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Manager Assistant

Pittsburg, IL, 62974
$80,000/year or more
August 20, 2012

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Randall D Wade

***** ******** ****

Pittsburg, IL. 62974

H: 618-***-**** C: 217-***-****



I would like to work for a company that values it’s people and looks for opportunities to help them continually develop. I know from experience how feeling like you are a part of the big picture can create a determination to want to do better and be more. I have been a manager for most of my career, but would be willing to start wherever I need to start and later work my way back into management when possible. I am a very hard worker, always on time and at work every day scheduled. I am willing to do what I have to do to get the job done safely, legally and productively.

I have not had the opportunity to run equipment in a while, but I am very good on a scoop, shuttle car. I can run a ram car and was once a very proficient roof bolter. I have run a miner, but would need some retraining. I am also a proficient examiner. If you give me the opportunity with your company you will be very happy with my work and my attitude. I am also very knowledgeable about how to produce coal and support a coal section.

Summary of Experience


I have over 25 years of mining experience. I have my Illinois Mine Manager and Examiner Papers.

I have been a Production Coordinator, Shift Mine Manager, Assistant Shift Mine Manager, Outby Boss, Face Boss.

I have worked and managed in union mines and non-union mines and been successful managing in both atmospheres.

I have a very good understanding and ability to read people. I understand what motivates most people and know how to bring the best, out in people. I also know that every organization has people who do not need to be there and have no problem taking proper disciplinary action to sort those people out.

Employment History

Shift Mine Manager

The American Coal Company, Galatia, IL. 2008 to 2012

Shift Mine Manager over an operating shift. In charge of overseeing everything on my shift. Production and production systems, outby supply delivery, belt operations, safety and legal requirements of the mine. I sign the state and federal books and take full responsibility for all actions and activities on my shift. I report out at the beginning and end of my shift with senior managers and oncoming shift managers. I take my responsibilities very seriously and do not take short cuts that would negatively affect mine safety. I take my responsibility for health and safety of every person on mine shift very seriously.

Assistant Mine Manager/Outby Foreman

Monterey Coal Company, Carlinville, IL. 2006 to 2008

I was the Assistant Mine Manager and also took care of maintaining mining systems and outby work during each shift. I filled in for the Shift Mine Manager when he was off and on weekends.

I had many duties that kept me very busy all over the mine. Our mine was over 10 miles in to our working sections with many belts and drives in between. I had a lot of territory to cover to keep all systems going.

Independent Distributor for Herbalife International

Owned Home Business, Los Angeles, Ca. 1995 to 2006

I began my home business part time while working my job to earn extra money to pay for my son’s college tuition. I was able to create so much income in a short time that I started doing it as my full time business in August of 1995.

I marketed health, nutrition and weight loss products for the company and I trained a team of people to work with me in my organization. My business was generating over a million dollars in sales each year and creating and income for my wife and me of over $250,000./year.

The company recognized us for our work and had us go all around the country twice a month to train for them. Most crowds were 500 to as many as 10,000.

The skills I developed help me understand people and what motivates them. I also understand that people are a lot more capable than they give themselves credit for and with a little help can be shown how to tap into their own resources to do and be more.


Soup or Subs Sandwich Shop, Petersburg, IL. 1992 to 1995

I bought a store front, remodeled it and sold soup, subs and desserts. I was so tired of watching coal mines come and go with problems caused by clean air acts that I went into business for myself.

This business proved to have its share of challenges. I worked over 100 hours a week, my wife 60 and my 14 year old son 50. We were able to make a living, but we were never going to be able to create a retirement from the amount of money we could earn.

I really learned a lot about what a business providing me work and a pay check have to invest and what they should expect in return. My biggest challenge was finding people who I could trust at my cash register or to do the jobs I needed them to do while I was away. I found that most people wanted the pay, but did not want to do the work.

I feel that I am a much better person for any potential employer to hire because I will work harder to take care of them since I know how it feels personally to not get that from my employees.

Turris Coal Company, Elkhart, IL. 1982 to 1992

Production Coordinator

Turris was owned by Shell Oil during my time there. I loved and respected this company more than any place I have ever worked. Our management style was a participative work environment, but it really worked.

I had been in the mines for about 8 years at the time I began working there, and had learned some habits that come with traditional management styles. Mostly at that time my job had always been to take the orders from someone higher than me, to not question them, and to just get them done to the best of my ability. If I didn't get them done because someone else had poorly planned for them, then I could always in my own mind justify why.

The President at Turris Coal Company, John Hughes really influenced me in a big way. In the beginning under his guidance, he would come up to me and ask me what was going on that I liked and what was going on that I didn't like. As with most people, it was easy for me to complain and he would listen without saying anything. When I was finished venting he would smile and say. I have two types of people working here. One just likes to complain, the other complains because they want to help me make things better. Those people also have solutions for the things that they are complaining about and just want to help me solve the problems. Which type are you?

I admit that I had tried to stick my foot in my mouth a few times, but I quickly learned to start looking for ways to fix the problems I saw. John was the absolute best at letting people try to do things to make things better so that they could really feel ownership in making improvements to help.

I created a Super Section Production Unit that was mining over 400 feet of coal a shift for an average. The best part was that when people came into the section while we were running all that coal, it also looked great. We had a system in place for doing everything in a cycle so that it was always cut, bolted, cleaned and dusted before starting the cycle over.

Freeman United Coal Company, Illinois 1996 to 1982

Outby Boss & Face Boss

I started working for Freeman Coal Company at their Orient #3 Mine in Waltonville Illinois in 1976. I started there as an outby laborer. I did that for 2 years and then I got my examiner papers and started as an Outby Boss in 1978. I did that until September of 1981 when I transferred to Freeman's Crown 3 Mine in Farmersville Illinois. I was a production boss there and really loved it. In May of 1982 we lost our contract and in August they laid me off. I went straight from the unemployment office to Turris before signing up when I heard about that mine interviewing. I was fortunate enough that I got an interview that day and got hired.


• Two Years at John A. Logan College - PE Major, History and Health Minor

• Graduate of Herrin High School

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