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Software Engineer Manager

Trivandrum, Kerala, 695004, India
August 18, 2012

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Jose Martin

Phone No: 088*******


Experience Summary

I am a Systems Analyst with Allianz Insurance PLC since Dec 2009. Prior to Allianz I was associated with Infosys technologies Ltd for 3 years. My core expertise is in web based Java/J2EE, IBM FileNet P8 3.5, 4.5 technologies and Guidewire ClaimCenter.


Below is a list of important hardware, software products, tools and methods that I have worked with.

OS Languages Tools Server




Windows NT

Windows XP

Windows Vista C, C++, Java

J2EE – Struts


Eclipse, VSS, Toad,

JProbe, GC logs, Rational Performance Tester



Guidewire ClaimCenter, Contact Manager Tomcat 4.x, 5.x

Oracle App Server – OC4j 10.1.2

IBM Websphere



(In chronological order starting from the most recent)

Degree and Date Institute Major and Specialization

B. Tech in Computer Science (2002-2006) SCT College of Engineering Trivandrum. Computer Science

Higher Secondary Education (+2) (2000-2002) St. Joseph’s HSS, Trivandrum Mathematics and Computer Science

I.C.S.E (2000) Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Trivandrum NA


The details of the various assignments that I have handled are listed here, in chronological order.

Project Genesis

Customer Allianz Insurance PLC

Period Jan -2012 to till date

Description and Role Genesis program aims to migrate Allianz UK’s Claims Processing from legacy systems to Guidewire ClaimCenter. Phase 1 is development of an FNOL system which will later hand off the claim to the existing legacy system for Claims handling. The program will complete with the phased replacement of legacy system by ClaimCenter. Development methodology followed is Agile.

My contribution to Genesis is as follows

• Translate Epic stories to User stories and further break them down into tasks with estimates

• Consult with Business Analyst and Business SME’s on user stories to gather requirements and translate the same to user story boards for sign off of requirements from Business SME’s

• Work with Guidewire’s functional and technical product experts for analysis and implementation of user stories

• Develop POC’s for various technical approaches

• Work on data mapping between ClaimCenter and existing legacy systems.

• Identify integration points with legacy systems and other external systems like UK Motor Information Database, Carweb etc

• High level design of Java API layer for integration of ClaimCenter with Enterprise Content Management systems like IBM FileNet

• Integrate Guidewire Accelerators like Auto & Bodily Injury Accelerator for Assessing damage to Automotive and PI

• Involve in high level design of Lines of Business. Mapping from LossType to ExposureType levels of Allianz Claims Business

• Creating gosu classes for various purposes like sample data loading, messaging, web service integration, business rules etc

Solution Environment Windows XP 64bit

Oracle 11g,

Gosu, Jetty, H2 database

jBoss Application Server, jBoss studio

Guidewire ClaimCenter, Contact Manager

Tools SubVersion


Project PUMA Migration

Customer Allianz Insurance PLC

Period Dec-2010 to till date

Description and Role PUMA Migration was a year long project that upgraded Puma from -

IBM FileNet 3.5 to 4.5

IBM WAS 6.1 to 7.0

Email Manager to ICC

Oracle 9i to 11g

Upgrade of Infrastructure from London to Munich

My contribution to PUMA Migration is as follows

• Flatten the new framework to custom fit the Java Subsystems

• Configure WAS 7.0 and bring the server up with all configurations from the previous version. This involves configuring and testing MQ, JDBC connections etc

• Workplace customization

• Daeja Image Viewer installation on WAS servers

• Modified PE and CE API code to be compatible with FileNet 4.5

• Developed batch programs for defaulteventlog table purging

• Configured the pooler application(Framework uses EJB, as workflow cannot call EJB there is custom queue created for this purpose and a custom application called pooler will poll this queue and will do the ejb call and set the fields required by workflow)

• Minimal amount of work on ICC configuring task routes and monitoring the email flow to CE as part of testing

• Minimal amount of changes to workflow to remove certain steps and fields which were not compatible with FileNet 4.5

• Identified various issues as part of testing the application like

- Work items locked by service account while assign/re-assign operation PE API. Raised PMR with IBM and sought resolution for the FileNet bug as a patch

- Fixed BPF bug that caused invalid audit entries when work items was referred. PMR and patch

Solution Environment Red Hat Linux

Oracle 11g,

J2EE – jsf, eJB

IBM Websphere 7.0

IBM FileNet P8 4.5 suite, ICC

Tools Rational Clear case

Toad, RSA


Project PUMA

Customer Allianz Insurance PLC

Period Dec-2009 to Dec-2010

Description and Role PUMA is a work-flow based content management system for Claims Handling implemented using IBM FileNet P8 3.5. It handles around 6000 documents in a day.

My contribution to PUMA is as follows

• Support PUMA production environment

• Responsible for any issues on 12 servers which the system runs

• Track and proactively prevent performance issues

• Ensure scheduling of housekeeping activities for the system

• Act on issues related to workflow, Content Engine objects etc

• Implement changes to facilitate change in business rules

Solution Environment HP UNIX

Oracle 9i,

J2EE – jsf, eJB

IBM Websphere 6.1

IBM FileNet P8 3.5

Tools Rational Clear case

Toad, RSA

Highlights • Transitioned support from UK to India

Project Boeing CASTLE

Customer The Boeing Company

Period Jan-2009 to till date

Description and Role CASTLE application helps Boeing structural engineers to diligently complete their work on AOG (airplane on ground) aircraft. CASTLE serves to a user base of 800 users in total. The application is clustered on 2 parallel OC4j clusters.

My contribution to CASTLE is as follows

• Performance profiling using Rational Performance Tester

• Memory profiling using GC logs and jProbe

• Heap dump analysis to find out potential memory leaks which could lead to OutOfMemory

• Provide analysis on unknown error’s and exception from production logs

• Work on release related CR’s and activites

• Currently heading the Defect prevention stream of CASTLE on the process front

Solution Environment Windows NT, Sun Solaris (production)

Oracle 10G,

J2EE – struts, eJB, hibernate 3.0.5


OC4j 10.1.2

Tools MS-VSS (for source code control)

Toad, Eclipse, jProbe, Rational Performance tester.

Highlights • Near zero defect delivery for release CRs

• Out of Memory analysis and subsequent report well accepted by the customer

• Tracked and closed all the Data Loss pitfalls in CASTLE and emergent block point was on exclusively for this

Project Fleet Support Engineering Visibility Tool (FSEVT)

Customer The Boeing Company

Period December-2007 to December-2008

Description and Role FSEVT is graphical web based monitoring tool for Field Support Engineers and Boeing Managers to track work flow in the Boeing support sites. This is a very critical application this works 24/7 and the screens refresh periodically (2-10 minutes).

• Project Lead role in FSEVT – Managed and mentored an offshore team of 3, Project metrics and milestone reports preparation.

• Technical Lead role in FSEVT – Designed and implemented some of the critical and complex monitoring screens in customer delight. Also worked on the performance improvement of major modules in FSEVT

Solution Environment UNIX, Windows 2000, Windows NT

Oracle 10g,

J2EE – struts


Tomcat 5

Tools MS-VSS (for source code control)

Toad, jProbe, RPT, AWR reports

Highlights • Awarded MVP (Most Valuable Player) in Q2 2008 for the good work in FSEVT

• Brought down memory. CPU and time consumption of Racetrack and Seating Chart considerably and which in turn attracted more users to FSEVT in Boeing

Project eMOD UM – electronic maintenance of operational data User Management System

Customer The Boeing Company

Period Oct-2006 to December-2007

Description and Role eMOD UM was a development venture from scratch which spanned over two phases sequentially. It provided features for maintaining user management work flows like requests and approvals


• Designed and implemented the various phases in the SDLC adhering to Boeing standards providing deliverables for customer approval at every lifecycle stage

• Designed Coded the most complex UT in UM and received customer appreciation

• Played a major role in loosening the performance bottle necks


• Played lead role for a team 6 at offshore

• Was the primary SPOC for onsite/offshore communication

• Developed batch framework for eMOD

• Provided 3 month warranty support directly with onsite

Solution Environment UNIX, Windows 2000

Oracle 10g

J2EE – struts, springs

Tomcat 5

Tools MS-VSS (for source code control)



Highlights • Received customer appreciation through mail for the design I did on the most complex UT in eMOD

• Success of eMOD UM resulted in winning more deals from Boeing in the subsequent quarters

Key Competencies & Skills

My Competency Profile includes the following


Java/J2EE - struts



FileNet P8 Suite

IBM Content Collector

Guidewire ClaimCenter

Guidewire ContactManager

Career Profile

Dates Organization Role

May 2011 – till date Allianz Insurance PLC Systems Analyst

Dec 2009 – May 2011 Allianz Insurance PLC Senior Software Engineer

Oct 2006 – Sep 2009 Infosys Technologies Ltd. Software Engineer

Aug 2006 to Oct 2006 Infosys Technologies Ltd. Software Engineer (Trainee)

Training / Continuing Education Summary

Program or Course Coverage Dates

Foundation Training in Infosys Aug 2006

JProbe Jul 2007

Rational Performance Tester Sep 2007

IBM FileNet 4.5 Certified – BPM, CM, Administrator March 2011

Guidewire ClaimCenter Introduction, Configuration and Integration modules Jan 2012

Personal Details

Date of Birth 14-11-1984

Nationality Indian

Passport Details

Name as on passport Relationship Passport Number Date of Issue Expiry Date Place of Issue

Jose Martin Self F7614193 26/05/2006 25/05/2016 Trivandrum

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