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Bill's Resume

United States
November 04, 2009

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William Golembuski

*** **** ****** ****

Parsippany, NJ 07054

Home Phone: 973-***-**** Cell Phone: 973-***-****

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Network Systems Programmer with extensive experience in mainframe software and hardware. Excellent skills in problem determination and trouble shooting. Extremely familiar with installation of various networking software products.


Software: SNA, TCP/IP, z/OS 1.9, TME Netview 5.3, LRS/VPS, LRS/DRS, Sterling products including Direct Connect and Mailbox, CA/Netmaster for TCP/IP, CA/Netspy, CA/TPX, Z/VM, Linux(Red Hat, Turbo), TMON for TCP/IP, Exigence Trace software, IBM Personnel Communications Manager, IBM ACF/NCP,

IBM ACF/SSP, PKZIP for the Mainframe, APPN, Enterprise Extender

Hardware: IBM Z9, 3745/900, 3745/950, CISCO 7500, OSA Express Adapters, AS/400, IBM 2216


Bear Stearns/JPMorgan Chase, Whippany, NJ 1990 - 2009

Mainframe Network Software Manager

The Mainframe Network Software group was responsible for all network software and its’ supporting components:

• Supported 12 LPARS on two Z9 systems running z/OS 1.9.

• Designed and configured a CMC network to provide 24/7 availability to our clients.

• Converted all existing SNI connections to Enterprise Extender connectivity.

• Worked with AS/400 group to eliminate the need for Token Ring support by moving them to Enterprise Extender as well thus allowing for the decommission of all remaining 3745 hardware and software costs.

• Worked closely with the CICS, DB2, z/OS teams and operations for day to day support of the systems.

• Eliminated the need for coding unneeded definitions by using models for applications.

• Wrote extensive Clists and REXX codes for Netview to automate problem determination and alert both operations and application groups.

• Installed and supported TCP/IP which included DVIPA for DB2 and CICS.

• Configured OSA adapters for support of IP as well as Hypersockets.

• Worked extensively on our disaster recovery environment located at an IBM facility in Boulder, Colorado.

• Project manager for JPMorgan on Standardization of network software.

• Team lead for JPMorgan for weekly support and weekend changes; team consisted of 4 network personnel plus myself.

Experience: Bear Stearns/JPMorgan Chase

Associate Director, Mainframe Network Software Manager

The Mainframe Network Software group is responsible for all network software and it supporting components. This includes VTAM, TCP/IP and all file transfer software FTP and NDM. I am also are responsible for software such as Netview, Netmaster for TCP/IP, CA-TPX, and VPS printing software. Task included day to day network support resolving any issues that arise for performance, problems and operations. I have worked closely with all areas on the mainframe as well as other platforms that interface with the mainframe. I have dealt with connectivity to other data centers for system to system communications. I have also provide alerts to other areas when problems on the mainframe, using Netview to send out email, pager messages and using SNMP sending messages to the EAG group for their NETCOOL alerting system as well as notifying the operation area with console messages. I designed and configured a CMC (Communication Management Configuration) this was when we were still primarily an SNA network, this was done in order to provide 24/7 access to the applications running on the mainframe. I have since migrated the network to APPN running all the data hosts as EN (End Nodes) and two ICN (Interchange Nodes) used for all external network connectivity this includes two 3745 which run both Token Ring as well as SDLC connections to client sites. I have migrated most of the old SNI connection to client sites such as ADP, Citibank, JP Morgan and ATT Advantis over to Enterprise Extender. I have also worked on implementation of Encryption to secure sensitive data running over the IP network. We are in the process of converting the remaining token ring devices (i.e. AS400s to Enterprise Extender ). I have implemented TCP/IP printing for our check printing application. I have implemented EE connectivity between all LPARs on the mainframe using either hypersockets or direct IP connection using OSA adapters.

Other responsibilities:

I have installed and support PKWARES PKzip product which is used by our file transfer group to reduce the size of files being sent to clients for reports which reduces transfer time.

I work closely with other groups (CICS, DB2) to help with problem determination, and supply support for their requirements I have implemented model definition which are used for almost all applications running on the mainframe so new applications can be activated without requiring additional members being added to VTAM.

I have supported the Disaster Recovery site for Network support and worked with our Communication area in testing all connections to other sites using both IP and SNA.

I have written Netview Clists and REXX code as well as writing NPDA panels that are used for alerts to help with network and operation support.

Project manager for JPMorgan on standardization of network software configurations across all of their systems.

Team lead for weekly support and weekend changes for all network changes that would occur during our coverage period. The team consisted of 4 network personnel plus myself we were responsible for any problems that occurred during our coverage period as well as an updates to changes in the JPMorgan environment.

Production Services

Provide day to day support of network problem determination using traces and dumps if needed. Work with other areas to assure we have full 24 hour 7 day a week network access to all required systems. Develop new procedures to help with the total overall support of the mainframe network. Make changes as required to keep the system stable and available. I provide backup for all members of my group and in the event my staff is unavailable to be reached I am called to resolve those issues. I have worked closely the operation area as well as the systems area to resolve any outstanding issues.

ITT Avionics

Senior Network Systems Programmer

Managed on-line user support for VTAM NCP network. Successfully automated the MVS system using Netview R2 Auto-Ops, developing start-up and shut-down c-lists to control on-line applications. Significantly reduced operator intervention by automating responses to network and system messages. Improved operator intervention by automating responses to network and system messages. Improved operator reaction by creating message c-lists to automatically alert operators to potential network and system problems. Responsibilities included all gens for VTAM and NCP, installation of all software using SMP/E, upgrade to VTAM V3R2 in VMXZ/SP2 and RSCS V2R3 in VMXA, installing INTERLINK GATEWAY to establish connectivity between IBM and DEC engineering environments, implementing dial-in security system using Defender pass-through device, and installing Token Ring Network using local 3174 as gateway controller.

Allied Signal Aerospace

Senior Network Systems Programmer

Managed technical staff providing on-line user support for large MSNF environment with 3,000 users. Responsible for all VTAM and NCP gens, installation of all software using SMP/E, network performance and capacity planning for all network installations, and the installation and maintenance of multi-session software (TPX, TELEVIEW, CL SESSION1000). Directed the installation of SNI and NSI software and coordinated the installation of DECNET GATEWAY for access to the IBM system. Significant accomplishments included redesigning BNN and INN networks using NETDA and TOPAS, planning and managing the installation of 3745 controller and 3720 controllers and related software for remote consolidation of large user location, coordinating the installation of remote 9370 system, installing software to support the IBM INFORMATION NETWORK, and implementing message automation for the network with NETVIEW Rel 2.

Chemical Bank Corporation

Systems Analyst

Provided network tuning and performance and capacity planning for large multi-system networking facility supporting more than 5,000 on-line users. Duties included creating and maintaining network performance databases (SMF, NPM, VTAMPARS, NPA) using SAS, maintaining the 3725 database, documenting all conversion requirements from BSC to SDLC (hardware, software, and firmware), coordinating changes in network (TCT, NCP, and IMS), developing requirements for Communications Management Configuration (CMC), managing all NCP and VTAM gens for regional network, and performing online problem determination using various software and hardware tools such as Datascope, line traces, and NLDM trace facilities, Major accomplishments included coordinating the successful migration from 3705 to 3725, developing the network capacity planning forecast, supporting alpha and beta testing to develop network performance software, and managing multi-location implementation of INN/BNN environment.

Education: Associate of Arts degree in Electronics from the New York Institute of Technology

IBM Training: VTAM Control and Flow, VTAM/NCP Tuning, Network Problem Isolation, Network Design, SNI Installation and Maintenance, 9370 Host Connectivity, 3745 Installation Requirements, VM SNA Networking, TCP/IP Installation Maintenance

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