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Testing Sql Server

Hackettstown, New Jersey, 07840, United States
March 11, 2011

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Manjula Chintha

*** ******* **** **

Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Ph - 908-***-****


• Over Eight years of experience as Software Tester, in development of Test Plans, writing Test Cases and generating Test scripts for different type of Projects.

• Good knowledge in Mercury automated test tools like QuickTest Professional (QTP), WinRunner, TestDirector, LoadRunner and all Testing methodologies.

• Involved in entire QA Life Cycle which includes Functional Testing, Unit Testing, Regression, Integration Testing, System Testing, Volume testing and Stress testing.

• Competence in writing and executing test plans, test cases and test scripts based on the Baseline Requirements, Functional Specifications and Design documents.

• Good knowledge on Backend databases like Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access.

• Used TestDirector for reporting bugs.

• Maintained and updated Test cases and Test Scripts using TestDirector.

• Testing skills include White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, User Acceptance Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, Load Testing.

• Experience in SQL, PL/SQL and testing various database applications of RDBMS in ORACLE, SQL Server, and MS-Access.

• Excellent working knowledge on Windows environments.

• Worked extensively on User Acceptance testing (UAT), and experienced in verification of Functionality of GUI Applications as well as backend testing of the Application.

• Self-starter and comfortable in high intensity, high rewarding work environment.

• Good team player with excellent technical and interpersonal skills.

• Ability to quickly master new concepts and application.


Testing Tools WinRunner,QuickTest Professional (QTP),LoadRunner and Test director

Operating systems Windows 2000/NT/XP/95/98,MS DOS,UNIX

Languages SQL,PL/SQL,C,Visual Basic(VB),Html,Xml

Bug Reporting Tool Test director,PEIT

Databases Oracle 7.x/8.0/9i,SQL Server, Sybase, MS-Access, DB2.

Web browsers Internet Explorer,Netscape,Mozilla Firefox

Application Packages MS-Office,Outlook,MS –Word,MS-Excel



QA Analyst

Amano Cincinnati Inc. is a recognized leader in the development of the parking, time, and attendance software and hardware (time clocks) product line. The focus of this company has consistently revolved around providing an extensive array of the most dependable parking equipment and software. It is the largest independent developer of parking software in the parking industry.

Project - IPARC:

IPARC is the next generation of revenue and access control software of the parking industry which provides the real time 3-D mapping of the transactions and system access activity. It provides full suite of customizable pre configured reports for mission critical data, simplified contract cardholder management to keep track of the facility revenue.


1. Reviewed and analyzed the Business Requirement Document.

2. Designed and documented test plans, test cases as per the functional specification document.

3. Executed test cases manually that were developed in pre testing phase. Compared and analyzed actual to expected results and reported all bugs in Mercury Test Director.

4. Developed Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) from the functional Requirement Document.

5. Extensively involved in Performing the Data driven testing using the

Automated Tool - Quick test professional (QTP).

6. Performed parameterizing the test using data tables of Automated tool – Quick test professional (QTP).

7. Performed regression testing against the various builds of the application.

8. Performed web specific testing such as link validation testing, application testing, usability testing, cross browser compatibility testing (I.E, Netscape).

9. Involved in security testing as according to CISP Compliance.

10. Extensively involved in testing different web report formats.

11. Documented the software release notice (SRN) at the end of the release cycle.

12. Involved in Data migration testing and verified the data using different SQL queries.

13. Verified test results and worked with Development in resolving software bugs.

Environment : Manual Testing, Quick Test Professional, Test Director(8.0),SQL Server 2000,SQL Server 2005,VB.NET,VBscript,XML,C , C++ ,Windows XP, Microsoft Visual studio 2005,Internet explorer, Netscape.

Project – Amanocharge:

Amanocharge is a complete credit card processing system. It is designed to facilitate credit card transactions initiated from Amano parking equipment. Amanocharge software proceeds by relaying the credit card data to the clearing house and communicating the acceptance or rejection of the card to the initiating device.


1. Reviewed Business Requirement and Software Specification Requirements to better understand the application.

2. Examined and analyzed the requirements to document test cases using Test Director.

3. Executed test cases manually and reported defects using Test Director

4. Performed Sanity testing for each new build of the application.

5. Involved in checking the data at the backend database using

different SQL Queries.

6. Attended weekly bug review meetings with development team to discuss the fixes for the next release cycle.

7. Actively involved in system testing, integration testing and security testing (PADSS Compliance).

8. Attended QA weekly status team meeting to present the overall status of the project.

9. Extensively involved in testing the credit card reports.

10. Worked with Customer Support in determining and recreating the issue in the test environment.

Environment: Manual Testing, Test director, firebird, VB.NET, VB script, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 server or Windows XP.

Project – License Plate Inventory host software:

License Plate Inventory (LPI) host software is intended to manage the parking facility and minimize the parking fraud. It helps in instant vehicle location tracking by license plate number, communication to allow transfer of data between different components of the system and developing extensive special reports to monitor and analyze the parking facility.


1. Analyzed the Business Requirement Document (BRD) and Functional Specification Documents.

2. Developed Test Plans and Test cases utilizing the functional requirements specification.

3. Involved in setting up the test environment.

4. Performed Sanity, Functional, Integration, Regression, system testing.

5. Executed test cases manually that were developed in pre testing phase. Compared and analyzed actual to expected results and reported all bugs in Product evaluation issue tracker (PEIT).

6. Involved in all QA Life Cycles.

7. Actively involved in Defect review meetings with development team and enhanced the quality of the application.

8. Performed the Positive and Negative Testing of the application.

9. Analyzed results and conducted tests on the modified version of the software.

10. Worked closely with software development team members to better understand system functionality in order to improve testing quality.

11. Maintained and controlled all the test cases for the next release cycle.

Environment: Manual Testing, Product evaluation issue tracker (PEIT), SQL Server 2000, VB.NET, VBscript,JAVA, Windows 2000, Windows XP.

ONECALLMEDICAL Inc., Parsippany, NJ. July 2006 – Jan 2007

QA Analyst

Onecallmedical Company is a nationwide leader for MRI/CT/EMG diagnostic Services designed to expedite the process of returning injured workers back to their respective occupation. They acts like a middlemen between patient,MRI/CT Center(Provider) and Insurer(who pays for the service).They take referral either from patient/insurance company and schedule appointment with the MRI/CT/EMG Service provider Center. Their main line of business is with workers compensation. The advantage of this company is getting same day scheduling as they have nationwide provider network and significant cost saving. They make percentage from insurance (Payer)-MRI/CT Center (Provider).

Onecallmedical has team of professional scheduling agents and their goal is

to ease the customers workload through instant access to patient scheduling

and medical report information while eliminating unnecessary phone time and


Different departments (Customer service (Users), accounting, billing) of onecallmedical has been using legacy applications like Intrepid, Schedadmin, Cactus for the past 10 years. All these applications are in PowerBuilder and now they re-engineered them into new .Net Architecture using VB.NET language. The

new application is called by Phoenix. Phoenix has various modules like Claims Management, Data Management, Finance, Dashboard, credentialing and Reporting.


• Reviewed and analyzed the Business Requirement Document and Functional specification document.

• Studied the Legacy applications (Intrepid, SchedAdmin, and Cactus) in detail to better understand the business requirements as well as user requirements.

• Interacted with various groups of the company like Datamanagement, Users, Accounting, and billing to obtain additional specific requirements.

• Involved in writing the test plan document.

• Participated in Requirement meetings and Detail Design meetings for better understand of the functional requirements.

• Highly involved in writing the Test cases from design documents, requirements documents and Legacy applications.

• Executed test cases manually that were developed in pre testing phase. Compared and analyzed actual to expected results and reported all bugs in Mercury Quality Center.

• Prepared Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) to map the Test cases with the requirement from the functional Requirement Document.

• Involved in various types of testing like Unit testing, Functional testing, integration testing, Parallel Testing, End to End testing, Regression testing, User acceptance testing of the application.

• Once the build is stabilized, some of the screens which are more frequently used are automated using Quick Test Professional (QTP).

• Developed and executed functional test script in QTP for regression testing to ensure compliance with the business and functional requirements.

• Performed data driven testing of some of the modules using Quick Test Pro (QTP).

• Identified and documented all the defects to ensure application software functionality for present as well as future builds.

• Managed, Documented and controlled all the test cases, test scripts and test results using Mercury Quality Center.

• Highly involved in interacting with development team in fixing the defect and track them until defect is closed.

• Responsible for documenting test results, defects, retest fixes in Mercury Quality Center.

• Reporting the test execution status in the Bug Review Meetings on a weekly basis with the project group.

• Managed all types of change requests, including defects, enhancements, issues and documentation changes using Quality Center.

Environment : Manual Testing, Quick Test Professional 8.2 ,Quality center 8.2,Oracle 10g,VB.NET,Javascript,XML,Windows NT,Windows 2000, Windows XP,SQL Navigator, Microsoft Visual studio 2005,Internet explorer, Netscape.

SPRINT-NEXTEL, HERNDON, VA. June, 2005 to June 2006

QA Analyst

This is a dataware housing application of Nextel communications. It is mainly used for analysis of profit/revenue/sales/cost on various key dimensions for the Boost

Phones (prepaid phones in Nextel).


• Analyzed the testing objectives and strategies, and evaluated system requirements.

• Development of Requirements management plan.

• Developed Test cases to cover overall Quality Assurance Testing needs.

• Performed initial Manual Testing of the application after creating test scenarios.

• Conducted regression testing on each new build, identified software errors and Interacted with developers to resolve issues.

• Written and executed the test procedures using SQL queries to check the database tables and verifying the results.

• Managed, Documented and Controlled all the test cases and test results using Mercury Test Director.

• Written and executed SQL Queries to check the data, table structure, record count of the final data table with source data.

• Extensively toad tool used to write SQL Queries to retrieve and check the data.

• Working with other development team members to better understand system functionality in order to improve testing quality.

• Executed all test cases, documented the test failures and reported the bugs using Defect tracking tool Test Director. Prepared Test Metrics.

• Conducted manual regression analysis of the Test.

• Instrumental in setting up the Dev / Test / Prod environments for this Datamart and part of rigorous User’s Acceptance Test of the reports of this Datamart.

• Planned, coordinated and monitored levels of performance and activities to ensure deadline completion on time.

• Attend meetings and update the status report for all monthly and major releases.

• Assisted the Team lead with daily QA tasks.

Environment: Test Director, Sun Solaris, Windows 2000, Oracle 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Erwin 3.5.2, Business Objects 5, SQL Navigator 4.1, Toad 7.4.


QA Analyst

Worked as QA Analyst with a leading financial service provider in USA. This is a web based online banking application constitutes of various modules like online banking services, with primary focus on Bill Payment, information and help, product information.


• Worked on online Banking, testing Bill payments with primary responsibility of testing Payments, Payees Information and Alerts.

• Reviewed Functional Requirement Documentation (FRD), Business Requirement document, System specification document and Use Case.

• Created Test Requirements, Test plans, Test Cases and maintained in Mercury Interactive Test Director tool.

• Analyzed application to find which part can be automated and which can be manually tested.

• Performed Data Validation of the data flow from the front-end to the back-end.

• Automated Performance, Functional testing and Regression Testing using QuickTestpro (QTP).

• Automated load testing for database replication using Mercury Load Runner.

• Performed Data driven testing.

• Performed functional and Navigational Testing for the different types of customer transactions.

• Worked with test objects, virtual objects, created tests and components, created tables, parameterized tests.

• Ran tests, debugged tests, analyzed tests and reported defects in Test Director.

• Load and Volume testing was done by creating virtual users using Load Runner.

• Utilized Microsoft SQL Server 2000 tools for daily testing, backups and usage.

• Tested the database using SQL queries.

• Tested the application compatibility with IE, Netscape and other browsers.

• Identified Software bugs and interacted with developers to resolve technical issues.

• Analyzed and documented the test results.

• Coordinated the QA team and conducted and participated in status meetings.


Nationwide Insurance, OH Nov 2002 - Jan 2004

QA Engineer

Nationwide Class Plan M is a new Auto product that combines our current auto products into a one standard company. Nationwide will be using credit information (as well as other factors) to rate auto insurance.

• Streamline the acquisition process to require less time for the producer to process new Customer

• Provide a class plan that works across multiple distribution channels

The pilot project was done for the state of Arkansas and was followed by other states later.


Reviewed Business Requirement and Software Specification Requirements to achieve better understanding of the AUT

Examined and analyzed the requirements to document test cases using Test Director

Executed test cases manually and reported defects using Test Director

Performed Sanity testing for each new build of the application.

Eventually created and executed automated test scripts using WinRunner tool

Tested for Functionality, Interface, and Regression testing.

Created Data Driven Tests to validate the same scenario with different test data.

Utilized Load Runner Analysis tool to analyze the response times of the business transactions under load.

As a QA team member, deployed TestDirector (Defect Tracking Tool) for communication with the production personnel, developers and team members

Wrote and Reported defects using TestDirector. Verified fixes and closed bugs during regression testing.

Attended project reviews meetings and discussed issues, status for tracking the progress with Development, Project teams and business groups.

Interacted with business analysts in resolving the problems.

Consistently provide high quality feedback on product readiness.

Worked closely with Software Developers to isolate, track, and troubleshoot defects.

Involved in testing whole application to make sure with the free flow of application




QA Tester

This business application is to track the shares of stock purchased and sold by various clients. Participated in test strategy development and conducted testing of a Trade Entry and Tracking System. Performed Test Planning and Development, Test Execution, Defect Tracking and Reporting.


• Performed manual testing on web-based applications.

• Conducted system testing, user interface testing and Load testing (Manual).

• Created and loaded tables then performed database testing with SQL scripts.

• Created Triggers, Functions and Procedures using PL/SQL blocks

• Validated data based on business rules.

• Checked that program loops and logic conditions were executed correctly.

Environment: Manual Testing, Visual basic 5.0, and Oracle7.0, Windows 2000/NT 4.0

EDUCATION: Master of Science - INDIA

Bachelor of Science - INDIA

PG. Diploma in computer applications – INDIA.

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