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Build Release Tools Configuration Managment Engineer

San Jose, California, 95131, United States
June 28, 2009

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Greg Floyd 408/***-****

OBJECTIVE: Contribute talent in Configuration Management, Build, Release, and Deployment. Automation and Tools.

* Passionate Partner with Engineering. Diverse skills. Integrate heterogeneous systems. Support business critical services.

* Experienced in many Business Sectors. Collaborate with sites all over Europe, Asia, and South Asia. Automation and process improvement.

ROLES: Build Release Engineer. Software Engineer. Systems Administrator. Test Engineer. Contract or Permanent.



VMware ESX. Equal technical strength in Unix, Linux, and Windows. Rational UCM and Multisite.

Build, Release, &Configuration:

ClearCase, Perforce, Subversion, PVCS, Source Safe, CVS, Synergy / Continuus

ANT, makefiles, Rational ClearQuest and ClearDDTS. XML, Maven, Installshield 6, Bamboo.


Perl, Korn Shell, C++, Python, Java, Intel x86 and 6502 assembler, Pascal, Smalltalk,

Eclipse, MS Development Studio, CygWin, Lint, Profilers, Quantify GNU gcc, various cross-compilers



Telelogic DOORs and Rational RequisitePro. UML Modeling: Rational Rose. Wiki: Jira, Moin Moin, Tiki.

OptiPerl, Purify, Soft-Ice, SCSI analyzer, BoundsChecker, MS Test, Logic Analyzer, CPU simulation, and CPU Emulator.

Tools Engineer Confidential Security Client Newark (09Feb - Current. Contract)

Delivered tool using Object Oriented Perl API to automatically transition Emergency Fixes.

Report Generation tool developed in Perl, Korn Shell, and cron. Object size attributes added to source code repositories.

Symyx Software (Acquired Elsevier Molecular Design) Discovery, Analysis, and Synthesis Software (2.5 years. Perm. 09Jan)

* Build Systems: Wrote email based build server. Wrote code to tie 7 flat build database files into 1 common CSV file. Wrote build log scraper. Wrote ClearQuest database dump for debugging hooks and improved system backup.

* Build Systems: Maintain and extend Perl/ClearCase/ClearQuest/Perforce Bridge system. Migrating some builds to Python/Perforce/Ant system. Multi-platform. Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

* VMware ESX: Wrote automation to start, stop, and dump VM info. Developed efficient process to install network clones.

* ClearCase: Authored Multisite scripts for mastership and packet reporting and fixing. Log monitor tool. Multi-platform. Dynamic and Static. NAS hosted. Global migration to v7. Triggers. 500+ VOBs replicated between England, Germany, Russia, and US sites. Enterprise installer sitepreps and support of Eclipse Remote Client, Web, and Thick access.

* ClearQuest: Maintained, mentored and supported. System supported IT Dept., Engineering Dept., and Build. Conducted Global migration to v7. Migrated to a clustered host. Most prolific Wiki author.

* Perforce: Administrator after the first layoff. Split meta-data and data to different resources. Guided asset migration into P4.

* Process: Branching strategies. Wrote Use Cases to aid in the Corporate Merger of 3 software teams (Traditional & Agile).

* Infrastructure: Engineering Liaison for Migration to MS Active Directory, NAS, and California Software Engineering.

* Release Process: Wrote MD5 fingerprint code. Download center. Database and all Product Releases. Media robot.

* Third Party Content: Control material inside ClearCase and Perforce. License and Legal Dept. standards. Organization and consistency. Reports generated on usage and dependency. Hooking into the build systems.

* Version Control: Scripts to prepare, legitimize, and automate build importation into Perforce and ClearCase.

Boeing Long Beach and Verisign (1.7years. Contracts. 06Aug)

* Boeing ClearCase Administrator and Build Engineer Contractor. Multisite used to bridge legacy system and the newest production system developers work on. SEI CMM Level 5 organization. LEAN. Segue 4Test Scripts.

* Build Engineer for 25,000 file Avionics Integration Support Facility simulation codebase.

* Tools Engineer. Wrote tools and fixed existing tools for the CM and Developer functions

* Verisign engagement as a CM and Business Process Consultant. Hosted video, audio, and Mobile Phones.

* Recommendations for engineering practices. Included Sales, Marketing, offshore development effort.

* Worked with the Configuration Management team on a variety of improvements, including better branching within Perforce and codebase reorganization. On team that introduced Maven tool as advanced replacement for the existing ANT.

* Yoriwa Search Engine Startup. Wrote product build system for Subversion and Visual Studio.

Hyperion Solutions (Acquired Brio Software) Business Intelligence & Performance Management. (3 years. Perm. 04Oct)

* Corporate ClearCase Administrator. Unified Change Management (UCM) and Base ClearCase. Network Appliance NAS.

* Collaborated on the J2EE Build System used to construct the Performance Suite product. Several code bases residing in different repositories and sites. Hundreds of millions in product revenue. Build deployed into test Application Server.

* Wrote tools for reporting, triggering, and guiding our Software Configuration Management Process.

* Automated Product Testing ranging from build, installation, instrumentation, timing and memory leaks.

* Introduced the application of VMware, Agitar, and global Multisite synch reorganizations strategy.

EXPERIENCE HIGHLIGHTS (Before 2001. By sector)

Semiconductor Sector

Applied Materials Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment. 3/4 year

* ClearCase Administrator. Product Build System. Support Engineers with Parallel Development needs.

* Triggers, VOB Backup, Move, Re-format, Split. Detect/Fix "Evil Twins". Filed IBM product improvement requests.

KLA-Tencor Semiconductor Test Equipment. : ClearCase and PVCS Administrator. Wrote Product Build Systems.

Software Sector

NetManage Consumer software including TCP/IP, NFS, Personal Information Management 1.5 years

* Scripting and Execution of Product Builds. PVCS Administrator. Release and Customer Media Generation.

CAD Solutions Software Multi-platform Electronic Design Automation (EDA) system. 1 year

* Wrote translator that converts board designs into database format of the product under development

* Created application to manage debug messages including multiple filters using Boolean expressions.

* Constructed the comprehensive build, test, and release system that coordinated a growing development team. PVCS, MS Test, scripts, and custom code used.

Mobile and Telecommunication Sector

Motorola Cellular Phone Research and Development

* ClearCase Administrator. Multisite, Merging, Builds of the Real-Time OS. Tool Writing. Unix System Administrator.

Globalstar Mobile Phone. Worldwide Satellite Mobil Service. 2 years

* ClearCase Configuration Manager. Branching and Merging Support. License Pooling, Product Evaluation.

* Tools Engineer and Systems Administrator.

Networking and Embedded Sector

Cisco Networking Equipment : Wrote ClearCase library functions and scripts in Perl

Network Computing Devices : Builds using Unix and CVS. Documented and Consolidated 100 product build variations.

Flashpoint Digital Camera Operating System : CVS Administrator. Firmware builds on VxWorks.

Financial Sector

Household Credit Services Credit Cards and Loans : Led SCM Project for 20+ Unix and Novell servers.

Charles Schwab Inc. World's largest Online Bank and Stockbroker. 1.25 years

* Wrote ClearCase library functions for use in product build scripts and developer tool wrappers.

* ClearCase, PVCS, Perl, Windows, Unix, and Korn shell used to produce Web-based software products on aggressive release cycle. Triggers, reporting, and system administration of SCM tools.

* Builds and Configuration Management. J2EE Application Server built with ANT.

Computer Systems, Devices, and Peripherals Sector

Momenta Corporation Pen-based computer system. Momenta-OS and Applications. 2.5 years

* Developed the digitizer calibration application for end-user pen input subsystem.

* Employed x86 assembler to bring DOS services into Smalltalk methods.

* Produced a diagnostic to screen out defective digitizer systems using the C language

* Created bug tracking system using C and Korn shell. Included corporate email integration.

* Automated product builds with Polymake, PVCS, and scripting tools. Smalltalk Configuration Management using Envy

* Constructed Smalltalk and script programs to verify throughput and data -integrity of third party peripherals.

Zenith Data Systems Microcomputer systems: Windows/Unix, Multi-processor, AT/EISA. 2.25 years

* Developed modem test suite for high-volume manufacturing of laptops. Interrupt-driven programs written in C.

* Employed x86 assembler to validate external keypads for laptops

* Constructed monitor program that tracked program execution by chaining ahead of OS system calls

* Authored pneumatic control application for laptop computer keyboard testing. Replaced manual production methods.

Computer Systems, Devices, and Storage Sector

Row International Embedded Systems: Coin sorters, vending machines, juke boxes

* Cross-developed firmware in C for embedded microprocessor control of commercial coin sorter

* Debugging with 6502 assembly language output. Identified and submitted cross-compiler bugs to vendors.

* Created utility to document variables used in the product source trees

Quantum Corporation Data Storage: Value added products division

* Designed, coded, and supported design verification, design maturity, and vendor qualification software

* Enhanced the functionality of a C language diagnostic for SCSI drives. Test software using PVCS


B.S. Physics, Minor Mathematics. Louisiana Polytechnic University and LSU Baton Rouge

Electrical Engineering post-graduate studies. LSU Baton Rouge. Internship at Communications Research Group.

Post-graduate: Perforce, C++ Language, Rational Build Forge, UML and Rose Modeling, ISO 9000 Training & Audit, Software Testing, Windows Programming, DOORS Requirements Management.

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