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Project Design

United States
April 05, 2012

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(Permanent Resident)

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A Ph.D. candidate, seeking full-time opportunity where my knowledge of microcontroller design, sensor design, FPGA/ASIC design and digital/analog circuit design will be of value.


Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering June, 2012

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI GPA: 3.68/4.0

Concentration in chemical and biomedical sensor development

M.S. in Electrical Engineering July 2007

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI GPA: 3.5/4.0

M.S. in Electronic Engineering

I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Jun 2004

Thesis: Design of 16-bit Current-Mode Digital to Analog Converter GPA: 4.0/4.0


• Excellent experience in embedded programming.

• Excellent experience in ASIC/CPLD/FPGA implementation of systems using VHDL and Verilog

• Extensive experience in VLSI design and MEMS design.

• Experience in design of real-time system (μC/OS-II kernel) and CAN.

• Intensive experience and knowledge in developing acoustic wave sensors and MEMS sensors.

• Technical skills including:

o Microcontroller/Microprocessor:

MC68HC12 MCU, Intel 8051, CoolRunner XPLA3 CPLD.

o Software:

CoventorWareTM, COMSOLTM, ANSYSTM, Mentor GraphsTM, CadenceTM, XilinxTM, MATLABTM, Visual Basic, LabViewTM.

o Programming Language:

Assembly, C, VHDL, Verilog, SPICE


Teaching Assistant, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI Sep 2007 –Present

• Digital Logic Lab: Instructed and guided students in learning digital logic components, designing physical logic circuits and programming a CPLD using VHDL with Xilinx software.

• Intro Microprocessors Lab: Instructed and leading students in programming a MC68HC12 microcontroller in both assembly and C code, troubleshooting circuits, and control theory.

• Microcontroller Applications Lab: Instructed and assisted graduate and senior students in design of embedded system and hardware interface. Guided and assisted students in completing their projects such as ultrasonic sensing system and conveyor belt system.

System/Network Administrator, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo,MI Aug 2006- July 2007

• Supported entire software network for CIS department.

• Administered and maintained servers, including SQL Server, Visual Studio Server and Grade Plan Server.


Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

Research Project

• Automotive Clutch System: Designed and built an automotive clutch system based on an embedded microcontroller (Freescale 68HC12). The microcontroller was programmed to provide a signal to engage or disengage an electromagnetic clutch. The real-time interrupt function was used to measure the rotation speed of the flywheel and engine. The hardware interface was built to display the flywheel and engine speeds.

• 3D Localization System: Designed of a passive wireless SAW correlator for three-dimensional localization sensing applications. This project was funded by ADMOTECH Inc. The correlator was designed to receive and respond a 31-bit Barker Code sequence in 915 MHz range. The interrogation system provided by ADMOTECH Inc was used to test the performance of SAW sensors.

• Biosensor: Developed high sensitive biosensors based on Acoustic Wave Technology. The sensors were designed and analyzed using FEA method in both CoventorWare and COMSOL platforms. The sensing characteristic of the sensor was investigated by measuring various concentrations of antibody. The tools such as network analyzer and LCR meter were used in this project to characterize the performance of sensors.

• Chemical Sensor: Developed a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) sensor for detecting the hydrogen gas. A one-dimensional numerical model was built to predict the performance of the sensor. The sensing characteristic of the fabricated sensor was investigated by detecting various concentration of hydrogen gas. The tools such as network analyzer and LCR meter were used to characterize the performance of sensors.

Course Project

• Ultrasonic Sensing System: Developed an ultrasonic sensing system using a microcontroller. A LCD displayer was used to display the distance which was measured by ultrasonic device. The C and assembly languages were used in this project to design, implement and debug the firmware. The hardware interfaces such as LCD display module and driving circuit was tested and debugged using a digital analyzer, oscilloscope and multimeter.

• Microprocessor Design: Developed a VME_Bus and SDRAM memory block along with it controller. The project was based upon VHDL programming and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). The software Xilinx ISE platform was used to in this project.

• MEMS sensors: Designed, fabricated and tested a two-dimensional gyroscope/accelerometer and EDNMOS readout circuitries. The sensors and readout circuitries were designed using CoventorWare and MentorGraphs, respectively. The performance of sensors and readout circuitries were investigated through a LCR meter, an oscilloscope, a source meter and a network analyzer.

I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Research Project

• Digital/Analog Convertor: Developed a current mode digital to analog converter using CMOS fabrication process. The circuit was designed and simulated using HSPICE simulator and the physical layout was completed in Cadence platform.

• OLED Driver: Designed a Passive-Matrix driver for OLED (Organic LED) device. Participated with lab team for fabricating OLED devices.


• President of Taiwanese Student Association at Western Michigan University


• Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)

• Member of Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical and Computer Engineering Honor Society)


Journal Publications

1. C. J. Cheng C. T. Feng, M. Z. Atashbar, W. Wlodarsk and K. Kalantar-zadeh, “Guided SH-SAW Sensing System for Liquid Viscosity Sensing Applications”, Sens. Lett., vol. 9, pp. 605-608, April 2011

2. M.Z. Atashbar, A.Z. Sadekb,W. Wlodarski, S. Sriramb, M. Bhaskaran, C.J. Cheng, R.B. Kaner, and K. Kalantar-zadeh, “Layered SAW gas sensor based on CSA synthesized polyaniline nanofiber on AlN on 64 YX LiNbO3 for H2 sensing” Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, vol38, pp. 85-89, January 2009.

Selected Conference Publications

1. C. T. Feng, C. J. Cheng and M. Z. Atashbar, “PMMA/64 YX-LiNbO3 Guided SH-SAW Based Immunosensing System,” Sensors, 2011 IEEE, pp. 308-311, Oct. 2011

2. C. J. Cheng, M. Z. Atashbar, “The Analysis of IgG-Protein A Binding Effect by Quartz Crystal Microbalance Biosensor,” Sensors, 2010 IEEE, pp.228-231, Oct. 2010

3. C. J. Cheng and M. Z. Atashbar “Three Dimensional Finite Element Modeling and Simulation of Quasi-shear Mode Resonator based on c-axis- titled ZnO Film” Sensors, 2009 IEEE, pp. 1072 – 1076, Oct. 2009

4. C. J. Cheng and M. Z. Atashbar “Finite element simulation of SMFBAR based sensor”, IEEE International conference on Information Technology (EIT'09), pp. 190-195, June. 2009

5. C. J. Cheng and M. Z. Atashbar, “Finite element simulation of film bulk acoustic resonator based sensor,” APCOT 2008, Tainan, Taiwan, p. 1S08, Jun 2008.

6. C. Y. Chen C. J. Cheng and C. C. Yu, “Design of current-mode digital-to-analog converter in hybrid architecture,” IEEE-NEWCAS Conference, pp. 231-234, June. 2005

7. C.J. Cheng C.W. Wang and C.L. Chen, “A passive-matrix circuit design for driving organic light emitting display with 8 16 pixels, ” Electron Devices and Materials Symposia, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, pp. 354-357, Dec. 2001

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