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Assistant Technician

Magnolia, TX
August 15, 2012

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Jennifer Ann Murrell

***** ******* **** **.

Magnolia, TX 77355


August 2012



Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Master’s Degree in Entomology - December 2005

Bachelor of Science in Entomology – May 2002

Laboratory experience

• Proficient at PCR and real time PCR

• Cloned mosquito DNA using bacterial plasmids and then prepared the DNA for sequencing in order to confirm species identification

• Experience creating cDNA

• Preformed over 100 gel electrophoresis’

• Knowledge and experience with working in the sterile laboratory environment need for cell culture

• Created laboratory protocols, including those for growing cell cultures of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, purify cells from blood, PCR’s, and DNA cloning

• Highly accomplished at insect identification and insect curation

• Experience with gas chromatography and spectrophotometer

• Wrote and edited research articles and submitted them for approval

Work Experience

Home Land Security, US Customs and Border Protection, Houston, TX

Agriculture Specialist, August 2006 - Present

• Inspect and regulate international cargo of agriculture importance

• Identify insects and other agriculture pests

• Train new employees

• Create and maintain spread sheets of statistical data

Texas A&M University, Large Animal Clinical Sciences, College Station, TX

Technician I, January 2006 - August 2006

• Performed research studies on horse neutrophils and macrophages in order to help develop a prevention tactic for Rhodococcus equi

• Developed lab protocols

• Grew cell cultures of peripheral blood mononuclear cells

• Ran real time PCR and analyzed data for cell stimulation.

Texas A&M University, Entomology Department, College Station, TX

Research and Teaching Assistant, September 2002 – December 2005

• Identified Hymenopterous specimens to family and curated the specimens in the Encyrtidae family.

• Took pictures of parasitic wasps using Axio-Visison and Auto-Montage software

• Created figures for scientific publications using Adobe Illustrator

• Taught the laboratory portion of Veterinary Entomology, Insect Ecology, Insect Systematics, and Evolution of Insect Structure

• Assisted in teaching Insect Biotechnology

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