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Physician Assistant, Master of Public Health

Berkeley, California, United States
March 07, 2011

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Touro University- California Joint MSPAS/MPH Program

Master of Science - Physician Assistant Studies

Master of Science - Public Health Expected April 2011

Pepperdine University

Bachelor of Science - Biological Psychology


Pediatrics Dec-Jan 2010

Farooq Hussayn MD

Sansum Clinic

Lompoc, CA

Responsible for histories, physicals, assessments and treatment plans, well child exams including cognitive and physical development assessment, diagnostic testing and interpretation, pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments, patient education.

Procedures: wart removal, ear lavage, injections, cultures, suture removal, staple removal and nebulizer treatments, spirometry, peak flow meter education

Neurology Oct-Nov 2010

Alan Martin MD, Gary Tunnel MD, Theodore Phillips

Texas Neurology

6301 Gaston Ave

West Tower, #100

Dallas, TX 75214

General Neurology: worked with multiple specialists of neurological degenerative disease managing Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia, ALS, Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain, hereditary and idiopathic polyneuropathy, spinal radiculopathy and various neurological complains, treatment of common psychological morbidities such as depression, anxiety and hallucinations, assist with EMG and lumbar punctures.

Headache Clinic: developed plans for preventative and acute treatment of chronic migraines, pseudotumor cerebri, clusters and tension headaches, counseling on headache triggers, pathology, and lifestyle management

Neuromuscular disorders: testing and management of mitochondrial and metabolic disorders

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Clinic: assisted in monthly clinic for patients with ALS to manage social, psychological, economical and medical aspects of disease, preformed neurological exams and spirometry, helped design treatment plans

Emergency Medicine Sept-Oct 2010

Laurel Hodgson MD, Desmond Carson MD

Connie Amorde PA-C, Thomas Crawford PA-C, Desiree Westfall PA-C

Doctor’s Medical Center-San Pablo

San Pablo, CA

Evaluation and stabilization of patients requiring acute and emergent care across the life span. Assist with cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Procedures: suture placement and removal, abscess drainage, radiographic study interpretation, pelvic/rectal exam, wet mount, wound irrigation, debridement and management, splinting, joint reductions, slit lamp exam, bartholin cyst I&D, derma bond placement, finger stick glucose, foreign body removal

Women’s Health Aug-Sept 2010

Tony Huang MD

Community Action Partnership of Kern

1611 1st Street

Baksersfield, CA 93304

Responsible for histories, physicals, diagnostic test interpretation, assessments and treatment plans, prenatal care including screening, dietary counseling and fetal ultrasound, family planning counseling, STD counseling and treatment, charting, billing and coding

Procedures: IUD insertion/removal, pap smear, wet mount, abdominal ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound, doppler for fetal heart rate, colposcopy, fetal ultrasound, vaginal cultures

*Focus on low socioeconomic patients with primary insurance of medical or county programs

Family Practice I&II May-July 2010

John Morgan MD

Lakewood Medical Center

Prospect Ave

Dallas, TX

Responsible for triage, histories, physical assessments, and treatment plans for acute and chronic disease, educating patients on risk factors and lifestyle modification for chronic disease, ordering and interpreting labs and diagnostic testing for both acute and long term management, billing and coding

Procedures: mole removal, joint injections, suturing, suture removal, wound care/management, wound cultures, rectal/genital/pelvic exams, pap smears, nasal and ear lavage, digital blocking, cryotherapy, venopuncture, skin tag removal, nail removal, chemical cautery

General Surgery Mar-Apr 2010

Bobby Glickman, MD, Phillip Pollido, MD,

Jonathon Chin MD, Summer Seibert MD

3903 Lone Tree Way

Antioch CA 94509

First assist for general, urological, orthopedic and vascular surgeries

Responsible for pre-and-post surgical patients in clinic, rounding on post surgical hospitalized patients, performing history and physicals, treatment, lab review and determining post-op risk reduction strategies

Sutter Lakeside Clinic and Hospital-Internal Medicine Jan-Feb 2006

Harneet Bath, MD

5150 Hill Road East # D

Lakeport, CA 95453

Evaluation, management and education of patients with multiple chronic conditions and medications, recognizing major causes of the morbidity and mortality, understanding the anatomical, physiological, and social changes of aging, evaluating activities of daily living, rural/underserved community focus

Procedures: cryotherapy, joint injections, EKGs, injections

Public Health Jan 2010

Arcos Iris Hospital, La Paz, Bolivia

Assisted in emergency care and ophthalmic examinations

Daily Spanish medical terminology lessons and Bolivian health care system

Professional License/ Certification

National Commission of Certification of Physician Assistants Eligible May 2011

Advanced Cardiac Life Support 2009 - current

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 2009 - current

Professional Experience

Certified personal trainer 2007-2008

Spectrum Athletic Club

Pacific Palisades, CA

Physical Therapy Aide 2004-2007

Malibu Rehabilition Center

Malibu, CA

Research Assistant 2004-2007

Pepperdine University Traumatic Brain Injury Lab

Malibu, CA

Professional Memberships

California Association of Physician Assistants 2009-Current


President of Touro University College of Health Sciences 2008-2009 Poster

Presentation at Public Health Conference March 2008

Pepperdine University Summer Undergraduate Research in Biology Summer 2006

Community Service

Member of H1N1 Community Vaccination Board 2008-2009

Touro University Student Run Health Clinic-Volunteer 2008-Current

“Rock Med”-San Francisco and Bay Area 2008-Current

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