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Management Customer Service

Seattle, Washington, United States
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April 11, 2012

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M i r i a m S i m m e l

Operations Management Professional

Bringer of Strong Clarity, Support, and Integrity in Working with Teams while adding Energy, Value, and Forward-Momentum to the Organization’s Core Purposes.

S K I L L S:

Project Management & Growth Advocate in both Corporate and Manufacturing Environments, including:

• 18 years providing clarity in Corporate Communications via facilitation of weekly and monthly team meetings with strong follow-through on all open ‘Action Items’. Creation and regular updates of ‘Responsibilities Charts’ per project or area providing lines of sight across divisions supporting a hierarchy of enterprise needs.

• 18 years of Budget Management and Analysis for corporate divisions & groups through monthly reporting of performance measures to elucidate and achieve paths toward financial and operational improvements.

• 15 years mentoring direct-reports and groups via ‘Quick-Training’ of Supervision and Management in Corporate Standards (Deming, ISO, etc.) covering Policy, Quality, Customer Service & Environmental systems.

• 15 years of Operations Compliance, Legal Compliance, & Business Administration Management.

• 12 years of Contract Review and Negotiations for obtaining best value Business Services.

• 12 years Lead Auditing and Audit Procedure Creation toward Systems Standardization.

• 10 years Community Liaison and support of Local Charities via Corporate Sponsorship ($100K+).

• 10 years Communications Fiend – conveying critical project communications. Shared Intra-Net Communications: Company Resource Guides, Policy and Procedure updates, Environmental Performance Charts, Safety and Security Guides, Economic News, Civic Outreach and Community Giving Projects, and so forth.


Management with the Big Picture at the Forefront: my teams are successful because the metrics used to measure progress show up as their vital contribution to the Organization’s overall goals, as well as meeting and beating their pre-charted projects and measures. I strongly acknowledge each team and individual’s contribution and growth which is paramount to their health and energy for providing the very best performance and value.

Clarity of Purpose and Reliable Communications: teams can be at cross-purposes and more often, simply miss the opportunities where they can leverage each other’s best energies. As their leader I seek to light up core goals while constantly and consistently providing the clear mutual communications that easily shift the players’ gears and abilities to daily achieve concurrent, productive and satisfying work for the entire group.

Setting and Demonstrating Standards: core operations and services must be accurately measured, strongly documented, reflect an ease of carry-through, ease of review, of hand-over and training, and show achievement of their purposes as the underlying groundwork upon which corporate innovation and advancement can thrive. An organization’s processes must reflect the character of its strongest leadership - competence and integrity - its strength coming from how well established and technologically efficient these core systems are for associates to use, who in turn bring a system awareness and willing approach to nurture these processes to meet the demands of our ever-changing world of needs.


Tactical application of Project and Quality Management Concepts and generating precise instructions for success using PMBOK, Deming cycle, KPI/TQM controls, scorecards, “kaizen” improvement plans, within both corporate and manufacturing environments; including balanced scorecard management. Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 14000 Environmental Systems.

Legal and Regulatory Discernment: Superior understanding of regulatory codes of business conduct (e.g., EEOC, OSHA, EPA), to ‘cull’ key points for ease of business compliance.

Technically Adept: easily and eagerly handle and learn Multiple Applications for project management and control. PC applications include MS Office Suite, eBRP, SAP, Visio, MS Project and multiple proprietary systems.



Legal Support – Employment & Consumer Protection Prosecution;

While studying for my MBA: provide legal support for 3-4 attorneys and refine my understanding of reducing company risks through proper management of human resources, product-public safety, and tort-contract compliance.

PIONEER STRATEGIC BUSINESS SERVICES INC. Sales/Administration HQ Long Beach CA 2006 to 2009

Strategic Manager of Business Continuity Planning; Procurement Contracts Negotiator; Group Standards Compliance, Facilities and Security; and Down-sizing Support.

Business Continuity Planning Project nationwide using “eBRP” programming for business-disaster management and recovery: this required a full understanding of core functionalities in all business sensitive areas.

Compliance Management for “ISO” Environmental Systems and U.S. Customs controls nationwide

Team/Departmental Training and Communication in Revised Risk Management & Corporate Governance

Procurement Re-Negotiation and Elimination of corporate service contracts during downsizing-projects while maintaining Facility Safety and Security plans

OSHA compliance and Injury-Illness Prevention Plans – development and training with safety teams.

Standardization of Corporate Documentation clarity and revision controls.


POINT CLARITY LLC, SEATTLE WA – Personal Entrepreneurial Venture 2004 to 2006

Research Venture for Small Business -- self-supported by working for Safeco Insurance’s Legal Office

Researched Economic News-Product Development and set up Corporate By-Laws

heavy research on Internet for developing proprietary ‘economic statistical news’;

reviewed and trained in web-design, media management, decision-path management

at Safeco - administered and assisted various legal court cases regarding insurance defense.

PIONEER ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY, INC. – Home Theatre Manufacturing 1991 to 2003

Operations & Administration Section Manager, President’s Office

Key Communicator for incorporating Executive Management’s Corporate Plans and Training Development

Action-Plan Facilitator for communicating critical weekly, monthly, and annual goals with follow-through

Enterprise-Critical Project coordinator: ISO 9000/9001/14000; Workforce Education; Regulatory and Corporate Compliance Programs e.g., CTPAT (U.S. Customs) and Environmental Compliance

Management Responsibility Charting and Business Contracts Management and Negotiation

Marketing Reports for Product-Features Improvement; Supplier Relations; Concurrent Engineering Support

Factory Support of Kaizen, Deming and 5-S Efficiency principles.

Community Relations Management: charity coordination, media communication, local events representative

Confidential and sensitive management of human-resources and product-development projects.

E D U C A T I O N A L U P – K E E P

2010~2012: Masters in Business Administration – Washington Western Governor’s University –

completion online in June 2012 to refine & credential my strong abilities.

PMP Project Management training complete; certification possible within 2012.

1984: BA – Scripps College, Claremont CA – Liberal Arts/Communications Major; 1982 Sorbonne Paris.

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