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Chicago, Illinois, 60659, United States
$55/hr c2c
November 14, 2011

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Summary of Qualifications:

• Over 7+ years of experience in administration and development on database design using SQL server 2000/2005/2008 servers in OLTP and OLAP environment.

• Migrated SQL Server 2000 databases into SQL Server 2005 databases and SQL Server 2005 into SQL Server 2008 platform for multiple SQL instances in large enterprises.

• Experience in Transparent Data Encryption to encrypt an entire database for Security and Backup encryption using SQL Server 2008.

• Extensive use of SQL Server, performance tuning, application design, disaster recovery planning, security management, and managing server and clients.

• Experienced in database design, Relational Integrity Constraints, OLAP, OLTP, Cubed Data and Normalization of transactional database schema and legacy systems

• Knowledge of SQL Server 2008 concepts like Backup Compression, Data Compression and Policy Management for SQL Server installations

• Installed SQL Server 2008 on new 32-bit and x64-bit Operating System with Service Packs

• Experience in database Backup, Restore, Recovery, Transactional Replication, Linked servers, and Database Maintenance Plans to keep indexes and statistics updated

• Experience in SQL Server 2005 concepts SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services), SSAS (Analysis Services) and SSRS (Reporting Services).

• Experience on OLTP/OLAP environment like Analysis Services, Reporting Services and Integration Services (ETL)

• Experience on High Availability and Disaster Recovery like Replication, Log shipping, Mirroring and Clustering and database security and permissions

• Experienced in Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, Client/Server Connectivity, and Database Consistency Checks using DBCC Utilities, DMVs and Performance Counters.

• Responsible for Data Compression, Hot add CPU, Fact Table size reduction and improved performance using SQL Server 2008.

• Extensive experience with T-SQL and (DDL, DML, and DCL) and PL/SQL (Oracle).

• Experience in T-SQL and PL/SQL Developer skills, including stored procedures, Indexes views, User Defined Functions (UDF), Triggers, and Distributed Queries.

• Working experience in designing, implementing, maintaining, and documenting complex database applications, and data warehouse applications.

• Strong analytical and problem solving skills with ability to work within team environment and independently when needed

• Monitoring Jobs, Alerts and scheduling SQL server Agent jobs.

• Excellent client facing abilities, a great team player with good leadership qualities.

• Possess excellent oral/written communication and interpersonal skills and Worked 24 x 7 for production support with multiple SQL Instances.

Technical Skills :

RDBMS: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008R2, MS Access, Oracle 10g/9i

Database Technologies/Tools: SQL Management Studio, Business Intelligence Development Studio,

T-SQL, SQL Profiler, Crystal Reports 9.0/10, SSIS (ETL), SSRS, SSAS

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, TSQL, C, C++, ASP.Net

Scripts: JavaScript, VBScript, Shell Script, HTML, XML

Database Modeling: Rational Rose, Erwin4.0, Smart draw, Power Designer

Tuning Tools: Perfmon, SQL Profiler, Idera tools

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003/2008, Linux


• Microsoft certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) in Microsoft SQL Server 2008- Implementation and Maintenance(Certification ID: 8600247)


Client: Association Management Center(AMC),Chicago,IL

Duration: Feb11- Tilldate



• Migrated Oracle Server 9i/10g databases to SQL Server and Upgraded SQL Server 2005/00 databases to SQL Server 2008 databases including DTS to SSIS migration .

• Supported SQL Server 2008/05/00 on Production, Staging/Dev and DR servers on clustered VMware Environment.

• Documented Database environment, Escalation procedures, issues, Installation procedures, Disaster recovery procedures In Database Management Prod Guide.

• Installed Active-Active and Active-passive 64-bit SQL Server 2008/05 failover cluster on 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2/2003 cluster Virtual environment..

• Created Database maintenance plans for compressed full DB backup and transaction log backup, Check Database Integrity, Index maintenance and update statistics.

• Managed Security like windows and SQL Logins, Roles, permissions for various users.

• Handled up to 2 TB Size databases on clustered environment.

• Setting up and monitored Disaster recovery environments like Database mirroring with in the primary Data center servers and Log Shipping between primary and secondary Data center servers including Mirroring conjunction with Log Shipping.

• Created Database Snapshots on Mirror databases for generating the reports for business crew members and worked with linked servers.

• Configured and monitored Transactional Replication for different clients for Reporting purpose

• Configured tempDB w.r.t to the no. of processors and resolved Application connectivity issues like connection timeouts, connection pooling and Blocking, Dead lock issues.

• Trouble shooted Mirror, Log shipping and Transactional replication synchronization issues.

• Trouble shooted Application and Backup jobs failed issues and SQL cluster installation and cluster resources failed issues.

• Resolved server, Database, query performance, Log file full and Low disk space issues.

• Monitoring SCOM/HPOV alerts, creating tickets with remedy ticketing tool according to severity of the alerts

• Worked on problem tickets PR01/PR02/PR03, service tickets SR01/SR02/SR03 and Change implementation tickets according to the SLA for different clients.

• Setup and Configured Change Data capture (CDC) for Audit to capture the DML activities on the tables.

• Configured data partitioning/table partitioning on large tables containing millions of rows in Data ware house databases for better performance and performed Data Compression on large tables to reduce the Database size.

• Created SSIS packages to load robust data from different Heterogeneous data sources like Oracle to SQL server and refresh Databases on Dev/QA servers from Production.

• Deployed SSIS packages .dtsx files and Config files from staging to Production.

• Worked on SSRS linked reports, ad-hoc , sub reports and making reports interactive such as adding parameters, filters, document map, bookmarks, drill through and drilldown capabilities and configuration of Report server and Report Manager.

• Developed deployed and processing OLAP cubes and configured the security.

• Created, altered/modified T-SQL/PL-SQL Complex Stored Procedures, views, tables and functions under Change control on production servers.

• Technical escalation for client, client executives and management.

• 24/7 Database operation support for SQL server 2008/05/00 databases which includes OLTP and OLAP

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Oracle 11g/10g/9i,Windows 2003/2008 R2, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, PL/SQL, MS Access, Erwin, Toad 7.6,BODI,SQL Profiler, Win SCP3, Putty.

Client: Penson Financial, Dallas, Tx

Duration: Sep 09 – Jan11

Role: SQL Server DBA/Developer


• Extensively managed and administered SQL Server 2008/2005 and 2000 servers

• Installation of SQL Server 2008/05 on DEV, Staging and Production Servers for teams

• Migrated SQL server 2000 databases into SQL server 2005/2008R2 databases

• Monitored SSIS packages and job workflows for used database partitions to manage data

• Transferred SQL Server Objects from QA to Production Using SSIS Packages.

• Handled up to 2 TB Size databases with clustered and replication environment

• Used SQL Server Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) to track performance and usage

• Configured Reporting Server Using Reporting Services Configuration Tool.

• Created and Deployed Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

• Worked with SQL server Profiler to generate traces and fine-tuned databases and T-SQL

• Integrated SQL traces with Performance Monitor to have better graphical analysis to find system bottlenecks to analyze CPU, Memory and Disk usage patterns

• Managed SQL Object Permissions, Roles and Authentication Modes for security policies

• Rebuilding the indexes at regular intervals for better performance and updated statistics

• Maintaining SQL Script for creation of Database Objects using VSS (Visual Source Safe).

• Created Database maintenance plans and performed DBCC Database Integrity Checks.

• Configured Report Server (SSRS) and scheduled SSIS packages with alert notifications

• Planned the complete backing up of Databases and Disaster Recovery /Restore procedures

• Transferred data (ETL) to Data warehouse environment using SSIS.

• Installed, authored, and managed reports using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.

• Used log shipping for synchronization of databases between Primary and Standby servers

• Setting up and Monitored transactional replication, Database mirroring on Production, QA and Dev servers.

• Monitoring SQL server performance using profiler to find performance and deadlocks.

• Worked on database design for Query optimization, performance tuning and Indexing.

• Implemented T-SQL best practices in SQL Server including Data partitioning, Error handling through TRY-CATCH statement, Common Table Expression (CTEs)

• Extensive testing on the Performance of the Stored Procedures, Functions, T-SQL queries

• Scheduled and monitored all maintenance activities including database consistency check, index defragmentation to ensure optimal DB performance

• Generated periodic reports based on the statistical analysis of the data from various time frame and division using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

• Developed operational drill-down reports using SSRS and added report parameters

• Migrated all DTS packages to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and modified the package according to the advanced feature of SQL Server Integration Services.

• Migrated data from Heterogeneous Data Sources and legacy system (DB2, Access, Excel) to SQL Server instances for DEV, QA, Staging and Production environments

• Provide 24x7 Production Database on-call support as needed

Environment: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, T-SQL, Business Intelligence (SSIS,SSRS,SSAS) Excel, Windows 2003 Server, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Erwin 4.0, Lite Speed ,Foglight, Oracle

Client: TD Bank, Portland, OR

Duration: Feb 08- Aug 09



• Highly support in Administration, Database Design, and Performance Analysis on very large and highly transactional production databases.

• Install and configure SQL Server 2005/2008 on new servers with service packs.

• Extensively work on Snapshot and Transactional Replication to maintain copies of data

• Work on 32 bit, x64 bit and i64 clustered and standalone server environments.

• Configure the RAID levels for data files, log files and tempdb at server level.

• Reconfigure the default locations of the data files, log files and error log files onto the SAN environment for all the servers.

• Work with tools like SQL Server Dashboard, SQL Profiler and Activity Monitor for event monitoring and performance monitoring, and make recommendations based on the results.

• Migrate SQL Server 2000 to 2005, SQL Server 2005 to 2008 and DTS to SSIS (ETL).

• Extensively use ETL and SSIS tool to load data from MS Access, Excel spreadsheets, and flat files into the target SQL Server database.

• Involved in ETL process under development, testing and production support environments.

• Develop complex mappings and tune mappings for better performance.

• Provide flexibility and performance to simplify the creation and maintenance of partitioned tables in SQL Server 2005/2008

• Implement various Data Flow Transformations, such as Copy Column, Row Count, Merge Join, Aggregator, Sort, and Lookup.

• Fix data issues and write various SQL scripts and procedures for migration process.

• Perform Database Design and Data Modeling using ERWIN to reflect data relationships

• Implemented DMV’s, DDL triggers, re-indexing clustered/non-clustered indexes

• Develop all the required stored procedures, functions, and triggers using T-SQL and PL/SQL.

• Implement data availability solutions like Online Restore, Online index Operation, Database Snapshot, and Fast Recovery.

• Optimize the performance of queries with modifications in T-SQL queries, remove unnecessary columns, eliminate redundant and inconsistent data, and normalize tables.

• Work on DTS, Import and Export utility, BCP Utility and replication tool.

• Create and modify Stored Procedures and Functions to generate reports.

• Monitor and modify performance using execution plans and Index tuning.

• Rebuild the indexes at regular intervals for better performance.

• Responsible for day-to-day activities, such as backups to the disk and restore the databases and transaction log on production/development servers as per business / IT needs.

• Write and review T-SQL code and PL/SQL, maintaining coding standards

• Use Performance monitor and SQL Profiler to optimize queries and enhance the performance of database servers based on usage patterns and graphs

• Designed and created Reports based on the management request for customers using SSRS and deployed packages using SSIS (ETL).

• Create parameterized, drill down and aggregation type of reports in SSRS 2005.

• Maintain the database consistency with DBCC, DMF and DMV’s at regular intervals.

• Troubleshoot and fine-tune databases for performance and concurrency.

• Created cubes using SSAS and assigned security roles for cube

• Provide 24x7 Production Database on-call support

Environment: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, Windows 2000/2003, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS, PL/SQL, MS Access, Erwin

Client: Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL

Duration: Nov 06-Jan 08.

Role: SQL Server DBA


• Managed the migration of SQL Server 2000 databases to SQL Server 2005.

• Worked on High Availability like Log shipping, Clustering, Mirroring and Replication.

• Involved in Source Data Analysis, designing Mappings for data extraction, and designing and developing SSIS Packages to load the data from various databases and files.

• Responsible for developing processes, automation of maintenance jobs, tuning SQL Server, locks and indexes configurations, administering SQL Server security, SQL Server automatic e-mail notification and SQL Server backup strategy and automation.

• Monitored the performance of the SQL server and the system to identify hardware bottlenecks, operating system performance, index performance and queries with poor performance using SQL Profiler, Activity Monitor and SQL Server Dashboard.

• Designed data flow processes for data migration to the Data Warehouse using DTS/SSIS

• Responsible for Disaster recovery and database maintenance plan.

• Provided day-to-day activities, such as backups to the disk, restoring the databases and monitoring database on production servers as per business needs.

• Managed SQL user logins, user accounts, server roles, database roles and its permissions.

• Analyzed long running, slow queries and tuned them to optimize system performance.

• Installed, authored, and managed reports using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services.

• Troubleshot client connections, and viewed error log and applications.

• Performed daily tasks, including backup and restore by using SQL Server 2005 tools like Server Management Studio, SQL Server Profiler, SQ Agent, and Database Engine Tuning Advisor.

• Worked as a developer in creating complex Stored Procedures, SSIS packages, triggers, cursors, tables, views and other SQL joins and statements for applications. This involved index creation, index removal, index modification, file group modifications, and adding scheduled jobs to re-index and update statistics in databases.

• Used Data Partitioning and Snapshot Isolation in SQL Server 2005.

• Portrayed expertise in SQL Server Analysis Services.

• Maintained the database consistency with DBCC at regular intervals.

• Provided 24x7 Production Database on-call support.

Environment: SQL Server 2005/2000 Enterprise Edition, SSIS, SSRS, SQL Server Analysis Services, Windows Server 2003

Client: LIC, Hyderabad, India.

Duration: June 05-Sep 06.

Role: SQL Server DBA


• Installed, Configured, migrated SQL Server 2000 to 2005, SQL Server 2005 to 2008 and DTS to SSIS (ETL) for enterprise servers, migrated logins with minimal downtimes

• Scheduled jobs and monitored job failures to diagnose the problems.

• Hands on experience with backup and restoring databases for large OLTP systems

• Dealt with database and table privileges and permissions in SQL 2005/2000.

• Dropped and recreated the tables for the damaged databases to avoid data loss.

• Responsible for data portioning and disaster recovery plans in SQL 2005.

• Designed Physical and Logical Modeling using Erwin Case Tool.

• Worked with integration services for transferring and reviewing data from heterogeneous sources (Excel, CSV, Oracle, flat file, Text Format Data).

• Designed high level ETL architecture for overall data transfer from the source server to the Enterprise Services Warehouse, which encompassed server name, database name, accounts, tables and direction of data flow, Column Mapping, Data dictionary and Metadata.

• Implemented data mart, facts, dimensions, star schema and OLAP cubes based on Kimball’s dimensional modeling standards using SQL Server Analysis Services.

• Implemented MS Analysis Services setup, tuning, cube partitioning, and dimension design, including hierarchical and slowly changing dimensions.

• Wrote T-SQL code for creating cursor and handling the data validations.

• Designed and implemented stored procedures and triggers for automating tasks.

• Worked as a developer in creating complex Stored Procedures, SSIS packages, triggers, cursors, tables, and views and other SQL joins and statements for applications.

• Provided 24x7 Production Database on-call support.

Environment: SQL SERVER 2000/2005, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Erwin, OS-Windows 2000/2003

Client: HDFC, Hyderabad, India.

Duration: March 04-May 05

Role: SQL Server Developer / DBA


• Responsible for Database design and ER between tables and participated in DB design sessions

• Tuned the database to perform efficiently by managing databases using the options to grow or shrink database files and monitored the size of the transaction log.

• Managed databases on multiple disks using Disk Mirroring and RAID technology.

• Performed data modeling and design of database schema for ER.

• Evaluated data storage considerations to store databases and transaction logs.

• Created database using SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Database Wizard and Transact SQL and PL/SQL Statements. Specified size and automatic growth options.

• Performed Extract Transfer and Loading (ETL) of physical data to the systems by means of DTS.

• Cleaned up data before transferring it in staging area.

• Maintained the database consistency with DBCC at regular intervals. Involved in troubleshooting and fine-tuning of databases for its performance and concurrency.

• Analyzed long running, slow queries and tuned to optimize application performance.

• Performed daily backup and created named backup devices to backup the servers regularly.

• Script files of the databases whenever changes were made to stored procedures or views.

• Configured SQL Server Enterprise Manager to work with the SQL Server.

• Configured Dynamic Configuration in SQL Server 7.0/2000.

• Scheduled tasks for transformation of data from heterogeneous environment.

• Setup Backup schedule for database and Replication from AS400 to SQL server by using Data Mirror Transformation server.

• Wrote a Batch program to execute batch file from AS/400 to SQL server and back to AS/400.

• Worked on DTS and BCP Import and Export utility for transferring data.

Environment: Windows NT 4.0/2000, MS SQL Server7.0/ 2000, PL/SQL, Access

REFERENCES: Available upon request

Willing to relocate

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