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South San Francisco, California, 94080, United States
September 15, 2011

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Shail Shah

*** ** ****** *****, ***** San Francisco, CA 94080.

• Ph: (806) ***-**** •E-mail:

Career objective: To seek a challenging position as a Manufacturing Associate that will utilize my extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of science and Biotechnology.


Master of Science (M.S) in Biopolymers/Crop Science G.P.A: 3.5/4.0

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. July 2009-June 2011


“Specialization: To synthesize Aerocellulose Aerogels, nanocrystals and cellulosic bio-films from the biopolymer cellulose. Incorporation and impregnation of nanoparticles into biopolymer based fabrication systems. To enable the production of economically and environmentally sustainable biobased materials from cellulosic materials.’’

Bachelor’s in Biotechnology, (B.Tech) G.P.A: 3.8/4.0

Dr. D. Y. Patil University, Mumbai, India July 2005-June 2009

Core Coursework: Molecular Biology, Clinical trials coordination , CRO policies, Clinical trial management Agricultural Biotechnology, Microbial Genetics, Genetics, Advanced Biomathematics, Biostatistics.

Career profile:

2 years experience as a student assistant in plant tissue culture techniques and molecular biology labs including successful defense of a thesis on mycobacterium tuberculosis gene based ABC transporters at Institute for Genomics and Integrative Biology.

1 year certification program in Regulatory affairs and quality control at D.Y. Patil Institute of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, Mumbai, India. The project was on learning policies related to SLRs, MPRs and BPRs in biopharmaceutical industry and in a cGMP environment.

Familiar and capable of developing SOPs, and analyzing/interpreting chemical/biological/genomic data. According to FDA/EMEA regulations and compliance.

Familiarity with technical writing, design of experiment, cell counting and sub culturing.

Technical proficiency:

Clinical Trials: Input and maintain electronic site management systems, e.g. MVR's, Clinrep, Right Track, Onsite and various tracking tools

Regulatory Affairs: Regulatory affairs and IPR;GMP, QA,ISO, FDA, EPA guidelines, CODEX guidelines(Agri food trade),OECD guidelines,Ethical aspects of GM foods.

Biotechnology - AGE & PAGE, Agro bacterium – mediated transformation, Cell Culture, HPLC, DNA Sequencing, Isolation of DNA, Protoplast Isolation & fusion, Protein Isolation and Purification, Restriction Digestion & Ligation, ELISA, Immunoelectrophoresis, Spectrometry,pH,flow cytometry

Molecular biology - RT-PCR, PCR, DNA / RNA extraction, Western / Southern blotting, gel electrophoresis, DNA sequencing and analysis, Oligo/primer-design, site-directed mutagenesis, gene-transfection, , SDS-PAGE, molecular cloning and expression profiling.

Fibers and biopolymers- Scanning Electron Microscopy, Fourier Transform Electron Microscopy, BET Surface area and porosity analysis, Supercritical Drying, Thermo gravimetric Analysis, XRD analysis, Gel Permeation Chromatography.

Computer Skills:

Software- Office (Word,Access,Powerpoint,Excel,Visio,Project,Outlook), Matlab, Sigma Plot, Graph Pad Prism, Calcusyn, Biostatistics, Endnote, Statistica, LIMS, Livelink.

Molecular Visualization Software’s: Swiss Pdbviewer, Emboss, Argus lab chemsketch, Ligandscout, phylogenetics

dbSNP,UCSC genome Browser

Alignment Tools: BLAST, Clustal W, Clustal X

In-depth Knowledge of biological databases NCBI, PDB, Swissprot

Work Experience:

Research Assistant: Texas Tech University, Fiber and Biopolymer Research Institute,

Lubbock, Texas. (May 2010-Aug 2011)

Thesis - Preparation of porous cellulose based biopolymer materials as a basis for the development of a new light ultra porous pure cellulose material called Aerocellulose or Aerogels. Preliminary results showed that Aerogel materials made from cellulose (Aerocellulose) possess very high impact strength, very large surface area, and are lightweight

Graduate Assistant: Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. (Aug 2009 – Dec 2009)

Project - Cloned, sub-cloned, over-expressed, biochemically characterized & performed mutagenesis studies on 3-α hydroxyl steroid dehydrogenase from C.testosteronii.

Gained extensive experience in designing primers, cloning vectors and expression systems.

Research Intern: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi, India; (Jan 2009 – June 2009)

Thesis - Cloning of full length ABC transporter Rv1747, Expression and purification of ABC transporter (soluble domain) Expression and purification of pknF and pknF Km, In vitro kinase assay

Research Intern - Genome Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd, Pune, India. (Jan 2008- Feb 2008)

Project - Performed bacterial culture, plasmid-isolation, restriction- digestion, and molecular diagnosis of HIV proviral DNA in simulated clinical samples using recombinant DNA as the target and virus specific probes, primer design, PCR, real-time PCR.

Quality Control Trainee - Intas Biopharmaceutical Ltd, Ahmedabad, India. (May 2007)

Project - Learning Quality control and Quality Assurance protocols in fermentation biology unit.

Recent achievements and presentations:

Presentations: Poster: “Cellulose Derived Aerogels and Biomaterials” in the Texas Tech University 2011 Annual CERI/ICRC Symposium, Lubbock, Texas, March 2011.Also won second prize and a scholarship for the same at Graduate Research Poster Competition, Texas Tech University, March 2011, Attended the International Cotton Advisory Conference.

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