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Manager, HSE

Summerside, PE, Canada C1N4J8, Canada
May 29, 2010

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Resume *** offshore

Douglas Cameron

** ********** ***** ****

Summerside, PE

C1N 4J8, Canada


** ***** ** ********** *********:

* ******* ********* @ UWO ( University of Western Ontario; Kenyatta University

2 MD @ UWO

3 fellowship internal medicine health and safety related degree @ McGill University;

4 Teaching Fellow @ Kenyatta University ( in Nairobi, Kenya

5 Advanced MEDIC Calgary Remote Medical Nov '06 My safety tickets include:



H2S Alive

Transportation Endorsement

Due Diligence

Class 5 Driver's License

Totally Clean driver's Abstract Off Highway Driving

trained & licensed US DOT to take & screen urine collections

trained & licensed US DOT to to calibrate & use the Phoenix 6 breathalyser

Ground Disturbance

Confide Spaces

Bear Aware & Avoidance

Basic Safety Orientation

Hazard Awareness Oilfield

Defensive driver


6 CHSEP (Certificate of Health & Safety & Environmental Processes), 2009, University of Fredericton

7 A member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering & the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety

8 I became a part of the Humpty Dumpty syndrome (for medical people like me) such that, after the accident ( Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall), all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty back together again and so ...

9 while my previous work (as a doctor) had me declaring the dead, dead & patching up the less severely wounded (see the list of disasters to follow), I have now come about - I can now see that my efforts would be better used if I prevented the injuries before they occurred. Having said that prevention is a good idea; at some remote spot, at some ungodly time & with some terrible medical problem - having someone with my training & abilities around could be very useful!

10 I am studying to write the CRSP exams later this year.

Work history:

1 '76 - '96 - came to a small PEI community as the only medical specialist in pop of 40,000 & despite jobs in an office/hospital, I taught

2 I ran the ICU myself for ~ 20 years;

3 Dealt with > 100 patients a week - I was able to productively get along with more than 100 doctors and many thousands of patients (mostly).

4 I had many responsible jobs in hospitals - in charge of the medical ward, rehab ward, psychiatric ward, ICU & X-ray department - all of them mostly all of the time over a period of 15 years. I am said to be ambitious, a self starter, with a strong work ethic & a team player with the ability to communicate.

5 I have been mostly management (only specialist for pop of 40,000; positions in the hospital (see # 4); Chief of medicine/ICU;owner/operator, boss etc.) and as such, I responsible for developing workplace safety initiatives and conducting training and site inspections

6 I was always the lead for all the audits – correctly done both in the hospital and for HSE work

7 1984 – 2006 Spent ¼ of my time on Workers Compensation cases. There are > 25 large filing cabinets chock-a-block full with my finished reports on my finished investigations many are Workers Compensation and many are audited &

8 from 1981 to 1989 I started & operated 2 ambulance/safety companies - Royal Ambulance and manufactured & sold ambulances & gear for ambulances and emergency rooms through Imperial Ambulance Outfitters both in Summerside PE.

9 I was the first

9.1 in our smaller community (the Province of Prince Edward Island – 140,000 pop) to successfully arranged for bone marrow transplants for acute & chronic myelogenous leukaemia and to give thrombolytic treatment for acute myocardial infarctions (heart attacks) and

9.2 in our larger part of Canada (Maritime Provinces – 2,000,000 pop) to do home peritoneal dialysis for chronic renal failure and the insertion of a phrenic nerve pacemaker for respiratory failure caused by high spinal cord damage.

10 Employed from Feb 2004 – Jan 2010 in Northern Alberta:

10.1 Three quarters of the time in the field with a Mobile Treatment Center and on job sites as paramedic/hse and activities which included; surveying ; seismic; drill rigs; pipeline work; construction of buildings – part of process plants, stand alone and over some of the well heads; plants that process the outflow of the wells (SAGD) several areas of sour gas (hydrogen sulfide environment); sick bays with daily (~25/day)

10.2 One quarter of the time in offices doing bylaws & algorithms for ambulance & safety companies Workplace Health & Safety Code & Regulations; teaching & training of ambulance-crew & general public & doing health records; doing drug tests (urine test and breathalyser [trained & licensed by US DOT]) & work with safety officers in the various camps

10.3 Employers: Wapose Medical Services; KB JODAN Inc.; Seismed; Medic Plus (see references)Places: Fort McMurray, Lac La Biche, Fox Creek, Conklin & Grande Prairie all in Alberta & Fort Nelson/British Columbia Trained 6 months and worked 6 months on the off shore – Nova Scotia; an internship & residency at McGill University (Montreal) from 1971 to 1976 and taught medical students - was good at it

11 At the Kenyatta University Kenya as a Teaching Fellow 1 year; also lectured in Kampala, Uganda & Lusaka, Zambia – was good at it

12 I have had much experience as a flying nurse (not the licence to fly but the skill to nurse the souls in transit): the Summer of 1973 Northern Quebec; 1974 Kenya; 1976 – 1992 From Summerside PEI to Halifax, Montreal (>150 flights); in different planes - single engine planes, Buffaloes, helicopters and a few others; also did 2 air plane crashes – the first 747 to ever crash (Kenya) ('74) & the crash of an Argus (Summerside, PE) ('77).

13 I have a good working knowledge of provincial & fed OH&S, EUB, WCB Regulations, Human Rights & Privacy & IRPs

14 I have worked with emergencies & big problems and not only in the emergency room - I totally ran an ICU for 2 decades and I was part of three major disasters - each had many injured, many dead & much property damage done. I did resuscitations & was also part of subsequent investigations as to how & why the disaster occurred & how it was managed – Bluebird Nightclub (Montreal), first 747 to ever crash (Kenya) & the crash of an Argus (Summerside, PE). I have much experience writing and rewriting ERPs.

14.1 On 01/09/1972 BlueBird NightClub fire in Montreal; 42 fatalities & 50 injuries: the resuscitations were horrific - all young & most were dead but not terribly burned (death from smoke inhalation). I did resuscitations in the ER of the Montreal General Hospital & then I was involved in the subsequent investigations that led to improvements to the ambulance transport in Montreal & the way resuscitations were being done in the various ERs in Montreal. Three patrons had been ejected earlier that night, returned later that night & burned it down.

14.2 On 20/11/74 the first 747 to ever crash did so shortly after take off from the Nairobi Airport Kenya; 59 of the 157 passengers were killed: wicked the number wounded; the number dead and the amount of damage. I was teaching at the University & so I did resuscitations in the university hospital ER. I was also part of the subsequent inquiries into systems (ambulances & ERs) & improvements were suggested. At take off, the pilot had incorrectly set the flaps & the plane didn't continue climbing but rather, it fell to the ground.

14.3 On 31/3/1977 a Canadian Forces Argus (Long-range 4-propeller aircraft) limped into the CFB Summerside Airport on 3 engines & crashed killing 3 of the crew of 16. I was part of the resuscitations; one of my jobs was inserting central lines into the very sick ones. I was also part of the subsequent investigations of the event. It found problems with things not done & done. At the local hospital, none of the injured men had been attached to any specific doctor [i.e. none of the patients had a specific doctor responsible for that one person]. The military had problems - a military had tried to start an IV in every patient before sending that patient the 2 miles down the road to the hospital where a large medical staff was waiting, not so patiently; it had taken much time & most every IV had gone interstitial by the time the patient reached the hospital. In the end, no one thought that any of the 3 deaths was caused by any of these problems, but rather, it was their airplane slamming into the pavement that killed the 3 aviators.


1 Provided coaching, orientations and mentoring to the various line/project managers to set appropriate objectives for HSE contractor management and Emergency Response Plan management and implementation

2 I have always taught & trained; it started in university & it hasn't stopped even yet. I even got a degree for doing it - McGill University sent me to Kenya as a Teaching Fellow. More recently I helped teach a 50 hour course on industrial/remote/wilderness medicine for paramedics in Grande Prairie, Alberta for Alfons Wüschner (Medic Plus )in October '09. My most recent teaching was in December '09 in Lac La Biche I trained school teachers to go back into their schools and teach other staff first aid. Not only can I express myself verbally, but I can also do it in print - I am published in peer-reviewed journals (see publications on data sheet). My computer skills include Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Lotus, Expedition, Outlook and Internet research and more recently OpenOffice.

3 '76 - '96 - came to a small PEI community as the only specialist in pop of 40,000 & despite having a busy office always taught:

3.1 one-hour formal lecture 3 out of every 4 weeks;

3.2 while typed-reports were done for patient management, they were also crafted to teach the staff;

3.3 I started & totally ran a guest speakers from university centers program (3 hrs/ a session >25 sessions/year).

4 I also have significant experience with teaching/training in ERP ( Emergency Response Plan management and implementation) - I have worked with emergencies & big problems (I was not a stranger in the ER & nor the ICU). I was part of three major disasters - each had many injured, many dead & much property damage done. I did resuscitations & was then part of subsequent investigations as to how & why the disaster occurred & how it was managed – Bluebird Nightclub (Montreal), first 747 to ever crash (Kenya) & the crash of an Argus (Summerside, PE)

Activities & Publications:

1 Did a couple of summers doing research in biochemistry: haemoglobin & haptoglobin @ UWO & force-feeding mice with ethanol - liver function @ Laval University in Quebec (while doing my university).

2 My computer skills include Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Lotus, Expedition, Outlook and Internet research and more recently OpenOffice.

3 I was part of several trials, including two of the world's biggest –

3.1 GUSTO (Global Utilization of Streptokinase and Tissue Plasminogen Activator for Occluded Arteries [ acute treatment of myocardial infarcts]) - I was part of the world's biggest trial & its smallest unit (in the world) &

3.2 ALLHAT (Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial [ chronic management of hypertension]) – I was the trial's only unit in the province (Prince Edward Island).

4 I have done other research & I am peer-reviewed published. Some include:

4.1 Major Cardiovascular... Doxazosin vs Chlorthaladone: ALLHAT Officer Collaborative Grp:. JAMA, Apr 19, 2000.

4.2 An international thrombolytic acute myocardial infarction:The GUSTO Investigators: N Engl J Med 1990.

4.3 Innovative CME program having impact on medical practice western PEI: Cameron D I: Can Med Asc J 1990.

4.4 Near fatal angioedema associated with captopril: Cameron D I: Can J Cardiol 6:7, 265-6, 1990.

4.5 Posttraumatic meningitis (3 cases & a review of the literature): Cameron D I: E Afr med J 1976 Jan, 53:1, 1-6.

4.6 Diazoxide in the treatment of hypertensive crisis 23 patients: Cameron D I: E AFR med J, 1976 53:7, 357-65.

4.7 Pneumonias in adults in Nairobi: Cameron DI; Carvalho GR; S. E AFR Med J, 1976 Aug, 53:8, 480 3.

4.8 Massive pulmonary gangrene: Cameron DI; Stewart JD; Can Med Assoc J, 1975 Jun 7, 112:11, 1290.

4.9 Acute pneumonia in Adults: Cameron DI: Internationale Arbeitstung Pneumonia Oberurseal1974 33-8.


Dr Harold Molyneaux 52 Central Street Summerside, PE, C1N 3O1, 1-902-***-**** (doesn't believe in the internet)

Mr. Don Sayers (heads the CHESP program) 259 Brunswick. Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada E3B 1G8, 1- 506 -457-7180

Greg Campbell 766 Wildon Street, Summerside, PE C1N 4H6 1-902-***-****

Mr. & Mrs. Karen & Brian Young @ KB Jodan Inc. Lac La Biche, AB T0A 2C2, 1-780-***-****

Mr. Ryan Pruden @ Wapose - P.O. Box 5414, Fort McMurray, AB, T9H 3G4, 1-780-***-****,

Mr. Dave Jerram Manager @ SEISMED Box 58, Site 8, RR 1, OKOTOKS, AB, T1S 1A1, 1-403-***-****

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