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MEMS professional

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600083, India
March 25, 2011

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A skilled MEMS professional with years of proven experience in:

• MEMS device fabrication: Semiconductor Process - Photo-lithography, DRIE, PECVD, wet and dry etching procedure, evaporation/sputtering , WLCSP and hermetic sealing, solder bumping (Lead/Lead free), flip chip assembly and packaging, and Silicon / Polymer (SU-8/SU-8 nano-composite) based micro-fabrication.

• Experienced in performing failure analysis, reliability testing and system qualification (Qual Engineering) for the MEMS based devices.

• MEMS Tribology Testing: Development of Silicon based MEMS tribometer, characterization and testing of nano-lubrication methodology and device performance - MEMS device was designed and fabricated in-house.

• MEMS design, modelling and simulation with ANSYS 10.0 & 11.0, COVENTORWARE and INTELLISUITE.

• MEMS product engineering/management



1. " Multi-Axial Sensor for Determining Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration of A Linear or Angular Movement” publication no: WO/2009/013666 published on 29.01.2009

2. Comprehensive High Aspect- ratio Micro-structure fabrication Procedure using SU-8/nano-composite polymers (CHAMPS) Application No.: 61/390,222, Filed October 6, 2010.



1. Electrostatically driven Resonator with Improved Temperature Stability – DTIP’06, Stresa, Italy.


1. Fabrication of Silicon Carriers with TSV Electrical Interconnections and Embedded Thermal Solutions for High Power 3-D Package – published on IEEE Trans. on Components & Packaging technologies.


• ST Microelectronics Asia Pacific Limited Sep 10 – present

Product Engineer – Microfludics Division (Computer & Communication Infrastructure Products Group)

Applying MEMS process and device knowledge to improve product performance and quality for fluidics integration on product to facilitate new product development projects between a customer and the manufacturing organization and to establish a production line meeting customer needs.

• New product development / introduction – developing/improving process/process flow with existing capacity of the production team for products related to microfludics.

• Interaction with customers to understand their requirement and liaise with in-house production capability.

• Defining and establishing product specs for microfluidic products.

• Setting up parameters for the fab for the production of new products.

• Performing quality management tool to improve product quality and deliverables.

• Supporting production through learning cycles, qualification and ramp-ups.

• National University of Singapore Dec 08 - Sep 10

Research Engineer – Material Science (NRF-CRP) group, Mechanical engineering

Worked on Nano-lubrication for MEMS, NEMS and Micro-mechanical devices in three phases; Lab-level testing , device-level real-time study and application specific testing.

• Investigate tribological solutions to develop nano-lubrication methodology

• Evaluating nano-level lubrication methodologies for effective performance of device developed with SU-8.

• Developing novel micro-fabrication for simple and cost-effective micro-machining Su8 based MEMS devices.

• Design and simulation of a novel MEMS device ( MEMS based tribometer) though ANSYS 11.0 and Mask Layout prepared with Tanner L-edit

• Hands on experience in cleanroom equipments; RIE (Oxford Plasmalab 80plus) PECVD (Unaxis - Nextral ND200), Mask Aligner (SUSS MicroTec - MA8/BA6), E-Beam Evaporation system ( Edward - Auto 306), DRIE/ICP (Oxford - Plasmalab ICP 180), Rapid Thermal Processing System (Jipelec), Wire bonder - (Kulicke & Soffa - 4524 AD), Dicing system (Disco - DAD321) for Process and process flow development - micro-facrication.

• Hands on experience in metrology tools; Optical Profiler ( VEECO - DMEMS), Nano-scratch tester / Nano-tribometer (CSM), SEM/FESEM ( Joel / Oxford instruments) for characterizing tribological properties of materials at the micro scale.

• Nanyang Technological University Sep 08 - Nov 08

Research Associate – NTU-RRC (BMERC).

Worked on Non-vision Robotic Sensors for Real-time non-invasion sensory feedback during minimally-invasive surgery under the Bio-mechatronics group (BMERC) in the Robotic Research Centre (RRC).

• Design and development of MEMS based tactile sensors for advanced surgical system to improve on the Haptics feedback system.

• Nanyang Technological University Feb 07 - Feb 08

Research Associate – NTU-IME collaboration project - funded by DARPA, USA..

Involved in providing an Integrated liquid cooling solution for 3D silicon stacked module.

Process development and definition which includes the hands on experience in:

• Wafer level packaging – Developing a hermetic sealing solution for the micro fluidic carrier with Au-Sn eutectic bonding.

• 3D Stacking- Placing a carrier over a carrier interconnected with an interposer for fluidic and electrical connection between the two levels of fluidic carriers.

• Hands on experience in cleanroom equipments; PECVD /RIE (Plasma-Therm 790 Series), Track Spin Coater (SVG Series 90), Photo lithography (Proximity aligner-EVG 640), Sputtering system (Balzer-LLS502), Potentiostat based electroplating, PR electroplating (RENA-EPM-010-R) and Wafer bonder (EVG 520)

• Failure analysis which includes cross-sectional analysis, SEM EDX, CSAM and Die shear and ball shear testing procedures.

• Acquired knowledge with respect to assembly process – dicing, solder screen printing, and ball placement, pick and place Flip chip assembly. Hands on experience in handling assembly process related equipments such as Dicing (DAD 651 and upgraded to DFD 6361), Pick and place (SRT), manual solder printing and solder ball placement using mechanical jig and solder reflow oven (SSA70).

• Philips Semiconductor , France Oct 05 – Jun 06

Stagiaire – MEMS research Engineer, CTO/ Process and library technology – sbSIP Global

A design of MEMS resonator for replacing the quartz crystal oscillator was proposed. The resonance to be achieved was at 32.768 KHz with improved stability towards thermal variation. The proposed topic was presented as conference paper at DTIP’06, Stresa, Italy

• Mechanical analysis and characteristics of resonator in Ansys 10.

• Fabricating microstructure on SOI wafer

• Characterization and testing the component through On-Wafer Dynamic measurement by optical actuation.

• Optimization for required results through simulation.

Responsible for developing a comprehensive process for integrating MEMS device with PiCS process ( Patented fabrication process by Philips Semiconductor now, NXP).

• Hindustan Motors Limited – Chennai Car Plant, India. Dec 03 – Nov 04

Vendor Development Engineer, Materials Department.

The position focuses primarily on procurement – scheduling, purchasing and close monitoring of high value items based on production plan and inventory control. Other functional areas are included below:

• Logistics Management – Co-ordination with logistic transporters for time management.

• Management activities related to material resources (logistics, supply chain, scheduling, inventory control ), man-power (sub-contracting, hiring casual labour)

• Interdepartmental co-ordination for smoother operation and better performance.

• Performing the role of a window person to bridge the supplier and the company.


• M.Sc (MEMS Engineering), 2005 - 2006.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore in collaboration with École Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Électronique et Électrotechnique (ESIEE), France.

• B.Eng (Mechanical Engineering), University of Madras, India 1999 - 2003.


• Electrostatically driven resonator working at 10.2 MHz, at ESIEE, Paris.

• Design of a MEMS based Bio-chip for DNA separation, at NTU, Singapore

• Reduction of Effort on Accelerator Pedal, under Corporate Quality Engineering department, Ashok Leyland Ltd., India.


• Mechanical Software : Auto Cad, Pro Engineer, Solidworks, Ansys.

• MEMS Software : Cadence, Coventorware, Intellisuite, Tanner L-edit.

Giridhar Archit

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