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Engineer Quality Control

North Andover, MA, 01845
August 21, 2012

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Julia Japarov, M.Sc., M.E.

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North Andover, MA, USA 01845


Brief Summary: A Chemist with 12 years of diversified experience in the fields of Analytical, Environmental, and Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Nano-Technology.

Core Competencies: QC, TOC, GC, AAS, ICP-AES, ICP-MS,

UV/VIS/IR Spectrophotometry, FTIR, Fluorimetry, Microscopy, Titration, Ion Chromatography, NMR, Turbidimetry, Electroplating, Troubleshooting, Solid Phase Extraction, Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Employment History

• QC Laboratory Chemist, 2012

• Sigma Aldrich Fine Chemistry Hi-tech, Haverhill, MA, USA

Performance both routine and more complex analysis on raw material, in process, and final product samples in support of SAFC business needs. To aid in the decision making process of what product will be sold to SAFC customers. Key accountabilities Analysis of chemicals using ICP-OES, ICP-MS, FT-NMR, and Karl Fisher titrations. Creation of Certificates of Analysis and Certificates of Conformance for SAFC customers. Troubleshoot wet assay and instrument issues. Method development. Maintain communication between senior chemist, operations, production, sales, and shipping. Assist management with prioritizing material for analysis.

• Research Assistant, 2011

Semiconductor Nano-Crystals Research Laboratory, Dept. of Chemistry, Technion, Israel

Position description: Colloidal organo-metallic synthesis of IV-VI semiconductor nanocrystals and their spectroscopic and structural characterization.

Instrument coverage: Schlenk line vacuum/inert gas systems, glove box, fully automated computer-controlled “SYRRIS” batch reactor, VIS-NIR spectrophotometer and NMR equipment.

• Teaching Instructor, 2006-2011

Dept. of Chemistry, Technion, Israel

Position description: Adjunct teacher and tutor of the undergraduate disciplines – General Chemistry Laboratory, Analytical Chemistry (advanced level), Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (basic and advanced levels).

• Analytical Laboratory Specialist, 2001-2006

Depts. of Troubleshooting and Quality Control, Haifa Chemicals Ltd., Israel

Position description: Analysis, investigation, and resolution of malfunctions of the plant’s chemical processes. Conduction of chemical and physical laboratory tests aimed to determine the quality of the plant’s products. Participation in development of innovative pilots, processes, and projects including the “Waste-water treatment” project (in collaboration with the Israel Union for Environmental Defense) aimed to check if the plant waste-water meets the environmental standards. The more recent project I was involved in is "Removal of Organic Metter from Industrial Wastewater by Using of Activated Clays".

Instrument coverage: TOC Analyzers (liquid), GC, AA, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Tetrators, Ion Chromatograph, Phosphate/Nitrate/Nitrite Analyzer, Turbidimeter, FTIR.

• Chemical Engineer, 1999-2001

R&D Laboratory, Dicing Systems Kulik & Sopha Ltd., Israel

Position description: Research work towards quality improvement of high-precision blades produced of nickel and diamond by the method of electrolysis, used for fine dicing of printed circuit boards.

Instrument coverage: Electroplating bath, Carbon Detector (solid-state), Optical Microscopes, Coating Thickness and Hardness Gauges.


Summary: My M.Sc. Thesis subject is “Complex Analytical Method for Detection and Quantification of Trace Heavy Metals in Water”. The research is done under supervision of Prof. Israel Schechter at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. My research focused on expanding the range of detection and quantification of heavy metals (in particular, Ni and Cd ions) in water from currently available ppm limit to the ultra-low ppb limit, via formation of organo-metallic colloidal complexes in water and utilization of various pre-concentration techniques. This project also involved investigation of colloidal particles and study of their formation kinetics.

Instrument and techniques coverage: Fluorimeter, AAS, ICP-AES, Spectrophotometer equipped with Integrating Sphere, Nicomp 380 Zeta Potential Instrument based on Dynamic Light Scattering Theory, Solid Phase Extraction Technique.


M.Sc. in Analytical and Physical Chemistry, 2006-2011

Technion, Israel

M.E. in Chemistry, 1986-1995

Moscow Academy of Fine Chemical Technologies, Russia

Personal Skills

• Organized and efficient hard worker, seeking to excel in any environment.

• Quick learner, enthusiastic, reliable and committed. Having the ability to work fast and precisely.

• Well-developed communication skills, natural inclination to be a part of a team.


1. Dolgin, B.; Bulatov, V.; Hadar-Abuhatzira, H.; Japarov, J.; Schechter, I., Inhomogeneous complexation of trace metals in water with organic nano-complexants. Optical Materials 2011, 34 (2), 391-398.

2. Dolgin, B.; Bulatov, V.; Japarov, J.; Elish, E.; Edri, E.; Schechter, I., Quantification of trace metals in water using complexation and filter concentration. Talanta 2010, 81 (4-5), 1482-1488.

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