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Sales Manager

St Louis, Missouri, 63119, United States
April 17, 2012

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Daniel Matthews


Sales Manager /Business Development Manager / Expansion Manager

Power Generation-Government-Refining-Gas-Wind-Construction-Mining


St. Louis, MO. 63119

Objective: Regional Sales Manager proven to meet or exceed sales objective on a regular basis by using strong

Interpersonal communication, related to industry relationships and organizational skills to achieve goals. As Sales

Manager I have excelled with analyzing prospective market areas related to company’s offer. With secured relationships intact I and the sales team under my control have exceeded sales goals in the several sectors for tool sales, rental of equipment and services.

Qualification Overview:

A senior level executive who is dynamic and resourceful, a consistent top performer for over 10 years as a Regional Sales Manager to Power Plants/Refineries/Mining/Gas/Water. Developing long term relationships within affected industry has allowed partnering with key players, which enabled growth to occur in expanded areas. Established relationships have allowed Clients reaching out and requesting the company I represented to be part of their projects. I have direct knowledge of Power Plants and their operations and processes. I directly along with my sales team are responsible for the sales of high torque equipment and tools related to maintenance, repair and upgrade of Boilers, Feeder Pumps ,Rotating Equipment, High Pressure Piping, Generator Units and Turbines. Provided technical knowledge and consulting related to end users and assist in winning projects.

Work Experience:

Sales Manager –Contractor (2001-2006/ 2010-Present) HYTORC TOOLS– National & Global Accounts

Business Development/ Client Relations/ Business Expansion / Vendor & Rep Management

(Power Plants-Refineries-Steel Plants-Coal & Mining Operations-Water and Wind Turbines)

• Assisted my sales team with identifying market targets

• Knowledge of Equipment and Technical Processes effecting (Energy/Chemical/Mining/Water Treatment/and others)

• Trained and Managed Sales and BP staff in effective communications skills

• Developed affected sectors in the Midwest over a ten year period increasing revenue 13%-20% per year.

• Leveraged direct relationships with design engineering firms to secure sales before the project starts

• Assisted with determining gaps or void in service delivery and operations

• Aware of compliance issues to assist with the sales process

• Worked closely with Contractors and Plant officials to ensure satisfaction

• Delivered increased margins on selective products and equipment

• Secured direct agreements for global distribution.

• Motivated and supported sales teams to exceed company’s goals.

• Book of Business and relationships covering several sectors

• Identifying the seen value of my offer compliance/regulations/down time/efficiency

• Securing and Managing the Right Team, to “Win”

Altus Traffic Management (2006-2010)

United States Regional Manager

Sales/Expansion/Business Development Manager-

• Startup operations in (14) U.S. cities

• Identify and secure management for each location

• Secure Union Agreements in affected areas, and maintain relationships

• Sales of Safety Equipment and Services to affected clients

• Develop relationships with prime accounts and secure contracts for service on clients projects

• Utilizing relationships formed (Construction/Power Generation companies) to secure each branch.

• Starting with zero revenue to first year revenues exceeding 1.3 million

• Penetrate Market area with Marketing and tracking

• Delivery on spoken word related service performed as a standard.

• This process was repeated numerous times related to the startup of each operational branch.

• Turn over Business Development role to each State Operations Manager

• Maintain continuous relationship with Federal and State Officials

• Ensured sales goals were meet by operations managers

• Assisted State branches with workmen compensation issues

• Conducted presentation to prospective clients

• Managed the Emergency Call Outs involving staff from several states

• Manage client concerns and issues

• Straight line of communication with ownership

• Operating under the system of What’s Best For The Company

• Identifying trends in sectors and regions

• Knowledge of( Value) vendors and suppliers

• Awareness of Federal and State projects

Training and Skills:

• Management Methodology

• Goal Direct Project Management

• Business Leadership Training

• Sales Force BD Training

• Team Building & Leadership

• Contractor Approved for Midwest area Power Plants

• Budgeting & Forecasting

• CQC Management Cert

• Contract Negotiations

• Utility Safety

• Construction Safety

• Compliance Issues

• Solution-Sales Coaching

• Computer Proficient

• Public Speaking Events

• Budgeting/Forecasting

• Power Speaking

• P&L


• Federal Standards


University of Missouri (Business Administration)

Northeast Missouri State University (Criminal Justice)

Sterling College-Kansas (Business Management)

References upon request

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