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Aiframe Design Engineer, Customer-driven and Ever-challenging

Daejeon, 305-761, South Korea
55 USD per hour
August 09, 2012

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Hae Goo KANG, Aircraft Structures Design Engineer

Ever-challenging and Customer-driven

NAME: Hae Goo KANG (Male)

Date of Birth: 12 Dec, 1959

NATIONALITY: Republic of Korea (also called South Korea)

PASSPORT NUMBER: M92273631 (Issuing Country: KOR)

ADDRESS: Post-Code: 305-761

EXPO APT 210-104,

464-1, Jeonmin-dong, Yuseong-gu,

Daejeon, South Korea

TELEPHONE: +82-42-867-****(Home) / +82-505-***-****(Mobile) (For international calls from foreign countries outside South Korea. The two leading digits 82 is the country code for South Korea. Refer to that the two leading digits 82 is the country code for South Korea);

042-***-****(Home) / 050*-***-**** (Mobile) (For domestic calls within South Korea)


LANGUAGES: Korean(Primary), English(Secondary), French(Entry Level)


1. Aerospace Related

1) Jul, 2010 ~ Nov, 2010: Vice President for Engineering and Business Development,

Korea Design Center inc,

Sacheon, South Korea

2) Oct, 1999 ~ Feb, 2002: Structures Lead Engineer (General Manager Level as Contract Engineer) for T-50 (Korea Air Force Supersonic Trainer) Design-Development,

Korea Aerospace Industries, ltd / Sacheon Plant / T-50 Development Center,

Sacheon, South Korea

a) Jan 2001 ~ Feb, 2002: DaDT Specimen Test Planning/Operating for T-50 Spectrum Truncation Verification

b) Mar, 2000 ~ Jan, 2001:

- Leading Detail Designing T-50 Empennage through Drawing Release

- Detail Designing Primary Parts/Assemblies of T-50 Empennage through Drawing Release

- Designing Test Section of T-50 Center Fuselage

Using CATIA V4 & Lockheed-Martin PLM System

c) Oct, 1999 ~ Mar, 2000: Leading Assembly Designing of T-50 Forward Fuselage Using CATIA V4

3) Jan, 1996 ~ Sep, 1999: Assistant General Manager and Project Engineer for Commercial Programs,

Korean Air / R&D Unit, Daejeon, South Korea

a) Project Engineering for Commercial Airplane Programs

4) Mar, 1993 ~ Dec, 1995: Assistant General Manager & Team Manager for Engineering/CAD/CAM Team,

Korean Air / Aerospace Division / Kimhae Plant

Pusan, South Korea

a) Managing Engineering Development Team, Material & Process (including Composites) Team and CAD/CAM(CATIA V3/V4 & APT System) Team

b) Boeing 777 FSF(Flap Support Fairing) FAI(First Article Inspection) Support

c) Setting-up & Maintaining Engineering Policy

5) Mar, 1991 ~ Feb, 1993: Manager & Manufacturing Engineer and Senior Structures Engineer(as Technical Assistance from Supplier) for Boeing 777 FSF DBT(Design Build Team),

Korean Air / Aerospace Division / Seattle Office,

Boeing 777 Development Center, Renton, WA, USA

a) Sep, 1991 ~ Feb, 1993: Boeing 777 Inbd FSF Structures(Longerons, Frames, Composites Panels) Designing & Drawing Releases for FSF DBT (Using CATIA V3 & Boeing COMOK)

b) Mar, 1991 ~ Sep, 1991: Manufacturing Engineering & Representing Korean Air Engineers in Boeing 777 FSF(Flap Support Fairing) DBT(Design-Build Team)

6) Aug, 1989 ~ Feb, 1991: Assistant Manager & Structures Engineer for MD-11 Composites Spoiler,

Korean Air / MD-11 Composites Spoiler Development Team

Pusan/Seoul, South Korea; Long Beach, CA, USA (for 6 months)

a) Designing to Drawing Releases of Ti/Al Fittings and Forgings for MD-11 Composites Spoilers Using MD CADD and CATIA V2

b) ICD(Interface Control Drawing) Drafting/Maintaining/Applying by Manual Drafting

c) CAD/CAD(CATIA V2) Supporting

d) FAI(First Article Inspection) Support

7) Jun, 1987 ~ Aug, 1989: Senior CAD/CAM System Engineer for Commercial Airplanes Programs,

Korean Air / Aerospace Division / Kimhae Plant,

Pusan, South Korea

a) Initial Planning, Set-up & Implementing /Administrating / Operating / Standardizing CAD/CAM(CATIA V2 & APT) System for Commercial Aircraft(B747, MD80, A330, etc) Components Manufacturing Programs,

b) CATIA User Training/Supporting for 3~5 Axis NC Programming and CMM Programming

c) CATIA Application Systems Development for CATIA Accounts Managing and Statistics, CMM Post-Processing and DNC Application

8) Aug, 1984 ~ Feb, 1987: CAD/CAM System Engineer for F-16 Center Fuselage Manufacturing Program,

Daewoo Heavy Industries / Aircraft Division / Changwon Plant,

Changweon, South Korea

a) Initial Set-up & Implementing / Administrating / Operating / Standardizing CAD/CAM(CATIA V2 /CADAM/APT) System for F-16 Center Fuselage Manufacturing Program,

b) CATIA User Training/Supporting (3~5 Axis NC Programming / CMM Programming)

c) CATIA Application Programming for F-16 Aerodynamic Master Surface and 3D Surface Modeling for F-16 Aerodynamic Master Surfaces

2. Non-Aerospace Related

1) Jun, 2009 ~ Jun, 2010; Aug, 2002 ~ Nov, 2008: Private Teacher for Mathematics for High/Middle School Students

2) Dec, 2008 ~ May, 2009: Financial Consultant and Insurance Broker for Samsung Life Insurance Company


1. Mar, 1982 ~ Aug, 1984: MS in Aircraft(Aeronautical) Engineering

KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology),

Seoul (currently Daejeon), South Korea

- MS Paper in Aerodynamics: “Pressure Distribution Induced by the Interaction between the Shock Wave

and the Turbulent Boundary Layer”

2. Mar, 1978 ~ Feb, 1982: BS in Aviation(Aeronautical) Engineering

Seoul National University,

Seoul, South Korea


1. Aircraft Structures(Metals/Composites) Design Engineering

2. Project Engineering for Aircraft Structures Design-Development


1. Computer OS/Programming

1) MVS/VM(IBM Mainframes), PC OS(MS Windows XP)

2) FORTRAN / Visual Basic Programming


1) V2 ~ V4: 3D Modeling(Wireframe, Basic/Advanced Surface, Mockup/Exact Solid) and Drafting, Kinematics, 3~5 Axis NC Programming, Application Programming on CATGEO/IUA, Library / Parametric Modeler / Other Base/Mechanical Products Configurations

2) V5: InfraStructure and Aircraft Structures Design Related Work-Benches

3. MS Office: Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Access/Project

4. Aircraft Structures Engineering

1) Airframe(Primary/Secondary, Metal/Composites, Low-Level-Components/Assemblies /Parts(Machining/ Forming / Forging) Preliminary Layouts Developing and 3D Designing through Detail Designing) up to Drafting (including Drawing Release) and Supporting First Article Inspections

2) Drafting applying GD&T(Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing ) such as ANSI Y14.5M

3) Basic Structural(Static) Analysis and Kinematics Modeling/Analysis

4) Understanding/Applying the Design Requirements such as FAR Part 23/25 and Mil-Spec’s/Mil-HDBK’ss

and Related Disciplines such as Load/Stress Analysis (Load Paths/Static/ DaDT/ Test), Systems, Manufacturing Engineering, Tooling, 3~5 Axis NC Programming, Materials & Process(Composites/Metals), QA, CAD/CAM and Other Requirements in Airframes Design-Developments


1. Project Engineering in Aircraft Structures Design-Development

1) Concurrent Engineering Planning for Airframes

2) Risk Management

3) Leading/Integrating IPT/DBT(Design-Build Team)

4) Preparing/Performing/Tracing/Applying Requirements/Technical/Design Reviews

5) Trade-off Study and Engineering Documenting/Reporting/Presenting

6) Understanding/Applying Contract/Product/Design Requirements, QMS(AS9100), WBS, Configuration 7) Management, Variation Control & Management(Key Characteristics), FAI, Supply Chain Management and Organizations for Aircraft/Airframes Design-Developments

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