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Manager Six Sigma

Perrysburg, OH, 43551
August 15, 2012

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Objective –EHS Integrator

Experience –

Quality – Environmental – Health – Safety Manager – Willard and Kelsey Solar Group. Willard Kelsey is a manufacturer of photovoltaic panels using a thin film of CdS2 – CdTe – backplate electrode.

1. I designed a zero discharge NPDES system for treatment of the wastewater focusing on treatment at the source of generation. Mixing all the wastewater streams create very difficult to treat and a constantly changing and unstable waste mixture. The Non-Photo resist coagulated and prevented heavy metal removal and water reuse.

2. Using Activated Carbon-and 2 Mixed Bed resin tanks, it was possible to recycle 18 MegaOhm rinse water contaminated with Cd back to 18 MegaOhm rinse water cascading in the system with only evaporative loss (7 gallons per shift) needing to be added. A total recycling system and reutilization that has generated less than 1 cu. yd. of waste in 1 year of operation. Recycle, Recycle Recycle.

3. Tank cleaning is handled as a batch. Metals are precipitated and dewatered, the supernatant is treated through mixed bed resin tanks and centrifugation of the sludge, to a concentration for recycling. This reclaimed the Cadmium and costly Telluride for smelting and return from our supplier for re-application to solar panels.

4. Selection of a digital microscope capable of measuring less than 3 microns of applied solar material and measuring laser scribes over a 2’ by 4’ plate to insure that there were 133 scribes and that each scribe was 10 to 30 microns in width. It was also used to insure that all scribes were parallel and free of laser abladed debris that would short the solar cells. I have a background in TEM and SEM from graduate coursework at BGSU while a PhD student in molecular biology at the University of Toledo.

5. Given the design of crystalline Solar Panels and my quality control background with manufacturing Ford and Hisan parts, I could see a need for an Optical Comparator microscope to insure quality production.

6. For all of the Willard and Kelsey processes I wrote the DFMEAs, PFMEAs, Control Plans, Process Flow Diagrams, Work Instructions, and Job Hazard Analyses.

7. Using my Masters in Industrial Hygiene degree from the Medical College of Ohio (now The UTMC), I first reduced through engineering controls any exposures to the point that personal protective equipment was not required. I directed the engineering department to place ventilation at the appropriate locations and the robotic enclosures were used to prevent employee contact with not only the robotic movement, welding and soldering equipment, but that clear enclosures were used to prevent inhalation exposure.

8. Prior to purchase of equipment noise levels were reduced between 80 and 85 decibiles.

9. Where necessary for acid exposures, personal protective equipment was specified as a secondary protection. Primary protection is always the engineered handling solution.

10. I developed the necessary process checks for acidity and alkalinity titrations and pH end points that were designed for the use of the line operators to calculate the normality of their working solutions and how much of what normality chemical is needed to keep their process in the optimum operating range.

11. Secondary containment in the process line prevented any uncontrolled releases from the equipment.

12. Spill collection and treatment procedures were also developed and available for training in the instance that an uncontrolled event may occur. Our main acid of concern was 16 N Nitric. Many silicate processes use hydrofluoric acid. This is a much more dangerous acid. I was responsible for the decontamination and disassembly and reuse of a hydrofluoric acid etch process while at Willard and Kelsey.

13. I developed and started implementation of an ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System and when a stable production process was reached W&K could apply and receive their ISO Registration.

14. Started an ISO 14000 Registration system and manual.

15. Worked with our supplier in developing a presentation for RoHS registration which is very difficult in that Cadmium is a restricted substance. The direction was to present Cadmium Telluride as a compound not its individual components that could pose a health risk.

16. Most importantly I was on the original team of five individuals that defined the policies upon which the Company is based. For Willard and Kelsey the policies were to first protect the patented coating process. The second policy was to identify and standardize the equipment and processes used in all the follow-on steps after CdTe coating. The third policy was to structure the plant process to permit the duplication of the plants across the globe. These policies would allow a plant to be placed in the most arid zone or the most environmentally sensitive areas making solar panels then having the panels go out the back door and be immediately installed in a solar panel field in all directions of the plant. Glass in and installed solar panels out.

a. To reach the final goal is to design a plant with zero environmental discharge and total recycling of waste.

b. It requires total water reuse and recycle with only small amounts of make up water.

c. This is the water and waste system designed and either installed or in the stage of being installed at Willard and Kelsey.

17. Being in on the ground floor and identifying the water and waste policies permitted the integration in each and all processes of the company’s policies.

18. Finally working within the cost restrains of a start up company.

Quality Manager – Delafoil Ohio Inc. Perrysburg, Ohio - Television Component Manufacture – Obtain TS16949-2002 registration for Ohio Facility (70 team members) in 6 months. Completed on time and Under budget. Lean Six Sigma – Implementation at Delafoil with a goal of meeting the “pull” requirements of Sony, Panasonic, Thomson, Philips, Samsung, and RCA. Obtained Supplier of the year award from Sony. Obtain ISO 9001-2000 registration for Ohio Facility (220 team members) in 4 months. Completed on time and on budget. Obtain ISO 9001-2000 registration for Pottstown, PA Facility (80 team members) in 6 months. Completed on time and on budget. Implement Hoshin Planning to monitor and track Continuous Improvement essential to a Quality Management System. Introduce and Implement Lean Six Sigma Break Through Process. Prepared ISO 14000 ready Program that permitted Delafoil to be one of the first 10 approved Green Partners for SONY CRT Suppliers. Development and integration of a Training-Certification System that is tied into the ISO 9001-2000 Document and Records Management System all placed on an Access Database resulting in a paperless system which through a WAN conducts desk top training followed by testing for a Computer Certification Management program.

Director of Permitting - Envirosafe Services of Ohio – Obtained 1 of less than 20 Full Operating Permits for a RCRA Landfill and chemical stabilization facility. Obtained a hazardous waste Air Emission Permit for all but P-waste for a RCRA Treatment Plant. Operate a biologic Land Treatment Unit, design and manage a Hazardous Waste Characterization and Treatment Laboratory. Develop and implement Compliance Audit, and Management program for RCRA, NPDES, SARA, OSHA, and CAA Permits. Approval of one of the first RFI plans in Region V. Approval of one of the first Risk Assessment Closures in Ohio. Installed and designed a Approved RCRA Groundwater Monitoring system composed of 111 wells in bedrock, clay till, and surficial deposits. Developed and received approval for one of only two approved detection level RCRA Groundwater Statistical programs. Technical oversight for numerous industrial and governmental site remediations including the Anniston Army Base.

Consultant for Technical Services - Advanced Material Prod. Inc. Oregon, Ohio - Obtained the necessary environmental permits for initiation of construction. The Facility was located across the street from the Oregon, Ohio BP Refinery. A 50 ton melt shop / rotary forging facility with 22 heat treatment furnaces was permitted for construction in 2.5 months from initial submittal. NOx, CO, and particulate issues were addressed in innovative ways and full operating capacity retained. Develop Excel Business Model for Senior Lender Review of EBITDA and Unit Cost build-up . Development and publication of the Descriptive memorandum for the financing of the project. Preparation and modification of Financial Model and Spreadsheet Presentation of Steel Forging and Steel Meltshop for AMP - Oregon Microtech Mill.

Technical Services Director - International Environmental Technologies Inc. Perrysburg, Ohio - Research and Development of a patented in-situ treatment system. Commercialization of the developed in-situ treatment system and Preparation of legal defense of intellectual property rights. Obtained two (2) US Patents.

Instructor - Graduate Studies - Medical College of Ohio Toledo, Ohio - Instructor for Monitoring and Analysis for Industrial Hygiene Samples Course . Instructor for the Hazardous Waste Management Course. Instructor for the Emergency Spill Response Course

Chief Chemist Wastewater/Water Treatment - City of Oregon, Ohio - Developed and designed wastewater laboratory and implemented start up of the laboratory services and the operation of the 8MGD-wastewater treatment plant. Organized and implemented an Industrial Pretreatment Monitoring System

Supply Chain Quality Manager - Just in time warehouse delivery to line side assembly of General Motors automatic transmissions in Toledo Ohio. Warehouse start up to stable process operation. Implement ISO 9000-2000.

Instructor - Undergraduate Studies - Owens Community College Medical Anatomy

Quality Engineer – Plastech Inc. Napoleon, Ohio - Plastic Automotive Extrusion Manufacture – Recertify the 119 Team Member plant to Ford Q1 and TS16949-2002 – Implement Lean Six Sigma meeting the “Pull” of Ford and Chrysler. Value Stream Map the operation to start continuous improvement.

Instructor - Undergraduate Studies – Oakland University – Mich. Industrial Hygiene


Medical College of Ohio Toledo, Ohio M.S., Industrial Hygiene School of Public Health.

University of Toledo Toledo, Ohio Four years toward a Ph.D. Program for Molecular Biology.

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