. This prevented the inaccurate data to be stored in our system.

RequestTracker web application Created this web application with 2.0 and oracle database as backend to help the user to store data and track the client request automatically.

CRWT data load Created this data load process with informatica toll to help user to implement test email accounts. The web application has been switched to live successfully by the clean data provided by this load process.

EDPNET web application has been a key person in fixing bugs and converting functionality from edp classic to edpnet. I have been responsible to release the enhancement for a year and half once every two weeks. All the production releases have been successful without any error.

Recon Process, Create fast run Oracle queries to validate data value between source and target to automate data validation process. This automated recon process dramatically eliminated the human error in validating data accuracy.

Data Validation Process Came up with new ideas (The combination of web application with the informatica load to prevent future issues-b_morningstar load changes). Since data loading process is a fixed process. If data file column length has been changed, some of the data will be cut off, this process I created is that before loading data, a web application will compare the data file with the defined column length, if column length has been changed, it will send an alert email to user to ask them to investigate the issue and also will automatically stop the data loading process. This really helped our team to deliver accurate data to our end user.

Programmer Analyst III, Massachusetts Financial Services. 2003, 6 – 2005

Major Accomplishments

Being a key supporting role in the monthly load process. Being able to fix issues in a timely manner. It includes fixing errors in the sagent loads, informatica loads and in the UI application settings.

Being a key player in the certification enhancement of COE project. Helped the Compliance department to gather the complete enhancement requirements by doing a full impact analysis throughout the whole coe application. It includes developing stored procedures and asp pages, as well as testing and debugging for coe application. Being able to have a successful COE production release with error free.

Being an important player in the enhancement of COE reporting project. It includes developing crystal reports, stored procedures and asp pages, as well as testing and debugging for coe application. Being able to have a successful COE production release with error free.

Helped the Fund Treasury department to repoint the applications from Sybase to Oracle database. I have been a key player for Distribution system, washsale, NavQA, systemSecurity, as well as FRMS web application and crystal reports.

Help the Compliance department to generate the COE regulatory reports to meet the SEC’s examination on time.

Programmer Analyst II, Compliance Department, Massachusetts Financial Services. 2000, 6 – 2003

Major Accomplishments

Portfolio Compliance Restriction Daily Monitoring, a process which automated and consolidated department-wide core business functionality utilizing various data resources such as PACER, ISDB, FITS, ERS, FRMS, APL and other manually loaded data. Involved in data modeling, application design/development, testing, debugging and documentation. Developed over 100 VB forms and Oracle stored procedures.

Portfolio Compliance Restriction Month End Monitoring involved in reverse-engineering the PCRM Daily Oracle database using ER/Studio, documenting, modifying VB application, testing and debugging. Played a key role in improving the performance of month end PCRM application through the implementation of demoralizing database tables to cache calculated summary data for each security in each fund, and tuning up various table joins. Initial test results show that the time spent to execute 40 tests for fund AAS has been reduced from 6 minutes to merely 37 seconds, thus makes it possible to complete 9000+ required month end compliance tests within a couple of hours.

Compliance Management Report, an application that tracks and reports on certain issues identified as a result of portfolio compliance monitoring activity. developed crystal reports that help compliance portfolio managers to monitor gain/loss breakdown by fund and fund manager, summary of issues, violations, as well as setting up TO/From/CC list to function correctly.

Compliance 13G Application, an application that monitors the percentage of total outstanding shares owned of a security and files in a timely basis to comply with the regulation 13D-G of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Developed SQL Loader task to load data from flat file to staging table, stored procedures to load data from staging table into ORACLE production database and various VB forms.

Federal State Withholding, a VB application that helps the transfer agent group to monitor daily tax withholding amount based on Federal and State regulations. Completed Access to Oracle database conversion, and data access upgrade to ADO. Optimized application performance (3 times faster) using ORACLE view to gather data. Modified the data loading process utilizing ORACLE SQL Loader.

NASD Comment Letter, a web based application enabling Sales & Marketing group to obtain both reviewed sales material and the NASD comment letters. Involved in user requirements gathering, application design and development using Active server Page (ASP) technology and Access database.

System Engineer, Northeastern University. 1998, 10 – 2000, 5

Maintained and designed computer/instrument interface for data gathering and analysis under various programs funded by NIH.


Registered in MIS program,

Graduate School of Engineering, 2000

Northeastern University

Ph. D. in Analytical Chemistry, 1998

University of California, Riverside

REFERENCES Available upon request

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