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Manager Sales

Oxford Charter Township, MI, 48371
August 06, 2012

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Maria C Kargetta


Use my technical computer skills to help a company meet their goals.


Programmer skilled in database design, who is self-motivated and a fast learner with strong people skills +Spanish speaker.

Technical Skills

Advance: Microsoft Office MDOS and all Windows Versions

Six to ten years: Pascal, Dbase

Two to five years: FoxPro, Clipper, XENIX

Four and Half years: eBay marketing, tools and rules, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and Corel Paint Shop Pro

Some experience: COBOL, C, HTML, BASIC

Professional Experience

April 2012 to May 2012 It’s All About Parts

Company with two eBay stores, oriented to the sale of replacement auto parts.

Store Manager/designer

• Creation of both stores logos.

• Implementation and creation of templates used to the launch, change and update of listings via CSV files

• Picture editing

April 2008 to March 2012 Carroll Stream / World Parts Center / PartsMan888

Company with two eBay stores, one in charge of the sale of replacement parts for small engines and one offering the engines itself.

IT coordinator and designer

• Maintenance of 500 listings/parts between both stores.

• Implementation and use of an editor, new in the market for design, editing and launching of parts to eBay.

• Helped changing the market from small engines and parts to automotive replacement parts; coordinating, creating and launching them. Updating from 500 to over 15000 listings in a single store. Increasing sales and profit by 150%

• After a year of selling auto parts, eBay motors implements a catalog for the sale of automotive products to eliminate the high volume and listings of the same part number. Putting me in charge of the implementation of these changes, which included elimination of duplicates and connection to the master list (fittings) through CSV files. Best file with a minimum error percentage according to our eBay account manager.

• Transferred images, accounts and listings to a new store when the owners decided to break the partnership.

• Implementation and creation of templates used to launch change and update listings via CSV files. Making possible the release of high volume listings avowing with this the use of slow, tedious and time consuming editors.

• Using macros and formulas in Excel i created a program responsible of extracting sales information from eBay and payments from PayPal and making possible the importing to the accounting software, eliminating to a 95% the manual data entry and minimizing the times of processing orders shipping and billing.

• Creation of many logos for the different stages and transitions of the company, as well as the editing and capture of parts pictures.

• Improved website for the small engines stores, and developing new website for car parts using both third part website generator and html code, (project never finish, because the splitting of owners)

• Also responsible for posting openings, reviewing resumes, interviewing and hiring new office employees.

March 2008 Galaxy Plus

Company dedicated to developing of financial services and technology solutions.

• Revision of the Spanish version of banking via telephone.

August 2004

• Designed of a variety of logos using paint shop pro

• Modified web page automatically generated by a previous Internet service, using HTML went in to the code files and changed the lines to customize the page.

November 1995 to January 1997, Microsistemas & Software,

Company orientated develop and support computer software and hardware maintenance.

Master programmer/analyst

• Provided technology planning, content development, and technology-based training for the entire company’s crew. Collected requirements from subject matter experts and created customized software applications for sales, buys, requirements management and financial data pooling, sorting and reporting. Designed and generated custom databases, for source-code management, import/export interfaces between custom application and commercial applications accounting, billing and payroll applications.

• Assigned to end-user reporting team, collected requirements from end users to design then write inventory reports. Used FoxPro under XENIX for a company leader on marketing bathroom supplies.

• Supervised user’s manual documentation in MS Word

• Trained employees of different companies on the use of MS Office, Math and Physics.

• Completed application automated processing of payroll, human resources and billing for a company dedicated to the rent XEROX copy machines. Took initiative and designed improvements to back-end processes which resulted in the reduction of a weekend update process execution time.

• Provided support to an already running system codify in CLIPER fixing problems on generating and printing reports.

March 1994 to December 1994, INPROS (Ingeniería de proyecto y supervisión)

Company that supervised the construction of roads and highways

Data entry technician

• Sheet design and formula creation to calculate thickness, areas and endurance of asphalt on road.

• Used MSOffice excel and Word to provide final reports with results of road supervision.


Bachelors of Science, computer systems engineering 1993,

Completed four master level classes in computer systems

Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila (University of Coahuila México)

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