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Credit and collections

Manila, Philippines
July 05, 2012

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Blk* Lot* Pacita * Ph*B, Archery St. Biñan, Laguna 4024

Mobile: 0917-8831236


Personal Information

Born on December 03, 1965 at Manila, Philippines. Married to Mrs. Cynthia G. Salazar and has 3 kids. Interests include reading, bicycling, surfing the net, cooking and dancing. Literary proficient and conversational fluent both in Filipino and English. Easily establishes rapport with peers. Highly motivated and dedicated to work.

Educational Attainment

ELIGIBILITY Career Service-Professional

July 1987


Philippine Christian University, Manila, Philippines


COLLEGIATE Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Majoring in Accounting

University of the East, Caloocan City, Philippines


HIGH SCHOOL F. Torres High School

Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila, Philippines


INTERMEDIATE Libis Talisay Elementary School

Caloocan City, Philippines


Work Experiences

November 04, 2009-Present Manager – Billing and Collection

Healthway Medical Co., Inc.

5th Flr Feliza Bldg., Rufino St., Legaspi Village,

Makati City

• Leads Billing and Collection Dept. in achieving the department’s goal.

• Conduct financial evaluation to all credit applications from customers.

• Oversee the daily tasks assigned to the staff and monitors performance and outputs.

• Sets the department’s goals.

• Evaluate and recommend improvements/modifications for the enhancement of the existing B & C Module Program.

• Initiate systems or procedures that would enhance the workflow and system of the department.

• Provide sufficient monthly provision for doubtful accounts based on credit policy.

• Ensure that subsidiary and general ledgers are fully reconciled on the ffg. accounts;

o all Accounts Receivable

o Accounts Payable-Doctors

• Ensure the timely submission of summary of Withholding Taxes’ alphalist to Accounting Department for filing to BIR.

• Responsible for the appraisal of all B & C Staff.

• Approve, check reports, notices and requests made by B & C staff.

• Ensure constant coordination with other department heads.

• Attend meetings and visits various accounts whenever necessary.

• Visit clinic branches from time to time.

• Attend to queries and provides necessary documents during audit by external auditors.

• Ensure that the work area of the department is always in order.

• Take initiative on any other efficient debt collection action.

• Carry out instructions and directives of the Comptroller as may be assigned from time to time.

August 01, 2009-Oct. 31, 2009 Manager – Treasury and Corporate Development

Men in Blue Security Services, Inc.

2nd Flr Sample Shop Bldg., AFP-RSBS Industrial Park,

East Service Rd., Bicutan, Taguig City

• Preparation of financial projection for new accounts or projects

Prepare financial projections to be used to analyzed the potential profitability of new accounts. To provide critical advice to the President on the value of proceeding or stopping negotiation for new business.

• Accounting system

Develop and continuously improve accounting systems and procedures for the purpose of submitting timely and accurate financial reports and analysis to ManCom and the Board.

• Computerization

Assist the Finance Manager in utilizing new computerized Accounting systems and provide guidance on both hardware and software purchases to meet HR, Accounting and reporting requirements.

• Internal Controls

Document the company’s internal control procedures, taking advise from external auditors, and ensure that all personnel strictly complies with established control procedures and guidelines.

• Credit and Control Management

Study past Accounts Receivable patterns and identify clients who will need constant reminding and prodding for timely payments. Meet “difficult” clients and understand their problems, and recommend to the President termination of services to clients with very poor payment record.

• Bank Credit Lines

Ensure that all future cash requirements are adequately met with additional working capital, either from bank lines or internal funds. Create policies for the company’s debt (if any), consistent with the shareholder’s policies relating to capital-raising activities, including long-term borrowings.

• Capital-Raising

Take primary responsibility for preparing updated “Prospectuses” as capital-raising documents. Upon instructions from the President, initiate discussions with banks, investment companies and other investors, for the raising of long-term capital for the company.

• Planning and Budgeting

To lead the company in the annual budgeting process and all strategic planning exercises whenever conducted by providing financial templates or models. Assists the Finance Manager in developing forecasts and “what if” scenarios and presenting them to the Management and the Board.

• Risk Management

Analyze and understand all of the company’s business risks and develop policies for reviewing and regularly updating all risks for the types of business activities it conducts. Ensure that all risks that cannot be managed, reduced and minimized are adequately covered by acceptable insurance underwriters/carriers.

August 25, 2008-July 31, 2009 Manager – Financial Accounting

Splash Corporation

3rd Flr HBC Corp. Centre, 548 Mindanao Ave.,

Quezon City, Philippines

• Maintains books of accounts on SAP environment, related to financial activities of the company;

a. Bookkeeping

b. Bank reconciliation

c. Asset Management, inventory and depreciation

c. Financial Disbursements, review and approval

d. Accounts Payable, monitoring and reconciliations

e. Periodic Financial Statements Preparation

f. Internal and External Reporting Requirements

• Rapport building with banks, vendors and customers

• Ensure financial integrity by conducting continuous subsidiary analysis

• Develop existing internal controls and accounting procedures

• Provide supervision to financial accounting employees

• Maintain all financial books and records of the company.

June 16, 2008-Aug. 15, 2008 Manager – Credit & Collection

Comglasco Aguila Glass Corp

5th Flr. 111 Paseo de Roxas Bldg., Paseo de Roxas, Legaspi Village,

Makati City, Philippines

• Responsible for the overall operational operations of Credit and Collection functions in order to minimize bad debts, which will ensure optimal cash flow by continued positive customer contact and relation building.

1. Manage and train credit and collection team

2. Plan, organize and direct activities of Credit and Collection Department by monitoring receivables and ageing report

3. Monitor timely collection of accounts and follow up past due and bad accounts

4. Set and recommend policies and procedures for efficient collection of receivables, prompt and accurate extension of credit facilities to clients and reduction of bad debts

5. Ensure the proper implementation of department policies and procedures

6. Recommend legal action or referral to collection agency for delinquent accounts

7. Support top management directives and work closely with the Chief Finance Officer and the President

8. Perform other duties assigned from time to time

May 1, 2007-June 14,2008 Manager – Settlement & Credit

Pepsi Cola Products Philippines, Inc.

Km. 29 Bgy. Tunasan, Muntinlupa City, Philippines

• Communicate and oversee implementation of Credit, Settlement and related policies and procedures IN ORDER TO ensure consistent and strict compliance while supporting S&D initiatives and programs.

1. Roll-out, communicate and implement all new and revised policies and procedures.

2. Conduct spot checks/audits, ICQs, and CDAP; implement corrective measures and monitor status thereof

3. Report significant policy violations to FM, participate in the issue resolution process.

4. Partner with SOOM, HR and Sales Managers to address and resolve policy violations.

• Review and evaluate credit applications and monitor/control credit extensions/collections IN ORDER TO ensure plant AR KPI’s are achieved.

1. Review and evaluate credit applicants vis-à-vis credit risks.

2. Supervise monitoring of extensions, collections and policy violations; conduct regular confirmation/reconciliation of account balances with customers.

3. Coordinate the development of an annual AR plan related to AOP.

4. Review AR results and addresses issues with the Plant Credit Committee and individual sales managers/supervisors.

5. Monitor National and Key Accounts balances and liaise with MTO to ensure that collections are effected.

6. Conduct the Annual Credit Reviews in close coordination with the sales managers/supervisors.

7. Reviews the credit customer master file and ensure that all and only those approved credit supported by CAF’s are created.

• Implement the standard accounting and reporting processes IN ORDER TO generate timely and accurate financial reports.

1. Implement the PCPPI checks and balances procedures on review and approval of any document that creates an entry to the PCPPI books of accounts (i.e., invoice, OR, dm/cm, AS, etc).

2. Implement minimum review procedures on Summary of Daily Sales Settlement and actively participate in the monthly closing.

3. Oversee generation and transmittal of Salesman Collection Advices and related reports to sales personnel.

4. Provide Plant and HO Mancom with the monthly standard AR reports.

5. Supervise preparation of monthly reconciliation/analyses of GL and SL records; investigate variances and resolve to prevent recurrence.

• Perform the standard remedial measures on all past due accounts IN ORDER TO reduce bad debts and comply with governmental requirements on write-offs.

1. Attend to all past due accounts requiring remedial process and legal means.

2. Assist sales personnel in documenting the collection efforts

3. Liaise and coordinate with HO Legal or plant retainer; obtain status of endorsed accounts and apprise Plant Credit Committee

4. Implement the most cost efficient step to collect delinquent accounts.

• Supervise storage and safekeeping of receivable records IN ORDER TO ensure that all financial records supporting Trade and Non-Trade AR transactions are adequately stored and safeguarded.

1. Develop and implement a system of storage and safekeeping within the local plant.

2. Implement the retention policy in disposing the records and cleaning up the storage area.

• Implement effective measures in managing Non-trade receivables IN ORDER TO ensure prompt collection and/or disposal of uncollectible accounts.

1. Review and monitor outstanding NTR accounts and draw plan of actions to collect/dispose accordingly.

2. Liaise with other plant Mancom members through the FM in implementing the action plans.

3. Coordinate with collection lawyers in effecting collections on problematic accounts.

4. Provide plant Mancom with necessary reports on balances and status.

• Establish and implement an effective system of review and approval IN ORDER TO ensure that only necessary costs are incurred.

1. Prepare department’s AOP.

2. Scrutinize all spending requests (OT, supplies, T&E, etc) within the Settlement and Credit Department before approval.

3. Conduct variance reviews within the Department.

• Monitor all settlement and credit related IT installed systems and implement IT policies IN ORDER TO ensure that these are consistently and efficiently running and updated.

1. Supervise implementation of IT installed systems.

2. Partner with the SOOM in implementing systems at the sales offices.

3. Submit application incident reports to IT.

• Develop talent by creating and delivering initiatives to build and enhance current and future individual, team and organizational operating capability, leadership and management development in order to establish a well informed, well trained empowered workforce and stable organization.

1. Discuss RAMs with subordinates.

2. Conduct periodic Performance Appraisal to staff.

3. Fill-in vacant positions with qualified personnel and train new staff of their detailed roles and accountabilities.

4. Conduct regular meeting with staff to discuss issues and concerns.

5. Initiate job rotations and cross-trainings among staff to enhance their existing work knowledge and to motivate them to perform their respective jobs effectively.

6. Participate in identifying and recommending training needs; coordinate with FM to ensure execution of interventions.

7. Participate in the conduct of training to staff on any new systems and cascades any new policies and procedures that are to be implemented.

8. Assist the FM in developing retention plans.

Apr. 29, 2006-April 15, 2007 Supervisor – Warehouse & Logistics

Dubai Refreshment Co.-Pepsi Cola

Al Quoz, Dubai, U.A.E.

• Ensures that the warehouse operations strictly adhere to procedures.

• Maintain the load priority, don’t load, promotions identification tag system to ensure correct picking of products for loading.

• Ensures warehouse compliance to FIFO principle and conducts daily inventory of fullgoods.

• Improve the reconciliation process and work on minimizing discrepancies by having daily checks on the inventory process and transactions.

• Implements and maintains good warehousing practices and ensures that warehouse premises are properly kept and well maintained.

• Ensures accurate preparations and transmittals of daily and periodic reports and supports thereto.

• Ensure availability of promotions to Warehouse as per the allocation provided by sales.

• Review daily the stock levels and sustain minimum stock levels to (5) five days in the warehouse. Coordinates with Dubai Plant for immediate shipment of needed stocks.

• Source out and hire trailers for the transport of stocks from Dubai if company trailers are not available. Keeping track of stocks on the road to guarantee safe and timely receipt of


• Minimize Friday work and the same should only be scheduled as per sales demand, utilize only a skeleton work staff should Friday work is inevitable.

• Maintains adequate internal control procedures in order to protect and safeguard company assets.

• Review procedures and ensure sustained implementation on warehouse.

• Work to budgets and achieving company goals.

• Provide coaching, mentoring and motivation to staff to improve capability and work environment

• Review RAMs of subordinates and conduct job rotation and delegation.

Sept. 01, 2004-Mar. 31, 2006 Manager – Sales Office (Warehouse & Logistics)

Pepsi Cola Products Phils., Inc.

Km. 29 Bgy. Tunasan, Muntinlupa City, Philippines

• Ensures that gate control systems and procedures are strictly adhered to.

• Ensures strict implementation and compliance of daily sales settlement procedures.

• Ensures that receipts, deposit / remittances and recording of cash transactions are accomplished according to the established internal control systems, policies and procedures.

• Reviews, checks and verifies reports and documents generated in the sales office, ensures adequate compliance to the established accounting procedures.

• Ensures daily inventory of empties, shells and fullgoods. Maintains fullgoods inventory level to ensure 100% product availability based on sales requirements. There should be no stockout incidence. Ensures that empties / fullgoods are properly segregated and piled. Empties inventory must only be at one-day-sales level. Ensures compliance to First-In First-Out principle.

• Maintains adequate internal control procedures in order to protect and safeguard company assets.

• Initiates shakedown inspections and ensures that differences are properly documented and accordingly reported to superior for appropriate action.

• Plans and controls implementation of sales office expenses, including manpower usage to ensure that expenses are within the approved budget level.

• Responsible for the upkeep of company sales trucks, making sure all are maintained and expenses are within the budget allocation.

• Hiring of additional trucks to complement the demand to the product or shortage of trucks due to breakdown.

• Ensures accurate preparations and transmittal of daily, weekly, monthly and periodic reports and supports thereto.

• Implements and maintains good warehousing practices and ensures that sales office premises are properly kept and well maintained.

• Ensures compliance to fixed asset control system, policies and procedures, ensures that all assets are accounted for at any given time and ensures that assets movement are properly documented and reported.

• Maintains adequate control of accountable forms and supplies used in the sales office.

• Maintains a schedule of local tax payment deadlines and local tax legislation and initiates prompt payment thereof.

• Coordinates with the Plant for the timely distribution of sales office personnel salaries and allowances, ensures that all sales office records are properly filed and safeguarded.

• Schedules and assigns duties and responsibilities, appraise, motivates, coaches, resolves grievances, investigates irregularities, disciplines and suspends subordinates.

• Performs other related tasks or special undertakings as may be assigned and/or designated by superior.

May 22, 2000-Aug. 31, 2004 Manager-Finance and Accounting

Alas Security Services, Inc.

Unit D, No. 68, Teachers’ Village, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

• Oversee all functions related to financial activities of Alas Security Agency, Inc. including but not limited to;

a. Bookkeeping to maintain General and Subsidiary Ledgers

b. Property Management

c. Cash Disbursements

d. Cash Receipts

e. Accounts Receivables

f. Accounts Payable

g. Financial Statements

h. Internal and External Reporting Requirements

i. Budgeting / Forecasting

• Maintain banking relationship, treasury functions and financial records

• Develop internal controls and accounting procedures to ensure financial integrity and all other duties needed to fulfill the fiduciary responsibilities entrusted to this position

• Provide supervision to other accounting employees and to maintain all financial books and records of the company.

Nov. 1993-May 15, 2000 Manager – Credit & Collection

HomeCredit Mutual Building and Loan Association

7th Flr., RC Bldg., Makati Ave., Makati City, Philippines

• Preparing department objectives, action plans, budget, etc. for presentation to the annual company planning conference.

• Reporting to the Management Committee and the Business Review board the status, issues, predicaments, etc., confronting the corporate collection efficiency.

• Reporting to the VP-Finance/Controller the level of HomeCredit membership and withdrawals essential in monitoring the accomplishment of departmental targets, income accruals, cash inflow and outflow, etc.

• Formulating and implementing policies affecting the operation of the department.

• Supervising the performance of department personnel in fulfilling report requirements, deadline, targets, etc.

• Analyzing the reconciliation of General Ledger accounts; Installment Shares-Common B, Preferred A, B and C, Service and Membership Fee, Mortgage Contracts Receivable, Loans Receivable-OPC, Promo, MIAL and Subsidy, Documentary Stamp Tax Payable, Insurance Payable, Syndication Fee, Subscription Acceptance Fee, Filing Fee, Origination Fee, Interest on Loan and Advance Dues.

• Preparing reports on Mortgage Contracts Receivable, Stock and Transfer Book, Supplementary Data on the Lending Operations of Building and Loan Association and other management, government and auditor’s reportorial requirement.

• Checking monthly and semi-monthly billing statements to various client-company, members and borrowers.

• Analyzing and reviewing application of payments received from client-companies for the amortization of borrowers, dues and membership fees, and UHLP and SSS amortization of members.

• Checking journal vouchers for billing, collections and payment application.

• Checking reconciliation and loan remittance report to Pag-IBIG Fund, NHMFC, SSS and Filcredit Corp.

• Checking Statement of UHLP and SSS amortization as requested by member/borrower.

• Reviewing and approving disbursement vouchers prepared for the refund of membership dues.

• Supervising the maintenance of individual folder and loan ledger for each member and borrower.

• Preparing / computing annual member’s total accumulated savings and dividends.

Nov. 1991-Oct. 1992 Asset Accountant

International Bechtel, Inc.

Ahmadi, Kuwait

• Preparing monthly reconciliation of the Master Asset Control Register (MACR) (DHS account) against the General Ledger.

• Supervises the inventory and bar-coding of all capitalizable assets.

• Supervises all the data entered in the MACR of assets acquired under the Dirhams account, coming from the list submitted by the Procurement Department

• Reconciling data of inventory against data from the MACR.

• Preparing lists of assets under the Dirhams account, and computes the monthly depreciation.

• Other tasks from time to time.

April 1987-Oct. 1993 Account Management Analyst II

Home Development Mutual Fund

4th Flr., Atrium Bldg., Makati Ave., Makati City, Philippines

• Supervising and reviewing the preparation of daily journal entries on disbursement vouchers processed, on paid Dvs and all cash receipts other than collections for loan amortizations and members’ contributions as to accounts used, mathematical accuracy, etc.

• Monitoring contra accounts on all daily proofsheets which should be responded by the department involve.

• Editing encoded daily proofsheets for the day.

• Processing and preparing daily Master Proofsheet (MPS)/Daily Trial Balance for posting to the General Ledger (GL) (Computerized Dbase III Plus)

• Supervising and editing encoding of month-end MPS to the Consolidated Trial Balance.

• Analyzing and monitoring unresponded 1991 transactions of BLD-MCR pertaining to daily collections which was temporarily lodged to Suspense Account.

Summary of Qualifications

• Mature professional with a strong commitment to a career in Warehousing & Logistics, Accounting & Finance, Credit, Billing and Collection.

• Exposure in technical works. Has a fine sense of organization and planning.

• Has more than fifteen (15) years’ solid background in general and subsidiary accounting, credit, billing, ledgering and collections, and three (3) years experience in warehousing and logistical function.

• Inclined towards fostering positive relationship and strong professional tie-ups in the workplace.

• Computer literate.

Training and Seminars

• Leadership Development Program February 2012

Genesis One, HMC Corporate Office, Rada St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

• 21 Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell February 2012

Genesis One, HMC Corporate Office, Rada St., Legaspi Village, Makati City

• Training/Seminar on SAP May to June 2009

HBC Corporate Centre, Mindana Ave., Quezon City

• Management Development Program January 9, 16, 23 and 30, 1998

Insular Life Building, Makati City, Phils.

• Hi-Impact Presentation Seminar January 27, 1998

Olson and Associates, Phils.

• Debt Collection by Telephone October 14 to 16, 1997

Guthrie-Jensen Consultants, Phils.

• System Based Audit Seminar May 22 to June 26, 1989

Pag-IBIG Fund, Makati City, Phils.

• Seminar on Lotus 123 April 24 to 28, 1989

SM Equicom, Makati City, Phils.

• Values Orientation Workshop April 1993

Girl Scout of the Phils., Tagaytay City, Phils.

• ABCs of LAN May 1995

Integrated Computer Systems, Inc., Phils.

• LAN System Administration May 1995

Integrated Computer Systems, Inc., Phils.

• LAN Concepts and Installation May 1995

Integrated Computer Systems, Inc., Phils.

Other Skills

1. Personal Computer knowledge using:


• Windows 97 to 2008

• MS Word

• MS Excel

• MS PowerPoint

• FoxPro / Dbase

• Lotus123 V.5 for Windows

• WordPerfect for Windows

2. Working experience in using Oracle, SAP, Ingres, etc.


To be furnished upon request.

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