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Mechanical Engineer Project

Houston, TX
August 30, 2012

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Bowang Xiao

**** * ********** **, ****** Hills, MI 48326

Tel: 248-***-****, E-mail:

Working status: Permanent Resident (Green Card holder)

Summary & Objective

7+ years of industrial and research projects experience in CAE (FEA, CFD): Thermal, Fluidic, Structural (Stress), Fatigue Analysis and Optimization; 5+ years of measurement of temperature, strain and stress; solid knowledge and strong analysis skills in coupled thermal, fluidic and stress problems and material constitutive modeling; 2+ US patent/method and about 20 scientific publications. Looking for new challenges as Mechanical Engineer


PhD, Manufacturing Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), MA, GPA: 3.93/4.0, 2010

Dissertation: Numerical modeling and experimental investigation for optimization in quenching processes of aluminum and steel parts

MS, Mechanical Engineering, Oakland University (OU), Michigan, GPA: 3.86/4.0, 2007

Research areas: thermal and stress analysis, material property modeling and residual stress measurement

BS, Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Tongji University, Shanghai, China, 2004


Expertise: Thermal, fluidic, structural (stress) analysis; Optimization; Material constitutive modeling; Numerical modeling; Experimental investigation

FEA: ABAQUS; Deform; Dante; QSIM; Ansys

CFD: Fluent; CFX

Optimization: Isight; Tosca; MATLAB; DOE

Mesh: Hypermesh; Simlab; ICEM CFD; Cubit; ANSA

3D CAD: Pro/E; Unigraphics; Solidworks; AutoCAD

Computers: MS Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel); Windows (XP, Vista, 7); LINUX; UNIX

Languages: MATLAB; FORTRAN; Python; Labview; Maple; C


• Engine Analyst, Optimal CAE, GM Powertrain Head & Block Analysis, Pontiac, MI, Jan 2011 - Present

Developing methods and conducting modeling to analyze and optimize design and manufacturing of General Motors Engines in the aspects of thermal stresses, residual stresses, engine operational stresses, fatigue/durability, etc. More specifically, my assignments include:

1. Engine Head & Block Thermal, Durability and Fatigue FEA Analysis and Optimization

2. Engine Gasket Durability and Fatigue: FEA Method Development and Analysis

3. Engine Head, Block, etc., Heat Treatment (Residual Stress) Analysis and Optimization

4. Material Constitutive Modeling and Development

Filed a GM internal method (#: P014080) and are preparing a few more GM internal methods.

• Research Scientist, Caterpillar Champaign Simulation Center, Champaign, IL, May 2010- Jan 2011

Conducted numerical modeling and simulations to analyze and optimize manufacturing processes such as metal forging, forming, heat treating, etc. - Developed a new version of Caterpillar internal heat treating tool, QSIM2010, by using ABAQUS FILM, USDFLD and other subroutines. - Conducting various heat treating simulations for different Caterpillar steel products. - Conducting research work in optimizing metal forging process to reduce material utilization and increase fatigue performance.

• Research Assistant, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, Aug 2007-May 2010

--CHTE (Center for Heat Treating Excellence) High Pressure Hydrogen Quenching (HPHQ) Project

Led a research team to investigate heat transfer, microstructure and distortion in HPHQ to justify its advantage compared to oil quenching by numerical modeling ( CFD, FEA ) and experimental measurement (temperature, hardness). - CFD simulations. - Developed Python codes. - Performed FEA (ABAQUS, Dante) simulations to predict microstructure, distortion and stress of quenched work piece.

--GM Aluminum Alloy Air Quenching (Heat Treating) Project

Led a research team to analyze heat transfer, material evolution and residual stress in quenched engine block castings. - Designed and conducted forced air quenching experiments. - Inversely determined temperature-dependent HTC and constructed a HTC database. - Developed ABAQUS user subroutines FILM for accurate thermal modeling, and UMAT for material property modeling. - Conducted residual stress measurements for validation of user subroutines. - Filed a patent as the major inventor to obtain accurate HTC distribution.

• Research Assistant, Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI, Aug 2005-Aug 2007

--GM Aluminum Alloy Water Quenching (Heat Treating) Project

Researched heat transfer, material evolution and residual stress in quenched engine head castings. Temperature measurement. –Abaqus simulation and user subroutine development. –Residual Stress measurement.

--Residual Stress Measurement Using Strain Gauge Rosette, OU, 2005-2007

Improved measurement accuracy. Developed a data process program with user-friendly GUI in MATLAB.

• Internship, Vehicle Plant, Shanghai General Motors, Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China, Summer 2003

Learned advanced processes of automotive body manufacturing and others and updated process documents.

US Patent (with GM) and GM internal method

• "Systems and Methods for Predicting Heat Transfer Coefficients during Quenching" (Pub #, US2011/0098989, GM internal Docket NO. - P008777-PTC-CHE)

• “Modeling of Residual Stress and Distortion of Aluminum Castings during Aging Process” (GM Tool/Method/Secret #: P014080)


Journal Papers (first authored 8 of 9 papers)

• EI, (2009), "Residual Stresses in as-Quenched Aluminum Castings", SAE IJMM, 1(1) pp. 725-731.

• SCI, (2011), "Automatic Determination and Evaluation of Residual Stress …", Strain, 47(s1), pp. e525-534

• EI, (2011), "Hardenability and Distortion Control in High Pressure Hydrogen Quenching," IJMR, 6(1) pp. 1-14

• SCI, (2011), "An Experimental Study of Heat Transfer … Air Convection", JMEP, 20(7), pp. 1264–1270

• SCI, (2010), "An Experimental Study of Heat Transfer in … Water Quenching", JMPT,210(14), pp. 2023–2028

• SCI, (2010), "Robust methodology for … heat transfer coefficient …," ATE, 30(17), pp. 2815-2821

• SCI, (2011), "Numerical Simulation & Experimental … of Residual Stresses …", JMEP, 20(9), pp. 1648-1657

• SCI, (2011), "Prediction and Validation of Residual Stresses …," Metallurgical Transactions A, (submitted)

• SCI, (2011), "Influencing Factors of Heat Transfer Coefficient …," JAI, 8(4), DOI: 10.1520/JAI103403, pp.

Conference Proceedings

First authored 6 of 10 papers in SAE, SEM, TMS, AFS, ICTPMCS, IFHTSEC conference proceedings.

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