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Systems Analyst/Developer

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
March 05, 2011

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Cambridge, MA **140


Human Resources Department

March 5, 2011

Dear Sir/ Madam:

In response to the advertised position of: Data Center Operations /Sr. Computer Operator

The following points demonstrate why I am an ideal candidate for Data Center Operations / Sr. Computer Operator. When you review my resume, you’ll find that my background includes Certifications in Linux/Unix and Certifications in Network Technology and Administration and professional experiences:

• Certification in Applied Science from Bunker Hill Community College

• Certification in LINUX/UNIX Fundamentals from Learning Tree International.

• Certification in Solaris 1 and AIX UNIX Fundamentals from IBM Technical Training Services.

• Certification in AS/400 Operations from Mid-Range Consulting, Inc - Salem, NH

• 10 years experience in Data Center Operations to Major Healthcare, School, and Business.

• Data Center Operations: Monitoring Multiple Platform (Tivoli Work Scheduler (TWS) Mainframe, S390, CA-7, CICS, TSO, AutoSys, SAP, BMC Patrol, MOM, Remedy, UNISYS 2200, HP300, Redwood, Crystal Enterprise, AS/400, AIX Unix, HP UNIX, Scheduling, Tracking Systems, and Network Monitoring support via HP Open view, Help Desk Support, Perform Systems Backup, Distribution and Print Reports. IBM Hardware 3480, 3490, 3590, 3745 and STK Tape Library. Misc VERITAS – Tape Backup and Restore environment and CA Unicenter 3.0 and R11 Server, & Website Monitoring Peregrine Service and CA Service Desk

• Proven team-player who is able to work well with other and meet deadlines while paying attention to detail?

Set up user accounts and profiles to protect Network Integrity and Security.

LAN Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0, 2000, 2003 Server, Novell Network Administration NetWare 5.0/5.1

UNIX Operating Systems, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, Setup and Administer a UNIX Systems

Knowledge of latest version of Network Operating Systems (NOS) includes Linux, Solaris, and Microsoft.

Set up and configure a Network.

Desktop Operating Environments: Window 95, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Excel, Access and Power point

Knowledge of Install, configure and test workstation hardware include Video Cards, Modems, NICs, Hard drives, Sound cards, Tape drives, and other removable media.


BUNKER HILL COMMUNITY COLLEGE Network Technology & Administration 12/07


IBM TECHNICAL TRAINING Certification Solaris 1 & AIX UNIX, 3/03

MIDRANGE CONSULTING INC Certification AS/400 Operations & Query400, 5/94


Harvard University – Cambridge, MA

Data Center Operations 2007 – Present

• DCO provides enterprise-wide monitoring (server, database, application, device, server-level performance reporting for all monitored servers).

• As a member of the DCO team provides support by receiving and responding to phone calls, email messages, web requests, resetting password, locking and unlocking user accounts in production systems and log all trouble problems via Remedy Ticket.

• Responsible for support for all automation, batch, and backup for customer using TWS/Maestro and legato Net Worker 7.3 and escalates issues per documentation as appropriate

• Enterprise Monitoring, Server, usage, Systems uptime, hung and/or runaway processes System, and network monitoring (HP Open View/ITO, MOM, What’s Gold, Remedy)

• Batch Scheduling UNIX-based tasks and batch jobs are streamlined and automated in the DCO by Tivoli’s Maestro Scheduler.

• Monitors data center room checks including temperature, humidity, equipment alarms and bad UPS power supplies.

• Occasional assists with all new equipment installs and server racking, including network cabling and port assignments.

• Monitoring UNIX & NT, Sun, Linux and AIX Server, Tivoli Work Scheduler (TWS) / Maestro,

HP Open View S10k Tape Drive, UPS, AC, Electricity and security of the Computer Room.

• All DCO related trouble tickets (Incident Reports) are generated and tracked of calls in Remedy, database until resolution by the DCO team.

Soft World Inc @ Marsha & McLennan Companies - Franklin, MA

Part-Time Data Center Analyst (TEMP) 2010

• Serve as the primary Data Center operations staff person, performing all Productions and network jobs as defined on the operational schedule, including tape mounting and backups, off-site tape rotation, and also including month-end.

• Monitor approx. 10,000 NT and UNIX Servers across 100 Countries using CA Software, BigFix enterprise Console, Management Common Center, AutoSys and TWS

• Execute daily Batch and Online production using TWS and AutoSys.

• Maintains inventory of computer supplies (e.g. paper, ribbons, etc.) and prepares purchase orders as required

• Provide Support Tape Library performing daily Offsite responsibilities (Iron Mountain) STK Tape Silo 9310.

• Responsible for contacting service vendors to repair printers. Contact building maintenance and Supervisor if there is a problem with Air Condition, UPS, or other Electrical.

• Monitor the execution and integrity of network system backups to insure required restorability of all data and software applications. Perform regular procedures to monitor disk utilization and processor capacity of all servers to insure that sufficient working capacity is available at all times.

• Monitoring Mainframe, Network and Server Status, Monitor system consoles for errors (i.e. crashes, disk errors)

• Notify System Administrator of hardware issues, Monitor user activity and Monitor systems activity (Production jobs, disk usage, Systems uptime, hung and/or runaway processes).

• System Maintenance – Updating files, follow reboot procedures accurately and Database Maintenance (database shutdown and startup procedures)

• Productions schedule – Identify failed and/or inaccurate systems processes.

Apex Systems @Reebok International – Canton, MA

Part-Time Data Center Operations (TEMP) 2007 – 2009

• Responsible for Monitoring nightly Batch processing of Production jobs for CA-7, and SAP, AutoSys Backups for all systems and responsible for the restart of failed backups.

• Support user over the phone during off-hours, reset of passwords, and logs all trouble problems via BMC Ticketing

• Monitored on-line SAP system through AutoSys and responded to ITO system messages.

• Monitored, restarted and scheduled backup through HP Data Protector and Verities for all UNIX Database Servers and NT Servers.

• Select and loads input and output, observers the operations of equipment, control panels, error lights, verification printouts, error messages and faulty output

• Maintains data center peripheral equipment by loading appropriate media and the distribution of nightly reports.

• Operates and monitors computer and peripheral equipment, such as printers, tape and disk drive

• Ensures all inventory, maintenance, and security policies for data center are met and completes tape librarian duties, including coordination of all offsite and tape return.

• Monitors emergency power generation and UPS, AC, Electricity, Air Conditioning, Fire Alarm systems and Security of the Data Center Facility.

ZeroChaos@EDS/RINKER MATERIALS – West Palm Beach, FL

Data Center Operations 2003 - 2007

• Monitoring a centralized NT, AS/400, LAN/WAN and HP UNIX Environment. Responsible for operations tasks, data backup, and tape management, batch job execution and monitoring, request management and trouble escalation. Utilizing HP Data protector 5.1 to maintain backup.

• Troubleshoot software and hardware problems including, AS400, UNIX, HP-UX, Windows, Data Protector, Tape Drives (LTO, DLT, ALT) Net Backup and Backup Exec.

• Utilizing HP Open View tools as log all incidents in the Remedy Helpdesk database, Data Protector, FTP Clients, Citrix, and systems monitoring tools.

• Perform Systems Tape Backup via Sun STK Enterprise and AS/400 3570 Exchanger.

• Monitors emergency power generation and AC, Electricity, and security of the computer room and peripherals. Creating and managing Remedy Helpdesk tickets during off-shifts and weekend.

EDP Contract Services @ HARVARD UNIVERSITY - Cambridge, MA

Data Center Operations 2002 – 2003

• Monitors and controls HP3000 computer systems, Microsoft NT servers and HP9000 UNIX servers. Responds to user needs and request for technical assistance, data backup and restores. Runs programs.

• Monitor data communication links: Reports problems with LAN/WAN, internet, phone systems, and reports failures to management and on call or service provider.

• Maintains tape library including the sending tapes offsite for disaster recovery purposes.

• Performs backup and recovery activities from tape storage, and backup utility programs used on HP3000 systems as well as Arc server for NT and Novell networks and Omni back for HP9000 Unix systems.


Part-Time Sr. Computer Operator 2002 – 2003

• Assist the Systems Administrator with support and backup of UNIX AIX Servers, review systems error logs, file system usage and other log files, and maintains hardware and printer.

• Perform, and monitor nightly backups of our systems, (File Maker Pro Server, Meeting Maker Server etc).

• Maintain and inventory of backup media and tape inventories.

• Verify status of computer room including temperature, lights, electricity and UPS.

• Print jobs on a daily basis using a variety of system printers.

• Exchange backup media between the computer room, safe and UIS office on a daily, weekly and monthly cycle.

• Assist Systems Administrator in the Setup and take down of the equipment required for on-site.

• Create and/or maintain Email, Blackboard, and FTP accounts for the faculty, staff and students.


Part-Time Sr. Computer Operator 1999 – 2002

• Monitoring and running mainframes, HP UNIX and Windows base systems, OS/MVS Mainframe, CA-7 Scheduler, AutoSys, JES2, JCL, and restore functions and troubleshoots.

• Performs computer systems tape backups (changes tapes, checks logs, sends tapes off site, orders new tapes and supports the tape rotation systems).

• Computer and Systems monitoring using software tools provided, troubleshooting following up with appropriate support staff to resolve issues through conclusion

• Processing computerized output, involves printing reports, special billing forms, and payroll forms. Operation of Pitney Bowes inserter machines and Xerox Laser and other printers.

• Take calls from the Information Systems Support Center and provide Customer support.


Data Center Operations 1998 – 2001

• Monitoring the IBM S390 mainframe, UNIX, VAX Compaq, and AS400 Mainframe, NSR Legato Jukebox, and Environment including: Tivoli Batch, MVS, CICS, IDMS, JES2, TSO/SDSF, CA/JOBTRAC, Zeke Scheduling, AutoSYS Scheduling, IBM 4000 laser printers, IBM 4245 impact printers, IBM 3420 and 3490 tape drives and various peripheral equipment.

• Monitoring and support for the distributed systems such as HP3000, HP9000, performing daily procedures backup, printing of reports, utilizing MPE Maestro, and fulfill special request.

• Assisting Network Administrator with various window NT Security tasks.

• Ensure that all assigned Remedy cases are Acknowledge and Resolved within the SLA time.


AS/400 Systems Operator 1992 – 1998

• Performing a variety of AS/400 Operational duties according to established procedures including backup, IPL, PTF applications, user profile setup, job submittals, batch job processing, and report distribution, supporting AS/400 related computer hardware/software with new installs and troubleshooting.

• Providing users assistance with the AS/400 computer systems and entering trouble tickets into help desk software.

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