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Medical Engineer

United States
September 01, 2012

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No.****,**rd Main,**th Cross,BSK 2nd Stage,Bangalore - 560070

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Mobile No: 0091-998-***-****

Personal Statement

I have completed Masters Degree in Medical Electronics and Physics from

Queen Mary University of London. I am looking forward to utilise my new

technical skills. My objective is to work in a competitive and merit based

organisation in the area of medical electronics involving medical imaging,

design, maintenance/Servicing and research in ultrasound, MRI, Lasers. I am

an enthusiastic, adaptable and result(s) oriented individual with some

excellent experience in Software engineering field. I believe I am now

ready to take up new challenges in the area of Medical Electronics to add

value to my career.

Key Achievements

Awarded with 'on the spot award' for my outstanding contribution towards

the organization and considered as a role model to other colleagues under

TCS Gems for successful MQ7 installations over 270 applications at work.

Successfully completed one day course 'Biomed Vision' conducted on

Biomedical Engineering during Bachelor's degree.

Work Experience

Currently working as a Biomedical Engineer (Intern) at Sagar Hospitals,


I Worked for Tata Consultancy Services Limited, Bangalore as Assistant

Systems Engineer (ASE) for 20 months.

| |1.General Training period |Dec 2008 - Feb 2009 |

| |2.Websphere Messaging and Queuing(MQ) |Feb 2009 - Aug 2010 |

| |- Change Management Requests - CMR |Feb 2009 - Jan 2010 |

|Project and |- Incident Management Requests - IMR |Feb 2009 - Jan 2010 |

|Duration |- MQ 7 Upgradation |Jan 2010 - Aug 2010 |

| |3. Websphere Message Broker |Mar 2010 - Jun2010 |

| |4. Managed File Transfer |Feb 2009 - Oct 2009 |

| |- Change Management Requests - CMR |Feb 2009 - Oct 2009 |

| | | |

|Client |Ameriprise Financial Corporation, Minneapolis. | |

| |Implementation of changes with respect to the ongoing project| |

| |requirements. | |

| |Online testing with application teams. | |

|Responsibilities |Preparing pre-implementation and post implementation test | |

| |cases. | |

| |I was end to end responsible for successful installations | |

| |over 270 applications. | |

| |Representation of statistics to the client. | |

Educational Qualifications

1. Masters degree in Medical Electronics and Physics Engineering

University name: Queen Mary University of London,

Year: September 2010 - 2011.

Main Modules - Physiology, Analogue Medical Electronics, Radiation physics

and Lasers for medical applications (such as diabetic retinopathy,

glaucoma), Surgical Techniques and Safety, Digital Electronics,

Ultrasound and Imaging, Clinical Measurements, Research Methods and

Experimental Techniques in Engineering and research project.

Class obtained - Merit (64%)

2. Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Medical Electronics

Institution name: Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

Year: AUG-2003 to JULY-2008

Main Modules -Patient Monitoring systems, Medical Physics, Power

electronics, Analog and digital bio-Signal processing, Micro controllers,

Biomedical Instrumentation, Control Systems, Network Analysis, logic

design, Analogue and digital Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, C, C++.

Class obtained - First Class (61.8%). Core modules - 68%

3. Pre University Level (12th)

Institution name: Govt. Pre-university College, Mandya.

Year: Aug 2001 - Sept 2003.

Main Modules - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

Class obtained - First Class (76.5%).

4. 10th Standard - First class (82.7%).

Academic projects

1. Master's Thesis

|Title |Breast cancer classification using wavelets and |

| |neural networks |

|Description |Designing of computer aided diagnosis system which |

| |enables interpretation of medical images in the |

| |detection and diagnosing abnormalities of breast |

| |cancer earlier which can be very useful for the |

| |radiologists and this method is faster. The |

| |intended system is able to classify normal from |

| |abnormal severity (benign and malignant). The |

| |evaluation of the system is carried out on |

| |Mammography Image Analysis Society (MIAS) dataset. |

| |The project involves Matlab programming for feature|

| |extraction, wavelet decomposition and coefficient |

| |extraction which is fed to neural network. The |

| |testing phase of neural network provides |

| |classification rate. |

2. Bachelor's Project

|Title |Digital Temperature Indicator Infant warmer [Open |

| |Bed Type] |

|Description |Neonatal facilities of hospitals require, under |

| |current care standards, the Provision of Infant |

| |warmer will automatically maintain the infant's |

| |environment within acceptable temperature limits. |

| |This necessitates the use of heating elements with |

| |controls which will effectively regulates the heat |

| |delivered to the unit responsible in response to |

| |sensors in the bed which monitors the temperature |

| |in the vicinity and preferably, the actual |

| |temperature of the infant's skin. The features |

| |implemented are bed wetting detector which raises |

| |an alarm when the baby urinates or vomits. Open Bed|

| |Type is thermally stable. The features operate to |

| |provide highly responsive temperature regulation |

| |and enhanced safety. |

Programming Languages Known

MATLAB, LABVIEW, C, C++, OOP concepts, C#, ASP .Net, SQL server, UNIX, XML,

Websphere applications (WMQ, WMB), MQSC.


I play Indian classical instrument, badminton, making new acquaintances

and travelling.


1. Dr. M . Hasan Shaheed

2. Dr. Hazel Screen CEng,MIMechE, MIPEM

Lecturer in Dynamics, Control and Robotics Senior

Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering

School of Engineering and Material Science School

of Engineering & Materials Science

Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London

London E1 4NS

London E1 4NS

Tel: 020 - 7882-3774; Fax: 020 - 8983-1007 Tel:

020 - 7882-3774; Fax: 020 - 7882- 5532



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