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Maryland, United States
March 03, 2011

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Jason B Greenleaf

** ***** **** ****** **.

Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

Contact Phone: 443-***-****

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U.S. Marine Corp. (08/10/2009 - 12/04/2009) - Electrical Equipment Repairer Helper

Barstow, California United States

Supervisor: Jim Bishop - 760-***-****

Salary: $17.06 per hour

Hours per week: 40

Duties: My job duties included: disassembled, cleaned, reassembled, refurbished, fabricated, modified, tested and repaired a variety of cables, harnesses and associated equipment used in LAV and Humvee vehicles. Performed measuring, cutting, stripping, splicing, soldering, unsoldering, applied modifications when it was required on various types of cables; made continuity and meager checks, labeling, applied tapes, used a variety of insulation tubing and water proofing compounds. Used my ability to read and comprehend wiring diagrams, lettered and color coded components using my knowledge of electrical and electronic basic theory of operation. Used soldering iron and associated hand tools such as wire strippers, screwdriver, pliers, needle nose pliers, sockets, adjusting wrenches, crimper, scissors, razor blades; power tools such as heat gun, dry ice wire blaster and electronic tested equipment such as multimeters. Used my knowledge to troubleshoot Humvee and LAV vehicles on assembly lines by inspecting all wires for corrosion, replacing terminals and transmission connectors on Humvies, added wire when needed, stripped and repaired damaged body wire harnesses and engine wire harnesses on Humvee vehicles. All work was performed using required safety equipment such as earplugs, safety glasses and gloves when necessary. I worked in a team environment and used sufficient knowledge of duties that enabled me to instruct other team members. Completed Safety & Haze mat course.

Wright Line, LLC (05/12/2008 - 06/14/2009) - Installer

Lanham, Maryland United States

Supervisor: Darren Ray - 202-***-****

Salary: $13.00 per hour

Hours per week: 50

Duties: Loaded and unloaded consoles, enclosures and other specialty furniture and electrical equipment onto and off of tractor trailers using forklifts and hand trucks; Verified documentation making sure it matched freight description by using electronic and manual systems; Secured freight inside trailers by using hand straps and bracing bars; Constructed, erected, installed, and repaired structures and fixtures which served data centers, electronic laboratories and high-tech manufacturing environments, used screw drivers, hammers, tape measures, power drills and circular saws. This position was contracted with Government and State agencies, so I have held clearance which made it possible to enter into the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Federal Reserve, Supreme Court, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Installations.

AutoPro (04/22/2005 - 06/20/2009) - Painter/Bodywork Tech

Upper Marlboro, Maryland United States

Supervisor: Terry Blake - 240-***-****

Salary: $20,000.00 per year

Hours per week: 20

Duties: Prepared surfaces for paint by sanding, removing rust, scale, flakes, chipped paint and other impurities until surface had the desired smoothness, using hand tools, power tools or chemicals; Filled rough, scarred and irregular areas; Shaped and smoothed with hand and power tools, both pneumatic and electric; Shaped contours, built up and leveled surfaces with putty or polyester fillers using both hand and pneumatic tools; Treated bare areas with suitable chemicals prior to priming; Mixed, tinted, toned, blended and flattened gloss of coating so the coating will match the existing surface and have a good texture, thickness and decorative finish; Added additives and agents to the material and carriers such as aliphatic and aromatic solvents and dryers, ethyl benzene, and toluene; Measured, mixed and applied various chemicals such as acid primers, lead base primers, polyester paints and primers, acid paints, Teflon coating, neoprene coating, etc. By means of dipping, spraying, brushing or other methods; Applied decals, symbols, registration marking and color codes. Assisted other employees in the preparation for painting and painting of various types of equipment and component parts.

Greenleaf Home Improvement (05/05/1997 - 06/20/2009) - Contractor

Upper Marlboro, Maryland United States

Supervisor: Self-employed

Salary: $10,000.00 per year

Hours per week: 25

Duties: Performed custodial cleaning that included dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning of offices, corridors, pantries, rest rooms, and conference rooms, removed trash; operated power-driven cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, floor buffers, etc; other duties as required; Solved routine problems by following established custodial practices and procedures; applied proper safety techniques and storage methods of equipment and cleaning products in the completion of daily custodial activities; Completed tasks on time and thoroughly, and responded to emergency custodial needs; Met the physical requirements of the job, that included constant standing and walking; frequent bending at the waist, twisting, pushing/pulling, and occasional kneeling; lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds.

Construction projects included repair and installation of doors, hinges, locksets, handles and frames; Installed moldings, cabinets, shelving, paneling, framing; Drywall and drywall repair, paint, plaster and tape; Repaired and installed kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures encompassing sinks, faucets and drain lines, basins, toilets, tubs and shower inserts; Repaired and replaced light fixtures and installed ceiling fans; changed switches and receptacles; Installed wires and cables, opened and closed trenches for electrical wiring and conduit as directed; Installed, repaired, and cleared rain spouts and gutters; Installed decking and windows, framing to final trim work. Grounds maintenance included cutting grass, using walking-type or riding mowers; Trimmed hedges and edged around walks, flower beds, using hedge trimmers, clippers and edging tools; Pruned shrubs and trees to shape and improve growth, used shears and other hand tools; Sprayed lawn, shrubs, and trees with fertilizer; Planted grass, flowers, trees, and shrubs; Watered lawn and shrubs, using hose; Picked up and carted away leaves, paper or other litter; Removed snow from walks, driveways, and parking lots, using snow plow, shovel and snow blower; Used salt on walkways and other areas; Purchased materials and consistently met strict time constraints

Crafters Village (04/01/1999 - 04/27/2007) - Contractor

Upper Marlboro, Maryland United States

Supervisor: Norman Bernard - 301-***-****

Salary: $20.00 per hour

Hours per week: 40

Duties: Performed site checks which included consulting with customers on what was needed for preparing the ground for installation. Performed ground preparation work that included leveling the ground with the use of gravel and soil using hand tamper and sometimes air hammer; dug holes; Loaded and unloaded soil, sod, gravel, supplies, and equipment; built wooden platforms, sheds, gazebos, and garages and play sets on site using pre-fab kits; Used hand drills, skills saw, hammer, nail guns and miter saws; Drove have ton pick-up truck to pick-up materials and tools as needed; Drove 2 and a have ton truck with 24 foot trailer to deliver sheds, gazebos, and garages and play sets to sites and placed them in the areas that the customers requested. Independently removed and installed wooden and chain link fencing; Occasionally replaced poles if there was damage.

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