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Welding Maintenance

Houston, TX
August 22, 2012

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High performing and versatile Rig Welding Professional seeking an opportunity to secure a challenging role within an organization utilizing acquired knowledge, skills and experience to contribute to the organization achieving its goals while simultaneously continuing career advancement.


• Twenty (20 ) years experience in welding, burning, fitting and operating welding machines

• TWIC card holder

• Supervised team of fifteen crew members

• Qualified to operate brake press, sheer, drill press and rollers

• Superb skills in welding all types of material s (e .g., steel, aluminum, stainless steel)

• Exceptional understanding of mechanical systems, fabrication, and welding

• Competent knowledge of welding tool s and welding codes

• Notable ability to diagnose problems and determine appropriate action

• Great skills in operation of lathe, drill press, milling, and threading machines

• Profound knowledge of appropriate safety practices

• Strong ability to perform mathematics

• Sound ability to maintain accurate records

• Strong ability to work in high places and in tunnels


Rig Welder

• Piping and structural fabrication indoor/outdoor capabilities, also pipelining

• Build metal skids, mudd boat extension, trip tanks, handrails and drilling rig suitcases

• Weld in flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead and 6G position

• Inspect finished work piece for conformance to specifications

• Chip or grind off excess weld, slag, or spatter, using hand scraper or power chipper, portable grinder, or arc-cutting equipment

• Position work pieces and clamps together for assembly in jigs or fixtures

• Experience operating shops overhead crane (200 ton) to rotate components for fit and weld, as well as forklifts, sky lifts, JLG lift, scissor lifts, cherry picker crane, etc.

• Experience using cutting torch, plasma arc cutter, gouging and track torch

• Preheat work piece, using hand rosebud torch, propane tanks, heating furnace or electronic heating source, also able to work in extreme heat

• Heavy wall, multi-pass welder (magnetic and ultrasonic) quality

• Blueprint reading and welding terminology

• Review layouts, diagrams, or work orders in preparation for welding or cutter metal components

• Specialize in orbital robotic welding, GTAW (TIG), Stick, Flux core (up to 3/32 in dia. Wire) and Mig. GMAW- aluminum, stainless, econel, chrome, carbon steel, cast iron and combination fitter

• Light industrial experience constructing commercial buildings such as Walrnart, Home Depot, etc.

• Heavy industrial experience constructing petroleum tanks, ethanol plants, coal and power plants

• Repair and maintenance of refineries, marine/shipyard experience, from US Navy vessels to barges and cargo ships

Boiler Maker

• Boiler repair including cutting out and replacing boiler tubes, membrane, and overlaying boiler tubes

• Replacing water wall tubes and other various boiler related equipment

• Demolition boiler and reconstruct

• Perform maintenance, operation and preservation of main propulsion, auxiliary steam or diesel machinery, steam and diesel generators, various pumps, motor, and associated equipment

• Perform routine maintenance procedure on internal combustion engines

Iron Worker

• Determine proper equipment and figures layout, assembly, welding and installation

• Bolt up beam, columns and x-rays

• Fabricate beam and column according to blueprints and engineers specification

• Signal crane for movement of materials

• Lay out, position, align, and fit components together for installation

• Bolt, clamp, and tack-weld parts to secure in position for welding

• Set up equipment and weld parts, utilizing arc, gas-shielded arc, submerged arc, or gas welding equipment

• Assemble and install parts

• Repair products by dismantling, straightening, reshaping, and reassembling parts

• Rig materials for movement by crane


Jan 2012 – Apr 2012 Inducon Incorporated

• Rig Welder

• Provided fabrication and welding services to construct tank out of 22 inch pipe

• Constructed stands for upper and lower conveyers and pump stands

• Ran all associated piping for conveyer system, including tapping in to plants main water supply line and return line

• SMAW, GTAW welding processes

May 2011 – Jan 2012 Patterson UTI Drilling Company

• Rig Welder

• Construct various components for drilling rigs such as trip tanks and mudd boat extension

• Fabricate suitcase skids for drilling rigs

• Structural and Pipe welding

• SMAW, FCAW welding processes

Apr 2011 – Apr 2011 D&K Welding

• Rig Welder

• Pipe Welding, Pipe Support

• Fit & Weld Hoppers

• SMAW welding processes

Feb 2011 – Apr 2011 Hahn & Clay

• Rig Welder

• Repaired Oil Tankers & Refinery Repair Work

• GTAW, SMAW welding processes

Jan 2011 – Jan 2011 King Fabrication

• Rig Welder

• Pipe and Cylinder Welding

• Built Foundation for Oil Rig Platform

• Welded Oil Rig Platform

• SMAW & FCAW welding processes

Apr 2010 – Dec 2010 Stewart & Stevenson

• Welder

• Telge Location

• Welder/Fitter, Pipe Welding, GMAW, SCAW, Blueprint

• Fabricate Trailers and Components for Oil & Gas Industry

Feb 2010 – Apr 2009 Spitzer

• Welder

• Heavy Fabrication Unit

• X-Ray Welder

Sept 2009 - Oct 2009 Tradesmen International

• Welder

• Weld on Ships, Oil Rigs, and Light Gauge Welding (Sheet Metal)

• GMAW,SMAW welding processes

Nov 2008 - Aug 2009 DMS Enterprises

• Property Manager

• Oversee properties, provide maintenance, hire contractors for various work

• Oversee billing and collections

Oct 2008 - Oct 2008 CCC Group

• Welder/Fitter

• Fort Bend County Jail weld

• 16 gauge metal (MIG) welder

• Construct cell walls ceilings bedding, sinks and urinals

Aug 2008 - Sept 2008 CB&I

• Welder

• Weld tanks - petroleum tank construction

• Weld flooring and walls

• 100% seal welding and pick up welding

• FCAW & GMAW welding processes

Oct 2007 - Jul 2008 Fluor

• Welder/Iron Worker

• Stick & flux core welding and fabrication to cladding, beams and columns according to engineering specification

• Direct crane to erect steel and materials

Aug 2007 - Sept 2007 Fagen

• Welder/Iron Worker

• Erect & Fabricate steel beams, columns and x-ray beams

• Bolt up and leveling

• FCAW & SMAW welding processes

Apr 2007 - July 2007 Joule

• Welder/Fitter

• Weld stainless duct work, duct support, bracing and expansion joints

• GMAW & SMAW welding processes

Oct 04 - Mar 07 Intercon

• Welder

• Weld with 0.35 to 3/32 inner shield, flux core and PMH wire for Mining Equipment (Crawler), Pipe Welding

• Preheat intermediate heat, post heat

• Heavy wall welding on castings mining equipment (crawler)

• Winch Bases

• Tug Boat Conversion

Apr 04 - Aug 04 CTR

• Welder/Fitter

• Work on navy ship doing repair work

• Cut out and replace bulkheads and ship's hull to remove and replace machinery

• Modifications to office /living spaces

• SMAW, FCAW, Pipe Welding

Apr 03 - Apr 04 Tradesmen International

• Welder/Iron Worker/Millwright

• Light industrial commercial building construction

• Hanging and welding structural steel

• Installing and bolting down roof

• (Robuster) Installing, leveling iron for concrete walls

• SMAW, Pipe Welding

Oct 2002 - Jan 2003 Bollinger

• Welder/Fitter

• Ship & barge repair

• Ceramic tape welding

• New construction barges and cargo ship repair

• Replacing deteriorated or damage areas to ship's hull

• Set, fit and weld various components

• FCAW,SMAW, Pipe Welding


Jan 2009 - May 2009 Wharton Junior College

Mar 1992- Jun 1992 General Maintenance Welder Class C School

Nov 1991 - Mar 1992 Hull Technician Class A and C School

Sept 1986 - Jun 1990 Southwest High School

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