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Manufacturing Engineer

Atlanta, GA, 30004
August 09, 2012

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***** ******** ******

Alpharetta, GA 30004



CONTRIBUTE as a talented, highly qualified, enthusiastic World Class Product, Process, Manufacturing Advanced Improvement and Development Professional offering a multi-disciplinary and multi-industrial background.

PROVIDE a unique level of expertise at products, processes, and manufacturing Advanced Improvement and Development, Problems Solving, and Cost Reduction including planning, management, and hands on implementation.

IMPLEMENT Continuous Improvement of existing and start-up products, processes, and manufacturing, including cost reduction and problems solving; productivity, quality, and reliability essential increase; utilizing resources wisely.

SOLVE difficult R&D, Engineering, Technological, Manufacturing, and Operational problems and issues driven by unique skills, experience, knowledge, training, and win mentality; have Zero Tolerance to quality and reliability.

DEMONSTRATE strong Project Management skills including Planning, Detailing, and Time Management such as the ability to organize and lead Cross Functional Teams while working hands on through main tasks and issues.

ASSURE matching the products, processes, and manufacturing cost, profitability, life cycles, quality, productivity, aesthetics, and feasibility to customers, business partners, and the company’s main business goals and expectations.

EXECUTE general, specific, and urgent projects and assignments including sizing up situation, setting goals, determining available resources, insuring quality and timely delivery, and supervising technical personnel.

OFFER a unique international experience in North America, Europe, and Asia, including United States, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Eastern Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and China.

IMPROVED and DEVELOPED over one hundred innovative products, processes, and technologies to a variety of industries including Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Defense, Energy, Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer, Agricultural.



HIGHLY MOTIVATED, hard working, hands-on, multi-tasks oriented, high-energy, enthusiastic team player

PROVEN LEADER with strong communication and excellent people and project management skills

ABILITY AND DESIRE to work in fast changing environment; broaden and learn new skills and knowledge


SIX SIGMA Green Belt, TRIZ Certified, 5S, TPS, KANBAN, KAIZEN, SYSTEMOLOGICS – new science

PLANNING, MANAGEMENT, IMPLEMENTATION of R&D, Engineering, and Manufacturing operations

ADVANCED IMPROVEMENT and DEVELOPMENT of R&D, Products, Processes, Manufacturing Operations

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT of Existing and New products, processes, and manufacturing operations

PINPOINTING, FINDING, IMPLEMENTATION of efficient solutions to Urgent and Long-standing Problems

COMPLETION of Products and Processes Development full life cycle from Concept to Manufacturing Platforms

EVALUATION, TESTING, VALIDATION of Products, Processes, Equipment, and Manufacturing Operations

COST REDUCTION of manufacturing resulting in Overall Profitability and Productivity Essential Increase

LEADING, MOTIVATION, SUPERVISING of Technical Personnel and Cross-Functional Teams


PRO-E, Auto CAD; MS Word, Excel, Project, Power Point; MRP, TrackWise, BarTender, Legy


TRIZ, Inventive Problems Solving Theory and Algorithms, Scientific – Engineering Society, Kishinev, Moldova

MBA, Advanced Development Management and Implementation, Highest State Courses, Moscow, Russia

MS, Mechanical Engineering, State Institute of Technologies, Lvov, Ukraine

BS, Electrical Engineering, State Institute of Technologies, Kishinev, Moldova

AS, Physics and Mathematics, Junior College of Sciences, Kishinev, Moldova

EDWARD WISDOMAN 770-***-****



Plasmatic Instruments Inc, Class 2 Medical Devices, Atlanta (GA) – Molndal (Sweden) – Abingdon (UK) Participate actively in implementing Start Up of the manufacturing of innovative technology system and medical devices that use stream of plasma to coagulate tissue. Working on variety of manufacturing projects including injection and insert molding parts manufacturing, hands on implementing the testing, verifications, and IQ, OQ, PQ validations.


Improved, cost reduced, innovated the main critical to functional performance components and processes.

MANUFACTURING ENGINEER, (05/2006 – 09/2009)

Medical Systems Inc, Class 2 Medical Devices, Atlanta (GA) – Shenzhen (China) – Hong Kong

Provided hands on engineering support to R&D and Production through human blood diagnostics and testing medical devices manufacturing including processes and equipment, continuous improvement, advanced development, cost reduction, problems solving, productivity and manufacturing capacities increase, IQ, OQ, PQ validations.


Doubled curing ovens capacities by trays advanced stacking layout, supported to $5 million production value increase.

PROJECT LEADER (09/03 – 03/06)

Piolax, Inc., Automotive Plastic Parts Manufacturer, Atlanta (GA) – Yokohama (Japan)

Coordinated and hands on implemented injection and insert molding tools manufacturing from concept to manufacturing introduction including APQP’s, PPAP, DFMEA, PFMEA, Control Plans, Process Flow Charts, and IQ, OQ, PQ Validations.


Cost reduced over 10 products and manufacturing processes through materials changes and productivity increase.

PROJECT MANAGER (05/00 – 08/03)

Brave Ideas, Inc., Products and Processes Innovative Development, Atlanta, GA

Implemented hands on the new products, processes, and equipment manufacturing introduction, manufacturing layout design, problems solving, cost reduction, productivity increase, testing, verification, and IQ, OQ, PQ validations.


Effectively supported to introduction in manufacturing of over ten innovative products, processes, and equipment.

SR. R&D & PROCESS ENGINEER (06/97– 04/00)

Medical Group of TFX, Class 3 Medical Devices Manufacturer, Atlanta, GA

Prime for new and existing products and processes advanced improvement and development, cost reduction, problems solving, and transition from R&D to Manufacturing Platform. Implemented hands on IQ, OQ, PQ Validations.


Developed to manufacturing over ten innovative single, twin, and triple lumen Catheters and Feeding Tubes.

Attained clean room operations over 25% cost reduction resulted in over $5 million profit increase revenue.

PLANT ENGINEER, (04/94 – 05/97)

PCC, Inc., Injection Molding Equipment Components Manufacturer, Atlanta, GA

Oversaw plastic molding equipment manufacturing operations including mechanical and electrical assembling, welding, fabrication, painting, maintenance, and warehouse departments. Managed five supervisors and over fifty employees. Prime for workflow efficiency, assembly methods, and layout of equipment development.


Coca-Cola - GE Spacenet - Atlanta Scientific - Phoenix Automation - JEB – Boca-Grande Foods, Atlanta, GA

Performed manufacturing, testing, and installation of Beverages Dispensing Systems, Space Communication VSAT’s, Cable TV equipment, Fabric Sewing Automated Complexes, Frozen Food Automated Complexes, PCB’s.

EDWARD WISDOMAN 770-***-****


VIZIR Inc. – International Joint Venture of Manufacturing, Engineering, and Scientific Firms

Moldova – Eastern Europe – Western Europe – Asia – North America – South America - East


Coordinated and implemented products, processes, materials, and technologies Innovative Development from conceptual design to manufacturing platforms. Worked closely with customers, potential business partners, and vendors to assure that products, processes, technologies, and operations life cycles, quality, aesthetics, feasibility, and manufacturability match their business goals. Evaluated patent and marketing research and analyzed competition and developments in products, processes, technologies, and operations.

Executed Innovative Biomedical R&D, Engineering, and Manufacturing Projects such as:

Pharmaceutical Processes Development and Validation, Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems Development, Human and Animal Vaccines Development, Polymers Synthesis and Modification, Embryo Biological Stimulators, Arthritis and Cartilage Treatment, Living and Synthesized Implants, Nitinol Shape Memory Implants, Urology and Gastroenterology Catheters, Laser Beam - Beta - Gamma Radiation as treatment, Cryogenic methods of Living Tissues preservation, Sterile Packaging and Sterilization processes, Medical Bonding Materials.


Managed Engineering departments, was directly responsible for continuous products, processes, and manufacturing operations innovative design and development and meeting volume and quality requirements. Developed and oversaw products and processes multi-disciplinary design and manufacturing including electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, plastic molding, equipment, assembling, manufacturing and plants layout. Met engineering objectives by utilizing effective scheduling and planning systems. Coordinated and Implemented Capital Construction and Installations Projects.

Executed Biomedical Innovative Products and Processes Development Engineering Projects such as:

Eye Surgery automated conveyors, Infant Incubators, Ultraviolet Sterilizing Processes and Equipment, Intravenous Infusion Catheters Guns, Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Monitors, Multi-lumen Catheters and Tubes, Nitinol Shape Memory Medical Devices, Sterile Packaging Processes and Equipment, Disposable Surgery Instruments, Asthma Treatment Face Devices, Spring supported Catheters and Feeding tubes. Managed, Scheduled, and Coordinated Capital Construction and Installation Projects.

SR. R&D ENGINEER (10/80 - 01/83)

Coordinated and implemented Product and Process innovative Development projects from concept to manufacturing platform. Worked closely with Doctors and Customers to research, define, and translate their requirements and problems into Development Concepts. Analyzed and evaluated competition, trends, developments in New Marketplace Models and Patterns. Performed product, process, material, technology Problems Solving and Cost Reduction. Coordinated and Implemented Capital Installation Projects.

Coordinated and Implemented Biomedical Technologies Innovative Development Projects such as:

Embryo Biological Stimulators and Drugs, Biological Reactors and Incubators, Microbes Growing Substances, Living Implanting Devices, Nitinol Shape Memory Implants, Polymers Synthesis and Modification, Needle-free Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems, Porous and Nitinol Shape Memory Implanting Materials, Laser Veins treatment, Heart Implanting Valves, Multi-lumen Catheters and Feeding tubes, Ultrasonic Ulcer Treatment devices, Infant Incubators, Ultraviolet Sterilization Processes and Equipment.

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