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Engineer Mechanical Engineering

United States
August 31, 2012

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• Over 3 year work experience in a field of Mechanical Engineering.

• Mechanical design of Electronic packages / automotive components

• Proficient in the use of AutoCAD, Solid Works, Pro-E, COSMOS, PRO/E, CRADLE.

• Broad Experience in 3D modeling, 2D drawing, Structure analysis, Thermal analysis, Modal analysis, Vibration analysis.

• Ability to identify, assess and produce detailed calculations and design for HVAC systems.

• Strong knowledge in Material Properties and Geometric Dimension and tolerances (GD&T)

• Strong background in Thermal Engineering.

• Ability to come up with effective ideas about a given topic or situation to develop creative ways to solve problems

• Self-motivated, Team oriented, Efficient and a Good communication.


• AutoCAD • Solid Works • Pro/E • COSMOS • CRADLE • Trace • MS Office • ANSYS


ProFab Technology. Fremont, CA

Mechanical Design Engineer/ QA-QC Engineer, July 2011- Current

Designing and FEA analysis of LGA and BGA sockets, FMU (Force Measurement Unit) and lid actuators using PRO-E and Solid Works software for packages testing. (Intel projects)

Design new mechanical fixtures like stiffeners, docking plates, seal plates, adapter plate and Liquid Cooling Thermal and Automation System. (LCTS)

Design, testing and installation of the product to customers (Intel- Folsom, Santa Clara, Penang)

Spire Manufacturing, Inc. San Jose, CA

Mechanical / Manufacture Engineer, December 2010 – July 2011

Designing and FEA analysis of vertical and cantilever probe card using Solid Works for wafer testing and Calculations of physical properties, GD&T of components and experience of programming for probes inspection using Nikon CNC.


Dr.Fred Barez, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA

LAB ASSISTANT, August 2008-MAY 2009

Being Lab Assistant for Work Shop, my duties involve helping students for their project and maintaining lab equipments such as CNC, Lathe machine, Milling machine, Drilling machine.


San Jose State University

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, December 2010 (Major)

Relevant coursework: Finite Element Analysis, Computer Aided Design, Advanced Finite Element Analysis, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Advance Stress Analysis, Rigid Body Dynamics, Solar System Engineering and HVAC, Precision Machine Design, Electronics packaging.

U V Patel College of Engineering

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, June 2007.

Relevant coursework: Thermal and Fluid Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Manufacturing processes, Stress analysis and strength of materials, Engineering Mechanics, Kinematics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Engineering Graphics and Building Drawing, Industrial Drafting and Machine Design, C, C++, Material Technology, Dynamics of Machines, Metrology and Instrumentation.


Effective Heat transfer Of PCBs using Thermal Vias and Thermal conductors, SJSU spring 2010

Reviewed various techniques to the heat transfer in a Printed Circuit board. An essential duty was to design a printed circuit board using the CAD software i.e. Solid works and its analysis were carried out using the COSMOS software. The main task is to reduce the heat transfer in a printed circuit board using thermal vias, conductors and also to select proper epoxy material for it.

HVAC Design Project of an Office Building using Auto CAD, SJSU - spring 2009

Designing of HVAC in a office building in Nashville, TN which includes zoning, load calculations, selecting fans, calculating the CFM for the Dual Duct VAV system and designing the duct system, piping system and selecting the right size equipments (AC and Duct Furnace) for the heating and air conditioning using Trace software for load calculations and Auto CAD 2010 for designing.

Detachable Four DOF (Degree of freedom), SJSU- spring 2009

Designed the two degree translation and two degree rotational under requirement in Solid Works, design flexure, analyze the angular range, translational ranges, resolution, frequency, thermal analysis under survive temperature and operation temperature.

Design of Aluminum cans crusher, SJSU - spring 2008

As a part of design and to recycle aluminum, individual project on making a can crusher to crush the aluminum can used widely in today world using solid works and analysis of the critical parts of the can crusher using cosmos and the motion analysis of the can crusher using cosmos motion.

Design of a power screw driver, SJSU - spring 2008

As a part of a CAD course using knowledge of solid works and COSMOS, group of four members, remodeled and redesigned a power screw driver using solid works and performed several analysis of the screw driver with cosmos works like thermal test of the motor, drop test of screw driver, static analysis. Also performs the motion analysis of the screw driver using cosmos motion and rendering of the screw driver using solid works.

Design and Analysis of connecting Rod, SJSU- spring 2008

Designed the connecting rod using a PRO/E and analyze the stress thermal analysis and deflection on the frame of the connecting rod and optimized its thickness and radius of curvature.


Participate in several robotics competitions during undergraduate study.

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