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Project Engineer

Concord, California, 94520, United States
March 05, 2011

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Concord, CA 94520. Email: shiv.k.varanasi


• 2 years of Experience in field of Microwave, RF Antenna Engineering and design.

• Experience with Simulating various types of antennas using Ansoft Designer and Ansoft HFSS softwares.

• Experience in calibration and measurement using the Anritsu Vector Network Analyzer (37269D) for the antenna characteristics like scattering parameters, group delay, etc.

• Experience in performing Near-field and Far-field antenna measurements with Anechoic Chamber.

• Experience in hand fabrication of patch antennas and fabricating various antennas using a milling machine.

• Experience in using grounding, cable positioning techniques while tuning antennas for cellular frequencies.

• Experience with most of the lab equipment like Network Analyzer, Microscope, Cutting and Drilling tools, Soldering Iron, Multimeter etc.


Simulation Software: Ansoft HFSS, MATLAB, Ansoft Designer v3.0 & v4, PCAAD 5.0, AutoCAD, CAM 350.

Antenna Equipments: Anechoic Chamber, Spherical, planar. LPKF milling machine.

RF Measurements: Network analyzer usage, active and passive measurements using anechoic chamber.

Operating System: MS Windows, MS Office (Excel, PPT, Word), UNIX

Languages: C, C++


San Diego State University, San Diego, California, USA

Masters of Science (M.S.), Electrical Engineering (GPA: 3.48/4.0) Dec 10

Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India

Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.), Electronics & Communication Engineering (GPA: 3.72/4.0) Jun 08


Internship: WP Wireless

Antenna Design Engineer Sept 10 – Dec 10

• As a Research and Development (R & D) team member of the company, assisting Senior RF Engineer for design/optimization of various antenna designs and also while preparing data sheets.

• Experience in hand fabrication of patch antennas and fabrication of various other antennas using milling machine.

• Experience in using network analyzer, performing active and passive measurements using anechoic chamber, passive measurements involve efficiency, VSWR and S-parameter measurements.

• Experience in soldering, making cables, bending metal sheets and making mockup units.

Antenna and Microwave Laboratory, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Research Assistant Aug 09 – Till Date

• Work mainly involves investigating reconfigurability for antenna applications on a NSF funded project . Work also includes simulation design of microstrip patch antennas using Ansoft Designer and Ansoft HFSS softwares, fabrication using an LPKF milling machine and radiation pattern measurements in an anechoic chamber.

Antenna and Microwave Laboratory, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Graduate Assistant Feb 09 - May 10

• Work includes grading students for graduate level courses like Antenna and Wave Propagation , Microwave Devices and Systems, RF Wireless Systems and undergraduate level courses like Electromagnetic Wave Theory, Signals and Systems.


• Title: “Investigations on Cavity Backed Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna Providing Directional Radiation Patterns Employing Defects In Ground Plane”.

• Thesis Advisor: Prof. Satish K. Sharma, ECE, SDSU (Email:

• Research involves design of a novel cavity backed half Ψ-shape microstrip patch antenna with an L-shape feeding method and ground plane defects for wireless communications applications. The physical size of the antenna has been reduced approximately by quarter wavelength and contributed a wide impedance matching bandwidth of 56.57% with good directional radiation patterns within the frequency band (5.0GHz-11.0 GHz).

• The simulation results obtained from Ansoft HFSS software have been verified by measurements performed in an anechoic chamber at the Antenna and Microwave Laboratory located at San Diego State University.

ACADEMIC PROJECTS (MS- San Diego State University)

A Multiband Planar Monopole Antenna For Mobile Wireless Communications Applications

• This project mainly deals with designing a planar multiband antenna covering nine wireless communication bands namely, GSM900, PCS, IMT-2000, UMTS, UMTS-2110, WLAN, ISM/ Bluetooth and WiMAX ( 2500-2690 MHz, 3400-3600 MHz) with good radiation efficiency, acceptable gain and fairly omni-directional radiation patterns.

Investigations On Horn, Loop and Dipole Antennas

• This project mainly involves a research study conducted on a pyramidal horn antenna, linearly polarized single band horn antenna, finite dipole, small loop antenna, loop antenna with ferrite core, single and multi-turn loop antennas.

TLM Based Metamaterial Structures and Implementation In Microwave Components

• This project involves a research study conducted on transmission line metamaterials, phase shifters, metamaterial applications which include Wilkinson power divider and balun.

Method Of Moment (MOM) Code For Simulating A Rectangular Patch Antenna

• This project involves a basic study on method of moments in conjuction with the MATLAB software suite to simulate a microstrip patch antenna operating at 2.4GHz.


Effect of Length of Line Source On Overall Antenna Radiation Pattern

• The project mainly involves implementation of Taylor’s method of design of continuous line source antenna to investigate the effect of the length of the line source on the overall antenna radiation pattern characteristics. It had insignificant effect on the side lobe levels but showed considerable change in beamwidth.

• The project also includes design of arrays to produce narrow beams for point to point communications and also for high angular resolution radars.


• E. Mireless, M. K. Brar, R. A. Moody, S. K. Varanasi, and S. K. Sharma, “A Multiband Planar Monopole Antenna

• for Mobile Wireless Communication Applications”, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters (Submitted).

• S. K. Varanasi and S. K. Sharma, “Investigations on Cavity Backed Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna Providing Directional Radiation Patterns Employing Defects in Ground Plane”, Progress in Electromagnetic Research, PIER B journal (Submitted).

• Effect of Length of Line Source on Overall Radiation Pattern”, Progress In Electromagnetic Research, Prague, Czech Republic, March 2008.

• S. K. Varanasi, and S. K. Sharma (Advisor), Improving radiation pattern performance of y-shape microstrip patch antennas by employing dielectric sheet with metallic strips”, Student Research Symposium (SRS), March (5-6), 2010 at SDSU, CA, USA.


• Advanced Topics of Physical Electronics

Course includes Multiband antenna design for cellular applications, fabrication and presentation of group

and individual projects.

• Antenna and Wave Propagation, Microwave Devices and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Modem Design, Computer and Data Networks.

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