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Tandem/HP NonStop Developer

United States
October 13, 2009

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Resume of

Ervin H. Mrotek

Career Summary

Forty years of information technology experience in the retail, manufacturing, insurance, financial, computer vendor, commercial software, message switching, and contact center industries. Skilled in system analysis and design; application design and programming; systems software design, programming, configuration, installation, and administration; project management; teaching; consulting; sales and account support; and staff management. Extensive on-line transaction processing, data base design, networking, data communications, client/server and contact center technology experience. Also, significant international experience.

Tandem Experience Summary

Twenty-plus years experience with all Tandem data communications products, NonStop SQL, Pathway, Open System Services, TCP/IP, X.25, EMS, SPI, RSC, EDI, network modeling, benchmarking, developing data communication interfaces and terminal emulators, project management, writing proposals, Guardian conversions, teaching SNAX classes, and customer support. Languages include TAL, C, C++, COBOL, SCOBOL, TACL and BASIC.

IBM Experience Summary

Twenty years experience, with a focus on developing CICS applications in COBOL or Assembler.

Workstation Experience Summary

Fifteen years experience designing and programming applications on various types of personal computers, including developing client/server applications in Visual Basic, C, and C++ using SQL Server databases. Designed and coded a commercial Windows-to-Windows and Windows-to-Tandem middleware product that supports the TCP/IP, NetBIOS, X.25, and asynchronous protocols. Additional languages include COBOL and macro assembler. Knowledgeable in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Project, PowerPoint, Visio and other PC-based products.

Management Experience

Twenty years of direct management responsibility including the development and implementation of strategic plans, tactical plans, budgets, personnel resource definitions and requirements, recruiting, hiring, training and managing staff and projects.

Work History

October 2008 to December 2008

Independent Tandem Consultant to Broadridge Financial, Wheat Ridge, CO.

• Wrote technical specifications for unit investment trust year-end processing.

• Developed native COBOL programs to manage and update unit investment trust SQL databases.

• Wrote test plans.

• Developed program documentation.

June 2004 to October 2008

Home-based Web Development and Internet Marketing (semi-retired), Cottonwood, AZ.

• Web site development.

• Internet marketing.

• PC consulting.

December 2000 to June 2004

Independent Tandem Consultant to Compaq/Hewlett-Packard

• Developed quality assurance (QA) systems in C to test Tandem’s Open System Services (OSS) releases, reducing the QA cycle time from three months to three weeks.

• Developed QA systems mainly in TACL to test Tandem’s 64-bit Yosemite programming language compilers.

• Developed QA systems in all of Tandem’s programming languages to test the Yosemite translator and emulator packages, allowing older Tandem applications to run on the new 64-bit hardware unaltered.

October 1997 to November 2000

Vice President, Excell Consulting Services, Phoenix, AZ.

• Develop and implement strategic and tactical plans.

• Develop and administer budgets.

• Determine consulting resource requirements.

• Recruit, hire, train and manage consulting staff.

• Establish and build relationships with customers/prospects.

• Establish and build relationships with vendors.

• Assist with marketing activities as required.

• Provide technical consultation to senior Excell management as required.

• Perform consulting activities as required.

• Work experience in the England, Scotland, Australia, The Netherlands and India.

January 1996 to October 1997

Consulting Analyst, Excell Agent Services (EAS), Phoenix, AZ.

• Provided technical consultation to the President of EAS.

• Project manager for directory assistance software changes requested by AT&T.

• Defined Excell’s application development architecture and methodology.

• Designed and implemented Windows NT networks, SQL Server databases, and Visual Basic applications that integrated data from the Tandem and SQL Server platforms.

November 1992 to December 1995

Vice President and Half Owner, Salt River Systems International, Inc. (developers of TLink, a Windows-to-Tandem and Windows-to-Windows middleware product).

• Co-developed external specifications.

• Developed entire internal design for the multi-threaded, non-blocking, Tandem component.

• Sole developer of the Tandem components; approximately 50,000 lines of C code. Oriented to TCP/IP sockets and NetBios communications. Also X.25 and added dial-up support.

• Assisted in developing the Windows components; approximately 40,000 lines of C++ code.

• Assisted in quality assurance effort of the Windows and Tandem components.

• Co-produced set of four TLink manuals totaling approximately 500 pages.

• Supported and enhanced both the Windows and Tandem components.

• TLink supports C, C++, Visual Basic, COBOL, PowerBuilder, TAL, SCOBOL and Pascal.

January 1991 to December 1995

Independent Tandem Consultant (consulted part-time while developing TLink product).

• July, 1995 - December, 1995 Excell Agent Services. Developed Tandem SQL applications to expand Excell’s product line and provide historical management reporting. Developed LAN-based Windows NT SQL Server applications to provide on-line, real-time, call center management reporting and to lay the foundation for future “data warehouse” applications.

• January - April, 1994 Diagnostek, Inc. Assisted in C30 to D20 conversion and upgrade of VLX system to a K10000 system.

• August - September, 1993 Securities Industry Software. Supported and enhanced brokerage message switch.

• July - August, 1993 Banamex (Banco Nacional de México, S. A.). Conducted performance study on systems in Houston, Texas. Analyzed and resolved long-standing reliability and response-time problems with X.25 network between London, England, and Houston, Texas.

• August - October, 1992 Perform Cost Management Systems. Wrote X.25 line handler and operator interface to the line handler.

• July, 1991 - July, 1992 Tandem Computers, Inc. Consulting Analyst to project developing new software management facility. Performed project management and design tasks.

• June, 1991 ESQ Business Services, Inc. Conducted ESQ customer visits in Belgium and throughout the United Kingdom to solicit input on proposed ESQ products.

• January - May, 1991 ESQ Business Services, Inc. Developed software product that captured response time monitor (RTM) messages from Tandem-attached IBM 3270 SNA terminals, reformatted the RTMs into IBM NetView events, then forwarded them to NetView. Also developed a facility to allow NetView operators to issue commands to a Tandem system.

• January - June, 1991 Insession, Inc. Provided sales and support for the Intersystem Communications Environment (ICE) product that offers communications services to Tandem applications using SNA, APPN, or TCP/IP, allowing peer-to-peer Tandem-IBM connectivity.

• Work experience in Belgium and England.

February 1984 to December 1990

Sr. Advisory Systems Analyst, Tandem Computers, Phoenix, AZ.

• Regionally Designated Networking Specialist.

• SNAX Product Specialist.

• Technical Lead for various benchmarks, Request for Proposal responses and special projects.

• Wrote MAP3270 subroutine, used world-wide, that allows Tandem applications to handle 3270 data streams like flat file records so they can interface to existing CICS, IMS, TSO, and VM transactions to gather information from IBM data bases without having to change IBM applications. An article about MAP3270 appeared in Support Notebook magazine.

• Primary contact for any opportunities requiring IBM and/or SNA knowledge and experience.

• Primary person in Tandem Western Region for implementing Tandem-to-IBM connectivity.

• Developed and taught "SNAX Products: Installation, Configuration and Management" class. Received requests to teach it nationwide and worldwide.

• Assisted in SNAX/CDF performance testing. Developed the "SNAX/CDF Implementation Checklist", which was distributed as standard class material.

• Developed "expert system" automated operator facility prototype for Tandem using Distributed Systems Management (DSM) six months before DSM was announced.

• Designed a distributed information retrieval system for Valley National Bank (now Bank One) that allowed Tandem Pathway requesters to access IBM IMS databases without any changes to the IBM applications. Because of efficiencies and cost savings produced from this design, became the only vendor employee awarded VNB's "Certificate of Appreciation".

• Branch Systems Manager responsible for all Phoenix financial and Southern Nevada accounts. Filled all open analyst positions. Improved analyst morale. Had no turnover. Improved support to customers. Assisted in the sales of several new-name accounts. Reduced expenses.

• Designed and wrote CICS code to allow "reverse pass-through" of IBM-attached 3270 terminals to access Tandem-based Pathway applications.

• Beta tested and became specialist in SNAX/HLS.

• Work experience in Australia and Sweden.

February 1980 to January 1984

Director, Network Architecture, American Express Company, Phoenix, AZ.

• Responsible for data network architecture, design and planning for Amex’s Consolidated Data Network (CDN), then the world’s largest System Network Architecture (SNA) network.

• Responsible for the design and development of CDN support systems.

• Developed RFP and performed vendor selection for replacement of an international message switch in Brighton, England.

• Responsible for the design and coordinated the installation of the SNA Communications Management Configuration (CMC) site in Brighton, England.

• Responsible for the architecture and implementation of PC-based protocol converters to replace obsolete Honeywell systems for interfacing into third-party Amex partner networks like American Airlines, the SABRE and ARINC airline networks, Visa and Master Card, etc.

• Responsible for coordinating move of all communications facilities for the Travelers Check division from New York to Salt Lake City, including the implementation of new CMC node.

• Coordinated several SNA-related IBM Early Support and First Customer Ship programs.

• Project manager and consultant for numerous large, network-related projects.

• Responsible for the design of Amex’s Network Management Information System (NMIS), a state-of-the-art facility to remotely manage Amex’s worldwide networks.

July 1978 to January 1980

Manager, Technical Support, Sentry Insurance Company, Scottsdale, AZ.

• Responsible for operating systems, database and data communications facilities, in addition to system evaluation and configuration.

• Responsible for IBM Early Support and First Customer Ship programs for CICS, ACF/VTAM, ACF/NCP, ACF/MSNF, and NCCF.

• Responsible for OS/VS1 to MVS/JES3 conversion.

July 1967 to June 1978

Manager, Computer Programming, Mirro Corporation, Manitowoc, WI.

• Managed application, technical support and maintenance programming staffs.

• Managed development of a 100+ man-year project to develop an integrated, enterprise-wide, manufacturing, marketing and financial system.

• Installed first production CICS system in Wisconsin.

• Designed and wrote many CICS application systems in Assembler and COBOL.

• Designed and wrote many CICS system software enhancements, several of which IBM incorporated into the product, and many of which were contributed to the GUIDE (IBM's large computer user group) CICS Group User Contributed Library.

• Very active member of GUIDE. Managed the GUIDE CICS Performance Task Force. While managing this group, wrote a 200-page manual on CICS performance.

• Earned Data Processing Management Association's Outstanding Performance Award.

August 1964 to June 1967

Senior Software Systems Analyst, J. C. Penney Catalog Division, Milwaukee, WI.

• Responsible for all Catalog Division databases.

• Wrote portions of the 7010 disk operating system.

• Worked on first IBM 360 installed in the mid-west.

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