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Project Manager Engineer

Humble, Texas, 77339, United States
March 19, 2012

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Jan. **,**** Gerald Corona

**** ****** **** *****

Kingwood TX, 77339

Home: 281-***-****

Dear Gentleman,

My main objective as field construction inspector has been to identify constructability issues of

approved plans – vs. - existing conditions. Reporting issues to the project manager/engineer and

designer, in a timely or real time manner depending on urgency.

Report existing Platt conditions that could hinder planned contract quantities and before

contractor has completed all of pay items, requesting remobilization charges. Document preconstruction

conditions of project easement, but also neighboring private property, diligently

monitoring contractor and ensure subcontractor are not out of their easement and damaging

those properties , leading to law suits and impacting the close out phase.

In the twenty six years in the Geotechnical, Materials Testing, Construction Management,

Structural, and Coating inspection, has enabled me to be a well rounded and proficient inspector.

Knowing day to day where to be present at the most critical times, situations or pay applications.

My mission statement: represent your firm competently, professionally, relaying information that

benefits the company, client, and project. Delivering the project as per the plan and

specifications, under budget, satisfying all parties and a will to work together in the future.

Respectfully yours,

Gerald Corona



Twenty six years on-site: Civil, Geotechnical, Structural, Water and Waste Water Infrastructure,

Materials Engineering Testing,

Seven Years In Construction Management and Inspection of Various Multi-Million Dollar


o Road and Bridge Infrastructure (Harris and Montgomery Counties, Texas)

o Toll Road (Harris County Toll Road Authority -Sam Houston East Main lanes)

o Airport infrastructure and runway construction

Review plans and contract documents and scope of work requirements to ensure


Check all existing manhole flow lines for constructability before construction begins

Perform inspection to ensure conformity to quality, performance, and/or plan requirements.

Submit Daily Pay Application

Propose remedial corrective action to Project Management

Interact with project management , governmental agencies and utility operators


Field Inspector (Sirrus Engineers, Houston, TX,) 7/09 – 3/11 contract inspection

o Sam Houston Toll Road (4.45 total miles with 3 bridges, six main lanes and

shoulders) 300+ pay items , contract total 79 million

o Responsibilities include daily reports for pay item quantities with detailed

locations and site sketches; road and bridge components (stabilization of sub

grade, paving bond breaker paving, slope paving, SWPPP, and seeding) and

monthly compliance report for traffic control

Major Accomplishments (Sirrus Engineers)

Reported clay contamination in concrete (night shift) preventing several

months of costly delays to both contractor and project. Other inspectors (10)

did not find or report contaminated concrete(during daytime).

Reported removal items not documented on plan quantities

Reported drainage problems resulting in necessary plan changes

Field Inspector/Developers Rep.(Jones and Carter Inc, Woodlands, TX) 8/06 - 7/09

o Check all project design features during extreme events for designed

drainage performance and document for client and Eng. Review.

o Compare approved equipment submittals to actual installation, verify

approved submittal and compliance with special exceptions. (for all

mechanical and electrical installations)

o Inspection and construction of 300 GPM Water Plants , thru punch and

final close out.

o Chloramine conversions (Kleinwood and Heatherlock MUD)

o Lift station and Wastewater Plant (Harris County MUD # 401)

o Emergency Water Well reworks - electrical inspections

o Coating inspections on GST, piping and Hydro-tank recoats

Major Accomplishments (Jones and Carter Inc)

Discovered elevation bust during review of storm survey staking, before

paving contract was awarded, in time to re-plat.

Reported elevation bust in permanent topsoil stockpile location before going

over designed elevation, avoiding charge for moving the spoils twice.

Identified errors in haul off quantities and fill grades, eliminating change order


Reported elevation changes during installation of utilities, in a swampy platt

before all excavation saving engineers’ embarrassment and client cost.

Gerald Corona Resume (cont’d)

Page 2

Project Representative (Brown & Gay Engineering, Houston, TX) 8/04 – 8/06

o Bridgeland – 1000-acre infrastructure master planned community. Water

plant, from well drilling to completion and acceptance, wastewater plants, lift

stations, two conspan bridges, and four sub-divisions, one irrigation pump


o Coordinating 14 contracts and contractors simultaneously, excavationmoved

and graded over 2 Million CY's

o Identified plastic index of soils visually upon delivery for acceptance purposes

for clay liner of lakes or select fill for building pads

Other Major Projects

Black Horse Ranch – Section five Stone Ridge

Bridgewater Meadow section 2, 3

Oak Landing section two.

Major Accomplishment (Brown & Gay Engineering)

Reported designed slopes encroaching on existing trees. Conflicting existing

conditions from design plans (survey missed trees and monuments).


Smoke testing of sanitary lines

Profilograph of roadway surfaces

Ferroscan – rebar detection in hardened concrete

Hydrostatic testing of water and sanitary

Dye penetration of carbon steel welds

Prestress and post tension of bridges and high rises

Low pressure/vacuum testing of sanitary

Industrial coating inspections: humidity, dew point, temperature control , dry + wet

mil thickness, Holiday acceptance testing

Emergency Water Well reworks

Coating inspections on GST and Hydro-tank recoats


National Institute of Certification in Engineering Technologies: Level III, Soils,

Asphalt Concrete

Texas DOT Roadway Specialist (Hot Mix level 1B)

The International Association of Foundation Drilling: Deep Foundations

American Concrete Institute: Certified in Field Testing (1)

Kansas City Area Vocational Technical School – welding & blueprint reading (1982)


Technician of the Month 11/99, 12/99 and Technician of Year 1999

American Society of Certified Tech Houston Chapter Technician of the year 2003

REFERENCES : Jim Loo P.E. – Project Engineer , HCTRA cell# 832-***-****

Ed Shackleford P.E. – Jones&Carter , Woodlands off. 281-***-****

Water Plant construction roles:

Well Drilling:

(1) Confirm drilling company and owner have all permits and Storm Water Quality

Plans posted and visible from jobsite .(2) Pre-determined approved location for

water spoils and silt protection in place , averting wetlands and surface water

sources. (3) Daily report of footage drilled each day for test hole until total depth

has been achieved. (4) Notify Engineer when Well logging is to occur; from

experience the oil and gas companies get priority and water well logging is with-in

24hrs of scheduled date. (5) If well is approved and desired depth selected, a

selected method of water sampling is taken for chemical and sieve analysis. (6)

Once approved, I will field verify depth of submitted casing /linear for slotting and

screens. (7) Monitor plugging from Mud Company to contain gas or radioactive

elevations (8) Witness and review welder’s certifications for welding of casing and

screens. (9) Confirm Gravel used is the size approved by Hydrologist. (10) Monitor

Cement casing , wait and set temporary pump, develop well and record specific

capacity tests.(11) Permanent pump ordered ,set once received.

Plant work:

(1) Pay from, approved submitted schedule of values. Install cast iron distribution

lines in a plastic wrap for corrosive soil environment. (2) Install Electrical duct

banks to control room, hydro-tanks, well and distribution pumps, service pole,

and ground storage tanks cathotic protection system. (3) Daily photographs of

all work performed for pay applications. (4) Bolted galvanized tanks: vacuum

test floor. New welded ground storage tanks. (5) perform all paint inspections

prior to coating: (a) anchor patterns taken in accordance to NACE and approved

coating system. (b) document (pics) of approved zinc epoxy, thinner , mixing

method , specified application air pressure, dew point , humidity, steel

temperature checks prior to applications.(c) Perform wet and dry mill thickness

after each coat to ensure with-in manufacturer recommendations. (d) Final

acceptance with passing Holiday Testing; documenting batch numbers and mix

recipes for future color matching.

(2) Verify all approved submittals have been installed in the field: i.e. control

panels, auto-dialer, switch gear, relays , regulators, air compressor, gas alarms

, chlorine distribution ,main disconnect, cathotic protection starters,

capacitors, pumps, air release valves, lighting , check valves , motors ,

conduit, well oilers , etc… (4) present during well video, looking at welds,

gravel pack cleanness , water clarity

(3) Once permanent pumps are set; request vibration tests on all .And shaft

alignment results received. (4)Step test and then actual specific capacity


Close Out Responsibilities:

(1) When Control room is near completion, I inform project manager to request

permanent power connection with designated operator. Only once address is

visible from street, main disconnect, switch gear, service pole, and safety lock

out box have been installed. (2) Produce a preliminary punch list to contractor

before start up. (3) Have received consecutive passing Bac.T’s on first ground

well, ground storage tanks, and distribution lines. (4) Project manager schedule

TCEQ inspection, and operators for start up.

(5)Present to write up final punch lists, transfer owner’s manuals to operators,

check that warning signs are in place. (6) Follow up on punch list items.


For North Harris County Regional Water Authority: install of Chlorination booster

pumps , Ammonia /Chlorine analyzers, electrical and control room modifications.

Distribution line modifications.

Recoating inspection of Ground Storage Tanks

(1) During five year scheduled inspection or known GST out of service; take

pictures inside of tank for coating failure, tank erosion, sand from gravel

pack damage, storing pictures on company photo storage program for

districts engineers review and for monthly meetings.

(2) Request steel thickness gauge , if erosion or sand blasting has reduced

required thickness.

(3) Sample existing coating , if color and manufacturer are not known.

(4) Coating inspection

Emergency Water Well Service

(1) Present during video of well with Hydrologist , locating damaged screens ,

eroded casing , clogged slots etc.

(2) After engineers review; follow the recommended repair i.e.: acid wash ,

steel wire brushing , replace casing , pump oiler , spacers etc.

(3) Remove oil from well and document quantity

(4) Careful to explain to driller and Water Company NOT to go over approved

work order

(5) Present to view video after repair

(6) Vibration Tests if motor is replaced

(7) BacT’s

Emergency Natural Gas Generator

(1) Verify switch gear , gas connections , Nema control boxes are water tight

(2) Notify project manager when close to completion to schedule permanent

gas hook up

(3) Ballards installed around gas service lines

Hurricane and Extreme Event Plant Monitoring

(1) Review all my district water/wastewater plants: checking if online , if

emergency generator cycled , hydro-tank at operable water level , lift

stations are cycling , GST at operable levels, water wells are operable

Project list and scope

New Water plant from well drilling to operation:

Oakmont PUD – Water plant # 1 – 300 GPM

HCMUD 418 – Water plant #1 – 300 GPM

HCMUD 157 – Water plant -- 300 GPM

HCMUD 433 – Water plant – 300 GPM

Chloramine Conversions

Bilma PUD , Kleinwood MUD , Heatherlock PUD ,


Montgomery County MUD # 8 – GST + piping

Bilma PUD – GST + piping

Northampton MUD – GST + piping

Emergency Water Well Reworks

Northampton Water Well , Westador Water Well

Lift Stations

Inverness Estates , Bridgeland , Kleinwood ,

HCMUD # 418 + 433 , Montgomery County MUD # 8 , Heatherlock MUD

Structural Hyperlinks of Multi-million dollar Projects I have been

entrusted thru completion:


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