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Data Software Engineer

United States
August 16, 2012

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Peter Mengaziol

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Monroe, NY *****

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Summary of Experience

A highly accomplished, multi-faceted professional with an excellent balance of financial industry knowledge (Fixed Income and Equities), communication/relationship management skills and technical competence resulting in vision and creative problem solving experience.

Professional Experience

Financial Software/Services Vendor, New York, NY

System Architecture/Research & Development, December 2006 to present

Implemented ongoing project to refactor and centralize data within financial services division. Analyzed existing databases for planned redesign for scalability and capability.

Developed core Java stored procedure components for time-critical financial data manipulation as well as optimized database processing for speed and reliability (trade, position, security and client reference data).

Developed Java components to dynamically generate data transformation XML in desktop application. Embedded ETL processing using Pentaho frameworks to optimize trade reconciliation applications.

As architect/team lead developed technical design and specification for trade tracking/reconciliation web application using Java, IceFaces (JSF toolkit) with SEAM framework, jBoss application server, Pentaho ETL and PostgreSQL database. Developed Java components for data access and presentation with Hibernate and JSF.

Developed python modules for database conversion (DDL conversion and SQL analysis), system simulation performance testing and data validation facilities. Designed and created database migration methodology for proprietary database Java stored procedures used for time-critical data transmissions to open source PostgreSQL.

Architected and implemented conversion of Perl/Shell data collection and data retrieval scripts to process scheduler infrastructure backed with a database process repository. Began refactoring Perl projects using Eclipse E.P.I.C plug-in.

R&D roles included language, IDE, framework, Hadoop and database evaluations and proofs-of-concept.

Performed evaluation and implementation of open-source tools and libraries such as Pentaho ETL for data integration.

Diversified Investment Advisors (DIA), Westchester, NY

Technical Lead, May 2006 to October 2006

Developed components of high-throughput data intensive financial reporting application using a distributed, multithreaded architecture. Revised existing integrated task recovery technique into independent processes.

Revised information extraction classes to allow massive data within a 32-bit OS environment. Devised and planned 64-bit migration strategy to allow future growth.

Depository Trust And Clearing Corporation (DTCC), NY

Senior Software Engineer/Architect, March 2001 to March 2006

Developed initial high-level requirements definition for enterprise level reference data models and implemented initial data gathering for customer data integration evaluation.

Client reference data responsibilities included direct interface to relationship managers and account executives during requirements definition.

Member of methodology steering committee that evaluated and developed proof-of-concept for the RUP approach. Tailored and adapted existing waterfall methodology into RUP (Rational Unified Process) iterative approach.

Designed and developed multithreaded core Java-based integrated error reporting and handling libraries adopted as corporate standard to run on Unix and mainframe systems using MQSeries for external system notification.

Extended corporate web framework Java class libraries via design and implementation of user entitlements API.

Developed J2EE web application using WebSphere, JSP and servlets that controls enterprise-level system authorization and user entitlements.

Developed components of J2EE-based message delivery web application using JSP, servlets, JavaScript and contributed new web presentation classes to the project framework.

Mentored team members in Java and object programming techniques. Performed design and technical/architectural review with the development team members. Validated Struts documentation for large-scale rollout.

Created RUP-based use-case requirements for sales force process enhancement initiative using requirements definition tools and UML diagramming.

Managed the design, implementation and user acceptance testing of CRM system enhancements.

Converted existing J2EE web applications from older frameworks/IBM Visual Age IDE to current WebSphere WSAD development environment.

Bear-Stearns, NY

Senior Developer, July 1997 to March 2001

Designed and implemented Java-based data mining server and reporting system. Used Solaris JDK, Sybase Application server and DB2 SQL to deliver data to a Java applet, which configured clearance reports and displayed position and trade data via a web browser.

Designed and implemented the conversion/adaptation of PowerBuilder client-server applications to Java/CORBA environment.

Designed and developed multithreaded Windows NT Service to read real-time messages from using MQSeries and forward data to third party portfolio management application via sockets. Implemented NT Service using Win32 API, IBM MQ C++ toolkit and TCP/IP.

First Union Capital Markets, Charlotte, NC, Database Infrastructure Division

Senior Developer. May 1996 to April 1997

Created enterprise level C++ object API used to merge SQL data from EJV Partners, internally defined Sybase databases and real time feed information. Created network distributed object interface to above data.

Developed data access middleware system (custom JSON-style SOA) to encapsulate multiple database servers, providing securities information retrieval, modification and conversion.

Specified and created data exchange standards between UNIX C++ and Java for front office trade applications. Developed server applications to provide indicative data to front office applications using Centerline ObjectCenter

Fischer, Francis, Trees and Watts (Charter Atlantic Corporation), NY

System Architect/Senior System Developer/Team Leader, March 1992 to April 1996

Developed SQL standards to maximize portability and maintainability of database access. Implemented C++ class libraries to encapsulate SQL access.

Created companywide development standards for C++ including class libraries, documentation requirements and test plans. Developed full-scale market data integration specifications.

Designed relational analytics database in conjunction with research department.

Developed UNIX-based research analytics system front-end applications with Neuron Data.

Designed and implemented a trading desk fixed income duration reporting/decision support and Risk Measurement system. Managing small staff and consultant on client/server applications

Created daily Portfolio Performance Attribution system used for trader accountability and client presentations.

Front Desk liaison to Fixed Income portfolio managers and financial analysts to gather project requirements and feedback to RAD-style development process.

Performed systems liaison role with research desk quantitative analysis development staff for programming and documentation standards.

Selected and implemented 3GL and 4GL programming environments, Sybase database servers, real-time data distribution platform, UNIX/PC GUI builders and programming tools. Selected and managed the purchase of hardware and software to support trading and research.

Midas/Kapiti, NY, Trading Systems Division

Software Engineer, December 1989 to March 1992

Designed and developed a real-time client data distribution framework and maintained and enhanced server software for real time clients.

Involved in full project life cycle from specification through coding, documentation and testing.

Merrill Lynch, NY, Trading Systems Division

Project leader/Senior Programmer, March 1987 to December 1989

Headed team that maintained and enhanced real-time equities ticker plant applications.

Developed programming standards and procedures manuals for operations and systems documentation.

In-depth evaluation of Telekurs securities data via C and PL/I programs for quality assurance of internal data feeds.

Developed data distribution components of a real-time equities pricing system running under VMS.

Summary of Technology

Languages: Java, Python, Perl, UML, XML, SOAP, C++, C, SQL, XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Shell

Linux/UNIX servers/workstations,Windows, OS X, IBM MVS

Relational databases: Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2/UDB

ETL: Pentaho (open-source Informatica clone), DataPipeLine

Application servers: jBoss, WebSphere, Tomcat, Sybase, Visigenics (CORBA)

Frameworks: JDBC, J2EE, EJB3, Hibernate, MQSeries, Seam, JSF, Facelets, Pentaho ETL

Development: Eclipse 3.X, Netbeans 6.x, Visual Studio, Visual Cafe Java IDE

Full system development life cycle (SDLC) and software implementation life cycle (SILC)

Testing: TestNG, jUnit, dbUnit

Source control: Subversion, Unix SCCS, Serena PVCS Version Manager

Build/deployment tools: Ant, Maven, Bitrock Installerbuilder

Design: Rational Unified Process (RUP), CMMI, Rational Requisite Pro, Microsoft Visio

Project management: Atlassian Jira, Mercury ITG, Microsoft Project

Real-time data sources: Electronic Joint Venture (EJV), Telekurs, Telerate, MarketVision, Kapiti FIST


B.A. and M.A., Columbia University

Continuing professional technical education

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