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local cdl class A in Houston wanted

houston, TX, 77057
September 05, 2008

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Yerlan Jirembayev

P.O Box *****

Houston, TX ****7


Objective: An interesting position with oil/gas based industry, which utilizes my organizational & project management skills

Experience: Greenland Co. Almaty, Kazakhstan

Project Engineer 02/1994 to 09/1997

• Directed, coordinated and exercised functional authority for planning, organization, control and completion of housing residential project.

• Wrote, designed and produced project blueprints

• Was instrumental in laser level, nivelir, soil test equipment & land surveying

• Assigned project personnel to specific aspects of project.

• Trained and managed 8 employees to achieve significant improvements in their productivity.

• Aspects included product design, preparation of specifications, technical plans and product testing.

• Reviewed product design for compliance with engineering principles and company standards.

• Supervised and managed staff of 8 employees

• Evaluated and approved design changes, specifications and drawing releases.

• Controlled expenditures within limitations of project budget.

• Prepared interim and completion project reports.

Navy Academy Baku, Azerbadzhan

Navigator 05/1993 to 01/1994

• Located position and directed course of ship using navigational aids, such as charts, maps, sextants and slide rules.

• Assisted ship captain in developing route maps

• Established position of ship by use of navigation instruments and charts, celestial observation and dead reckoning.

• Wrote, designed and produced route maps

• Directed deviations from course required by weather conditions, such as wind drifts and forecasted atmospheric changes.

• Utilized navigation aids, such as radio beams and beacons, when available.

• Kept daily logs.

Petroleum-Oil College Uhta, Russia

Petroleum Engineer 08/1994 – 06/1997

• Directed activities concerned with exploratory drilling, drilling oil wells and producing oil and gas from wells within one or more oil fields.

• Planned erection of drilling rigs, installation and maintenance of equipment, such as pumping units and compressor stations.

• Directed technical processes, such as treatment of oil and gas to reduce moisture and sediment content, mud analysis, well logging and formation testing.

• Opened valves and started pumps to transfer oil into settling tanks where sediment was precipitated from oil.

• Explored and charted the stratigraphic arrangement and structure of the earth in order to locate gas and oil deposits (basic knowledge).

• Inspected steel tubing, casing, drill pipe and other tubular oil well equipment for defects, using magnetic and optical inspection equipment (basic knowledge).

• Drafted plans and drawings for the layout, construction, operation of oil fields, refineries and pipeline systems (basic knowledge).

• Developed maps used to represent geological stratigraphy and the locations of oil and gas deposits (basic knowledge).

• Prepared maps of pipeline systems, oil and gas locations using field survey notes and aerial photographs (basic knowledge).

Navigator 08/1991 -06/1994

Petroleum-Oil College Uhta, Russia

Petroleum Engineer 08/1994 – 06/1997

The School of Architecture Almaty, Kazakhstan

Project Manager 09/1997 - 06/2000

Small Business Entrepreneurship Center Almaty, Kazakhstan

Sales Manager 09/2000 - 06/2003

University of Houston Houston, Texas

English Language Institute Graduate 01/2006 -05/2006

Skills: Microsoft Office, Video/Audio Design software; technical/electrical skills, communication, leadership & project management skills. Keep CDL class A. Vehicle driving experience – 14 years (no tickets).

Global Profile: Legal Permanent Resident Status, U.S. Authorization Work Permit; Fluent in Russian (a native language), intermediate in Japanese, proficient in English; extensive travel through Central & Middle Asia

References: Available upon request

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