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ASIC design engineer

Swampscott, MA, 01907
November 23, 2009

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Oleg Korobeynikov

**** ******** ** #**, **********, MA 01907

Phone: 781-***-****, 781-***-**** (mob)


OBJECTIVE: Mixed signal ASIC design, spread spectrum communication systems, DSP.


1977-1983 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Qualification: Engineer-physicist, ASIC design.


Schematic design/simulation/layout RF, Analog and Digital components, project verification (DRC/LVS, parasitic extraction).

Synthesis(Verilog/VHDL), digital cells routing, IO-cells design, FPGA design.

Experienced with PC and SUN station: “Mentor Graphics” (“Calibre”, “HDL Designer”, “Leonardo”), “CADENCE”(Schemaic/Layout), “Hspice”, “Tanner EDA”, Matlab/Simulink.


- 20 years ASIC digital and mixed signal IC’s

- 6 years Communication/DSP

- 8 years RF and Analog mixed signal IC’s


“Custom One Design Inc.” (Melrose, MA, USA).

1999-2009 – RF and Analog mixed signal IC design (0.18 um CMOS).

Design the different types of the Sigma-Delta - incremental Sigma-Delta ADC (10 times faster thermal noise suppression than standard architecture, few times faster quantization noise suppression), Band-Pass Sigma-Delta ADC, digital Sigma-Delta modulator for Frequency Synthesizer.

Design high-order Sigma-Delta modulators not sensitive to component mismatch. Solve the problem of stability for the SD-modulators of arbitrary order. Get math formula for the stabilized ADC coefficients and check the stability of the SD-modulators up to 9-order. Design a special schematic of Sigma-Delta modulator for suppression noises (kT/C, 1/f, OpAmp noise).

Single chip CMOS Direct Conversion Tranceiver (1.4 GHz RF-components), single chip low-IF CMOS GPS-receiver (3.5 GHz RF-components).

Sigma-Delta Frequency Synthesizer, Subharmonic Mixer, Phase shifter. Special high symmetrical RF-layout for harmonics and noise suppression. Component isolation (digital, analog, RF). CML-logic for RF-applications - frequency division 5 times faster than CMOS, low-noise. Special low noise Digital Library and Pads for mixed signal application.

Software Defined Radio (SDR) - subsampling BP-Sigma-Delta receiver, totally digital control currier frequency and bandwidth.

Multi-phase oscilator and phase grid generator for UWB-radars – 256 phases, step 20ps, jitter<3.5ps

“MIEE”(Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia)/”Ericsson” (Stockholm, Sweden)

1994-1999 – Spread spectrum communication systems (CDMA) – digital filters, PLL, direct frequency synthesis, acquisition and tracking units, digital Intermediate Frequency (IF) unit, Subsampling receiver, capability to work in high-noise environment.

”Nauchny Center” (Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia)

1993-1994 – Optoelectronic CMOS IC for adaptive optics and for satellites observation systems.

“MIEE”/”Nauchny Center” (Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia)

1990-1993 – Design data-processor for Massively Parallel Processor architecture of SIMD type (similar to Connection Machine). Design functional circuit of 32-bit RISC-processor. Design VLIW-architecture for digital signal processing. Design of the different processor’s units - FastAdder/Multiplier/RegisterFile.

“Exiton” (Pavlovsky-Posad, Moscow region, Russia).

1988-1990 – Radiation hardened CMOS ASIC design, high-voltage CMOS design.

“Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology” (Moscow, Russia).

1984-1988 - High-speed bipolar IC design for vector supercomputer (similar to Cray).


1984-1988 - Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Moscow, Russia). High-speed bipolar IC designer.

1988-1990 – “Exiton” (Pavlovsky-Posad, Moscow region, Russia). CMOS ASIC designer.

1990-1993 – “MIEE”/”Nauchny Center” (Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia). Leading engineer, microprocessor design.

1993-1994 – ”Nauchny Center” (Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia). Leading engineer, ASIC design.

1994-1999 – “MIEE”(Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia)/”Ericsson” (Stockholm, Sweden). Chief of group, spread spectrum communication systems design.

1999-2009 – “Custom One Design, Inc.” (Melrose, MA, USA). Senior RF Design Engineer, RF and Analog mixed signal IC design.

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