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Medical Quality Assurance

coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641025, India
March 10, 2011

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Rajkumar R.

Mobile: (0-989**-*****



To participate as a personnel in a health care team by providing quality transcripts within TAT.


Medical Transcriptionist: Processing online job with editable quality, July 2003 – January 2005

Proofer: Proofing the jobs of the MTs and uploading, July 2005 – August 2006.

Editor: August 2006 to November 2007

Activities as an Editor

1. To edit and proofreading medical transcription (eScription platform) involving reading and listening to the corresponding medical dictation with various dictation styles, accents, and dialects and uploading, August 2006 – November 2007.

2. Recognize, interpret, and evaluate inconsistencies, discrepancies and inaccuracies in medical dictation; appropriately edit, revise and clarify them without altering the meaning of the dictation or changing the dictator's style.

3. Responsible for making changes to grammar, punctuation, format, ensuring consistency, and clarity of meaning, adhering to the AAMT book of Style, or client preference as required.

4. Checking medical terminology, anatomy, and medical reference usage.

5. Should verify patient demographics for accuracy and completeness as per standards listed in the client info.

6. Use electronic references and other resources for research appropriately and efficiently to facilitate 100% accuracy, clarity, and completeness of reports.

Quality Assurance: Pending jobs management (eScription platform). Keeping track of quality by post-auditing the uploaded reports December 2007– till date.

Activities as a QA:

I. Pending list management:

1. Associated with Quality Analyst Team.

2. Clearing of pended jobs for discrepancy in the reports and uploading or pending to the client for verification of the same.

II. TAT Management/Client Relation services:

1. To work on management of file processing within the TAT.

2. To go online with the clients updating the time-to-time requirements of file status.

3.. Adhere to rules governing patient confidentiality at all times. Understand and comply with policies and procedures related to medico-legal matters, including confidentiality of medical records, amendments of medical records, release of information, the patient's rights and hospital and employee liability.

III. Feedback & Updates Handling/Production Team Education:

1. To educate the feedback with the production team members for latest requirement of the client on the format and specifications on the document and having frequent team meetings.

2. Mentor for production members: Provide support to editors regarding doubts/queries raised and solve problems associated with accurate transcription and formatting. Develop methods in order to improve the productivity and accuracy of the editors.

3. Share job-related knowledge and skills to improve performance and incorporate updates from clients. Participate in continuing education activities. Document new and revised terminology, definitions, styles, and application. Update the Production team with the above-gathered information on a periodic basis.

Key skills: Team management.

1. Participate in a positive and cooperative manner in collectively addressing and resolving challenging situations. Handle difficult and sensitive situations tactfully.

2. Assist with training of new employees as needed.

Experience on Specialties: Internal medicine, OB/GYN, Cardiology, Orthopedics & rheumatology, Diabetology and Endocrinology.

Experience on Work types: Clinical resume, Consultation reports, Emergency room reports, Operative reports, Progress notes, Treadmill test reports, Echocardiogram reports. Pacemaker check reports, X-ray reports, pain management reports, audiology reports, rehabilitation reports.

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