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SAP ABAP, Sd, Le, Mm, Wm, Fi/Co, Pp, Apo

United States
February 02, 2010

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• Results driven professional with over * years of total IT experience which include Implementation, Enhancement & Support of SAP.

• Certified in SAP Netweaver 2003 and SCM

• Effectively leading a team of onsite and offshore ABAPers

• Always looking out for opportunities to improve processes

• Experience spans various modules of SAP like SD, LE, MM, FI, CO, WM, PM in various versions SAP ECC 6.0, R/3 4.7, R/3 4.6C, CRM 4.0, SCM 4.0.

• Extensive experience in ABAP/4 programming - reporting, ALV Reports, Dialog / Module Pool programming, development of BSPs, Webdynpro (WD4A) and OO ABAP.

• Maintenance of interfaces using RFC, ALE, IDocs, EDI, & BAPIs.

• Experience in creating and maintaining SAP Scripts, Smart forms and Adobe forms.

• Creating VOFM requirements, Alternative Calculation Formulae for Pricing Procedure(SD) and Calculation Schema (MM)

• Experience in SCATTs, BDC programming and LSMW for Data conversion, field mapping and uploading data.

• Experience in enhancements and modifications using user exits, BADIs, Enhancements and in using ABAP tools such as Data Dictionary, Screen Painter, Menu painter, ABAP Query, SAP Quick Viewer.

• Experience in Performance Tuning using tools like SQL Trace, Run Time Analysis.

• Configuration of output types, access sequence, maintenance of condition records in SD, LE

• Years of client-facing experience in developing and coordinating the development of both onsite and offshore teams.


ERP SAP – ECC 6.0, R/3 4.7, CRM, SCM.

Language ABAP 4.0, ABAP 00, Webdynpro, BSP, Java, C, C++, Visual Basic 6.0, Unix Shell Scripting, Perl.

RDBMS Oracle, MS SQL 2000.

OS/Environment Windows 2000/XP/NT, SuSE Linux

Internet Technology CGI-Perl, Java Servlets, HTML, Java Script.

Tools CVS, MS Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Source Safe, LaTeX.


Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics, Mumbai University, India


SAP Netweaver (ABAP Workbench) 2003.

SCM - Order Fulfill. with mySAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0).

New Market Corporation (Richmond, VA)

ABAP Team Lead

Jan 2009 - Till Present

Roles and responsibilities as an team lead and global single point of contact for SD and LE related to output determination.

 Detailed Requirements capture, review and update of functional specification document

 Preparation of Technical Approach document along with identification of test cases, walk through of the same with the team

 Code review and unit testing to develop and adapt technical solutions/options as per technical design documents, ensuring all functional requirements are met in the technical design

 Performance Tuning

 Identification, creating awareness to build a library of re-usable ABAP code, utilities and classes like:

a) Data conversion utility

b) Standardization of transport naming convention and documentation, and implementing process improvements regarding the same via BADI CTS_REQUEST_CHECK

c) Development of reusable wrapper class to send out emails

d) Generic utilities like ZOUTPUT, ZEMAIL mentioned above

e) Utility to track inactive users and notify them via email

 Documentation of test cases and results

 Preparation of testing approach documents for the user acceptance testing

 Coordinating cut over, and hyper-care phases of a project

Module: SD

As the SD and LE documents at New Market were printed using print programs and SAP Scripts, which were around 14 years old, there was an initiative to convert them into smartforms. The objective of the smartform project was to re-design the SD documents not only from a look and feel and technical perspective, but also try and move towards a more standard configuration. The following documents were re-engineered globally.

• Order Acknowledgements (for orders and returns)

• Order Confirmations (for orders and returns)

• Invoices (for Invoices, Intercompany Invoices, Pro-forma, Cancellations, Credit Memo, Debit Memo)

• Bill of Lading documents on deliveries


• The look and feel of all documents was standardized header, footer and logos. Along with that, region specific requirements like paper size, postal requirements were also incorporated.

• The pricing procedures were changed to allow printing of different condition types as per sales org specific requirements. Condition records and Access sequences were changed as per the requirements.

• Custom logic was put in to combine batch split items and report them as a single item in the invoice.

• Language specific versions - Spanish, German, French and English were developed for output types used by Europe.

• The print outputs were printed in duplex mode, so that T&C's could be printed on the reverse. Email and Fax versions of the smartforms were simplex.

• SAP standard has VF31 for mass issue of billing documents, but there is no standard program to do a mass issue of sales or delivery documents. A custom utility, ZOUTPUT, was developed to do a mass issue of those output types.

• Similarly, SAP standard allows one to change the recipient printer and fax number while issuing an output. However, the recipient email ID cannot be changed at the time of issuing an output. A custom utility ZEMAIL was developed that would allow the users to issue an output type using a smartform to any generic email ID.

• There were a few other technical challenges like allowing a smartform to print regulatory text with INCLUDE commands, developing a workaround to the SAP standard Address node, so that address fields could be selectively replaced.

• During cut-over activities, maintained the output condition records of SD and LE modules.

Module: MM

• Developed a custom utility to track and email PO output internally within marketing team and externally to vendors. This would allow the user to email a PO output to oneself and supervisor before sending it out to the vendor.

• Developed requirement routine for a new calculation schema for Material Ledger project

• During the roll out of the consignment process

o Developed the custom version of MRKO settlement report (MR_PRINT SAP Script)

o Implemented BADI MRM_MRKO_HDAT_MODIFY to swap the PI and VN partners during MRKO settlement

o Developed a custom utility to account for late changes to pricing in consignment info records. The utility seamlessly interfaces to FICO and leaves the user in an FICO accounting document still changeable rather than directly posting.

o Consignment info record upload program – a BDC via ME12

• Contract price upload program – a BDC via ME32K

• Implementation of BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST to set fields for a particular PO type

Module: WM

• Developed a custom SAP Script for TO printing

Mead West Vaco (Richmond, VA)

ABAP Onsite Coordinator

Jul 2008 – Aug 2008

Role and responsibilities

 Acted as a onsite coordinator between the client and the vendor

 Interacting with business process owners to gather requirements, design solutions

 Analyze functional specifications

 Create technical documentation, and review the solution delivery with offshore team lead.

 Conducted testing and quality checks of all programs developed and maintained by the team

Dominion Virginia Power (Richmond, VA)

ABAP Onsite Coordinator

Apr 2007 – Dec 2008

Codex Inc. is a Virginia based software services provider, and has recently started an offshore arm in Gurgaon, India for FI, MM, PM related ABAP work. I was involved in the

• Setting up of the offshore ABAP arm

• Defining and implementing the offshoring process

• Interviewing and recruiting the ABAP team

• Offshore pilot for one of their clients, Dominion Virginia Power, which involved mapping of their TRIMS system to SAP.

The TRIMS project involved tracking the status and work repair history of transformers in SAP without receiving them into inventory. As the materials were not received into inventory we developed custom RF transactions to track the transformers via equipment records and PM Notifications. With warehouse management being inactive, custom solutions for palletization of oil samples and scrap shipments was put into place.

The following are the main processes involved

o Receiving - Scanning of transformers, updation of equipment records and classification data for the same

o Repair - Tracking of tasks performed via PM Notifications

o Tracking of oil sample data via measurement points and measurement documents.

o Retire transformers to different vendors.

o Printing of various barcode labels within each of the above transactions

o Reporting on the equipment records, PM Notifications

York International / JCI (Norman, OK)

ABAP Onsite Coordinator

Jul 2005 – Apr 2007

York is a leading manufacturer in refrigeration and cooling systems. They have implemented many modules of SAP and Patni provides ABAP support for some of their developments, enhancements during their second phase of go-live called UPG2.


• Involvement in the business meetings with the functional team, analysis of the requirement

• Technical Design and preparation of the Tech Specs from the functional specification

• Direct interaction with Client as the Onsite Coordinator for objects/issues assigned to Patni

• Testing and timely delivery of objects

• Onsite developer for urgent and critical issues

Module : FI/CO

• Designed and implemented a solution for monthly reconciliation between FI and COPA for Cost of Goods Sold.

• The FI audit required a custom extract from BKPF and BSEG tables to be sent to the auditors per period, designed and implemented the solution for the same.

• Custom Sapscripts and driver programs for Customer Statement,

• Custom Sapscripts and driver programs for Check printing for US, Canada and Mexico checks

• Integrated the R/3 Customer Statements with the web solution of the York extranet (BSP) making the PDFs versions of the customer statements accessible from the web by storing them in a cluster database.

• Interface to send dealer check information to warranty system to update payment reference details after payment runs are executed. A custom message type, idoc type was created for this.

• Interface to upload GL (balance sheet and P&L) old data clearing items and Lawson data. This program uploads a spreadsheet from the user’s PC, reformat the file into the format needed for RFBIBL00, download the new file to the user’s PC, and then upload the new file using RFBIBL00 (Batch Input Documents)

• Developed SCATs for posting documents a small set of documents via FB01.

Module : CRM

• CRM IPA Pricing check report - The purpose of this report is to identify orders that were created with reference to quotes that have been edited with new items being added. This will allow problem resolution personnel to ensure newly added items are re-priced if necessary to reflect the prices available on a quote.

• CRM Order error report - As CRM does not provide a user friendly interface for users to select and view orders with errors, this report displays the order header and line item errors and then link to the order to resolve errors.

Module : MM

• BDC for extension of materials – This program would extend materials via a BDC on MM02 transaction, create the link to BOM via CS40, map it to a route via CA02, does the costing run via CK11, CK24N. On doing so the material status and packing instructions were updated.

• Developed custom version of MB51 to add material type, MRP controller, special procurement type in selection screen and report output, along with material dimensions.

• Custom version of MC47 to add Vendor code, external material group as selection criteria. Also created a different version of it for background processing to give default single line view. Similar changes done to create custom version of MC46.

• Changes to existing stocks, engineering change reports and queries to report extra fields like old material number, price family.

Module : SD, WM, LE

• Custom Smartforms for Picking List, Packing List, Loader’s Shipment Document, Bill of Lading, SD Invoice.

• Open order summary report

• Report to analyze the failed PR's for automated PO processing.

• Created requirement routines (VOFM) for condition types within several pricing procedures.

• Enhanced standard table maintenance of custom tables linked to customer master via BTE.

• Designed and implemented the Email notification system for SOX purposes, Returns Order acknowledgement and authorization emails

• On the WM side, worked on custom versions of standard RF programs like LM30, LM26 etc. so as to be able to have custom checks on the status of an HU, and modified them to be able to scan both a HU or a serial number.

• Barcode printing on labels for Physical Inventory, Receiving Labels.

• Optimization and performance tuning of already existing custom ABAPs.

BSP for York Extranet

• Account Center application – which allowed customers to check their customer statements and invoices via the internet.

• Open Order Summary – this application gave the web version of the open order summary report along with the option to download the same in pdf format.

Boston Scientific (Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai)

ABAP Programmer

Jan 2005 – Jun 2005

BSCI is a leading producer of medical equipments. BSCI-E2E global implementation of SAP’s APO Demand Planning and Supply Network Planning modules. As a part of the Boston Scientific APO Team, I was involved with the design, development, testing and maintenance of SNP objects.

• An Interface for Extract Scheduling Agreement from SAP R/3 and Uploading the same to APO - Scheduling Agreements are created in SAP R/3 system. BSCI does not want to commit inventory based on the Scheduling Agreement. Due to that, BSCI made modifications and did not show the scheduling agreements in the stock requirement list. Because of that scheduling agreements were transferred to APO using custom interface (and not via standard CIF).

• A custom interface for Kanban materials was developed in which Kanban consumption was transferred to APO. Using the planning book forecast, the required number of Kanban cards was calculated at the APO end and updated back to the R/3 end.

• Module pool program for custom maintenance of a set of Z tables – as the fields of a given table were dependent on another Z table, there was custom logic and custom checks built into the module pool program.

Dupont (Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai)

ABAP Programmer

Aug 2003 – Jan 2005

Dupont is a leading producer of chemical products. As a part of the Dupont Team

• I developed and maintained Dupont’s Custom BOM Explosion logic for a Custom Yield Report (FPFQ Yield, Chemical Yield, Quality Yield, Overall Yield). The BOM calculation took into consideration Phantom items, Alternative Items, Multi level BOM explosion and Components having sub-assemblies. The BOM explosion added components based on priority and usage probability assigned to each.

• Optimized and enhanced the ABAP objects (Interactive Reports, Interfaces, Dialog programs) to suit the business requirements of Dupont.

• Custom print program and sap script for printing of Master Inspection Characteristic Details for COA.

Procter and Gamble (Atos Origin India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai)

ABAP Programmer

Feb 2002 – Aug 2003

Procter & Gamble is a producer of FMCG products worldwide. The Procter & Gamble Company markets more than 250 products to more than five billion consumers in 130 countries. My work profile included

• Development and maintenance of Interactive reports, Function Modules, Interfaces and Dialog pool programs

• Changing SAP standard report RFBILA00 to display monthly detail report with variable number of columns and the order of columns configurable from selection screen and to add an interactive report level enabling the user to enter comments at individual account level, node level and company code level.

• Development of Interfaces, Function Modules and Transactions in GDC (Global Data Client).

• Development of a miniapp for BBP (Business to Business Procurement) project of P&G.

• Developing macros in excel residing on client side to enable formatting of excel downloads from R/3 which are called directly by ABAP from R/3 via OLE Automation.

Employee Intranet (Atos Origin India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai)

Web Application Developer

Jan 2002 – Apr 2002

This was a R&D project taken up by the SAP practice of Atos-Origin India. I was involved with the project right from the beginning. My responsibilities included requirements capture, design, implementation, Team leading, Technical testing. This web-based application had the following modules.

• Employee registration

• Training Section

• Library Section

• On-line polls

• Admin related functionalities • Discussion forum

• Recruitment Section

• Reports on above sections

• Mailing system

EDIS (Starcom Software Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai)

Web Application Developer

Nov 2000 – Dec 2001

EDIS (Electrical Distribution Information System) is web based ERP for an industrial electrical distribution with multi-location presence. The highlights of the project are

• Web Application Gateway

• Web Session

• Logger

• Template Patching • Database Related Utilities

• HTML Utilities

• Mailing Interface

StaRS (Starcom Software Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai)

Web Application Developer

Aug 2000 – Nov 2000

StaRS is a web-based application, which automate the recruitment procedure. The project was developed in two phases. Phase-I included registration and modification of slots, getting test and interview schedule, getting results, etc, which provided an interface to the candidate to get only those details which are relevant to him. Phase-II included remaining functionalities like MIS reports, admin interface for scheduling slots/tests/interviews, keying in results, defining questions and dynamic question paper generation. In phase-I, played a role of a developer and in phase-II, played a role of integrator, CVS user along with the role of developer and reviewer.

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