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Engineer Project Manager

Natick, Massachusetts, United States
March 16, 2011

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Youmei Zhao

Cell Phone 781-***-****


Highly experienced mechanical and test engineer offering 25 years experience in many projects. Fully experienced design skill which includes the small mechanism, large weldments, and mold design from conceptual design to prototype. Approve drawings, material, BOM, and manufacture process. Excellent on the Pro-E and Solidworks. The expert of crash test dummy design, testing, and data analysis. Familiar with NHTSA, EURO-NCAP crash tests and regulations. Trouble shooting complex engineering problems and generate new ideas. Confident, self starter, motivated, results oriented, energetic, very quick learner, responsible, flexible and team player.

SAE committee member of the Dummy Test Equipment Committee, THOR Evaluation Task Force USA citizen


Project Manager and Senior Engineer (October 2010-Current) GESAC, Inc

In charge of the blast dummy test lab for India open pit mine, develop and design the mid-size dummy with mini-pressure sensors at chest and head area to measure the pressure during the blasting. Design and manufacture the calibration test fixtures (head drop, chest impact, neck and knee impact, and foot compression) for the blast dummy which include the mechanical, electric control, and sensors.

Crash Test Lab consultant (May 2010-October 2010) Chery Automobile of China

Establish the dummy calibration and load cell calibration standard test lab which is the largest lab in Asia. Training and monitor young engineers for the car to car and sled test set up, which include the car and dummy set up, data acquisition sensor channel input, and output data analysis. Technical support on the C-NCAP, EURO-NCAP, and US regulation of the car crash tests.

Senior Project Egineer (1997-Jan. 2010) First Technology Safety Systems

Principal project engineer on the front, side, rear impact and child car crash test dummies, such as H3 10 year old dummy project, H3 5th, 95th, 3 year old and 6 year old dummy update design projects for NPRM, SID-IIs head form design, THOR-LX, FLX, and THOR-FT dummy, MAMA-2B, pregnant dummy and RID-3D, the rear impact dummy projects from design concept to prototype and production which includes select the critical material, rubber and vinyl mold design, check tolerance and fitting on the drawings, release drawings and create bill of material, and testing. Analyzed whole car crash test data and the sled test data for dummy design validation. Familiar with the machinery, rubber, vinyl, foam, and calibration testing processes.

Senior Design Engineer (1991-1997) GESAC, Inc

Design & Research: Principal engineer of THOR, 50th male front impact dummy. Design the face, head, neck, rib, spine, abdomen, and pelvis femur from the concept to the prototype using FEA simulation. Design the advanced 3 point seat belt using simulation of front impact, study the belt pretension. Study airbag deployment rate vs. delta-V for depowered Study the airbag effectiveness in the frontal impacts by study NASS (National Automotive Sampling System Crashworthiness Data), and deployment rate vs. delta-V, airbag dimension and volume.


M.S. Mechanical Engineering with System Control and Optimization Design, West Virginia University

M.S. Mechanical Engineering with CAD System and Computer Control, Tongji University, Shanghai China


Chest Deflection Measurement in Crash Test Dummies and the New Concept Design Zhao Youmei Shen Guangyong Wei Fupin, Gu Xianguang Chen Chaoming Chery Automobile Crash Test Center 2010 International Conference of China Automotive Safety Technology,

The Technical Analysis of Pedestrian Protection Tests and the Design Conception for New Pedestrian Dummy , Chen Shuang, ZhuYonghua, Sun Hao, Zhao Youmei, Xu Wei, Wang Zhenwen, China Automotive Engineering Research Institute & First Technology Safety Systems Inc 2009 International Conference of China Automotive Safety Technology,

Enhancement and Evaluation of a Small Female Hybrid III Pregnant Dummy Y. Zhao, M. van Ratingen, C. Yao, G. Brill, S. Goldner, R. Huang, First Technology Safety Systems Inc, 2006 International IRCOBI Conference (Short Presentation)

Differences in the Dynamic Responses of the Thor-NT and Thor-FT Dummies Kazuhiro Onda, Fumio Matsuoka, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), Koshiro Ono, Masami Kubota Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI), Martin Peter National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, USA, Zhao Youmei, First Technology Safety Systems Inc., USA, 2006 SAE paper, 2006-01-0676

Hybrid III Dummy Family Update -10 Year Old and Large Male, Kristie Jarrett, Mike Salloum, Barry Wade, Denton ATD, Inc., Craig Morgan, R. A. Denton, Inc. Steve Moss, Youmei Zhao, First Technology Safety Systems, 2002 STAPP Bio Workshop

The Hybrid III 10-year-old dummy, H. J. Mertz, SAE Hybrid III Dummy Family Task Group, K. Jarrett, Denton ATD, S. Moss, First Technology Safety Systems, M. Salloum, Denton ATD, Y. Zhao, First Technology Safety Systems, 2001 STAPP paper, 2001-22-0014

A Headform Development for Neck Calibrating Tests of the SID-IIs Side Impact Dummy, Youmei Zhao, Sarath Kottur, Steve Moss, Joshua Y. Zhu, First Technology Safety Systems, Micheal J. Salloum, Denton ATD, 2001 SAE paper, 200-01-012, SAE Ralph H. Isbrandt Automotive Safety Engineering Award, 2003

Development of an Instrumented Biofidelic Neck for the NHTSA Advanced Front Test Dummy, R. P. White, Youmei Zhao, N. Rangarajan, GESAC INC. mark Haffner, Rolf Eppinger, Michael Kleinberger, NHTSA, 15th International Technical Conference on Experimental Safety Vehicles,

May 1996.

Preliminary Design and Evaluation of an Instrumented Abdomen for the NHTSA Advanced Dummy, N. Rangarjan, T. Shams, R. P. White, Youmei Zhao, D. Beach, GESAC INC., Mark Haffner, Rolf Eppinger, K. H. Digges, K. H. Associates, 15th International Technical Conference on Experimental Safety Vehicles, May 1996.

Use of Dynaman for Design and Development of Anthropometric Test Devices, T. Shams and Youmei Zhao, Proceeding of the 1995 ATB model User’s Colloquium, June 13-14, 1995

Performance Requirements for Dummy Abdomen, N. Rangarajan, T. Shams and Youmei Zhao, Report submitted to DOT/NHTSA under contract DTNH22-94-C-07010, 1995

Analytical Study of the Risk of Impact Injuries in Side Facing Aircraft Seats: T. Shams and Youmei Zhao. Report submitted to CAMI/FAA, 1995.

Safety of Side Facing Seats in General Aviation Aircrafts, N. Rangarajan, T. Shams and Youmei Zhao. Presented at SAE General Corporate and Regional Aviation Meeting and Exposition, May 3-5, 1995.

Development of a Software Tool to Analyze Personal Flotation Devices, Weerappauli, D.P.V., Youmei Zhao, T. Shams, SAFE Proceeding, 1992

A Selective Parameter Strategy for Design Optimization of the Feeder of a Paperboard Printer and Slotter, Youmei Zhao, V. Micino, J. Sneckenberger, Twenty Second Annual Pittsburgh Conference of Modeling and Simulation, 1991

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