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Engineer Customer Service

Arlington, TX, 76010
$ 55,000
August 13, 2012

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• Strong thermal testing and Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis experience in FloTHERM, FloVENT, Fluent and ANSYS Icepak.

• Highly motivated with excellent communication skills, team player and proven ability to work independently.

• Proficient user of CAE tools like AutoCAD, CATIA, Ansys and Pro/E in laboratories as well as in industrial environment.

• 1 year Experience as a Process Engineer at SIDCO Industrial Estate, made part design and handled machine tool operations.

• 1 year Experience as an intern, and worked on CNC machinery in machining of automobile parts at GEM machining Center.


• Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Dec 2011

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Texas at Arlington, TX GPA: 3.3/4

• Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, May 2008

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Anna University, India GPA: 3.5/4


• University Bookstore, Follett Corporation, Customer Service and Sales Associate, University of Texas at Arlington, from July 2010 to January 2012

o Communicated with customers and helped locate desired merchandise, understood customer needs and suggested suitable options. Restocked merchandise at the warehouse and managed inventory. Packaging of books and merchandise for national and international orders, receiving and shipping were other duties.

• TASC- Tutoring and Academic Success Center, Tutor, University of Texas at Arlington.

o Courses tutored: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus & Physics, from February 2010 to August 2011

o Students contacted me by email after they went through my profile in the TASC website. We fixed meetings at the Central library or the E.H Hereford University Center for tutoring sessions in the any of the courses listed above.

• Infotronics,Sales Agent, from January to August 2008

o Contacted customers in UK and fixed appointments for sales staff, prequalified prospects and customers who needed the product or service, and communicated the same to the sales staff.

• Symantec Corporation, Technical Support, from January to July 2009

o Performed technical support for customers in USA, Australia, UK and Canada who had trouble with their personal computers or laptops in regards to virus attacks. Used remote access and removed these malicious programs and Trojan horses from their machines. Handled more than 15 computers with remote access at the same time, and handled 20 calls per day.

• GEM Machining Center, Intern, from January to December 2008

o Worked with CNC Machines and performed machining of small parts for automobiles like jigs, fixtures, bearings etc, under supervision for major automobile industries including Ford, Hyundai and Suzuki.

• SIDCO Industrial Estate, Process Engineer,from December 2008 to November 2009

o Handled machine tool operations such as Milling, Drilling, Turning, Welding and Sheet Metal Processing for various automobile parts and also beams for constructional purposes, based on the new design data suggested by customers, which were modified in Pro/E and AutoCAD.


Design and fabrication of Pneumatic Vice Project at Anna University

- The Pneumatic vice was manually designed using the size specifications and was made of mild steel. The minimum pressure required for fastening a block of steel and the maximum pressure beyond which material damage occurs was identified.

Characterization and Testing of Dissimilar Steel Friction Welds at Indian Institute of Technology, as a final project at Anna University.

- Here the metals considered were mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. These metals were obtained in the form of cylindrical rods and friction welding was performed using the machine at the Indian Institute of Technology between metals of the same kind and also combinations. The welds obtained were tested for bending, tensile strength and shear, in order to optimize a suitable combination.

Estimation of Stiffness of a Bump Type Airfoil using Pro Engineer and ANSYS Workbench.

- The design of the foil was done in Pro Engineer, and the stiffness was estimated by conducting stress analysis in ANSYS Workbench for different parts of the Bump Type Airfoil. The parts included a single bump, a quadrant of the bump foil, a single curvature and a flat surface. The stiffness of the parts was calculated based on the values of deformation obtained due to the applied load and these were compared to the experimental data of the model in ANSYS Workbench.

Cooling of a PCB in JEDEC Environments, using ANSYS Icepak.

- Here the PCB was created in Icepak in JEDEC Environments (Natural &Forced Conduction) and cooled using Thermoelectric cooler and a heat sink, as two different cases. The results obtained were compared for optimization.

Thermal Analysis of Different Heat Spreader and Interface Material used in Handheld devices, presented as final project for graduation at the University of Texas at Arlington.

- This project involved designing the system package in FLOTHERM and running a thermal analysis using different heat spreader materials and configurations. The resulting best configuration and the corresponding material used were deciphered. The heat spreader materials considered were Aluminum, Copper, and Graphite and these were either placed directly over the chip or with a gap filler/ interface material.


Drafting software : AutoCAD

Modeling software : Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA

Analysis software : ANSYS, ANSYS Workbench, Icepak, FloTherm, FloVent, Fluent

Operating systems : Windows (XP, Vista, 7)

Other software : Microsoft Office, Antivirus tools


• Active member of EMNSPC research team at the University of Texas at Arlington.

• Active member of APA pool league in both 8 ball and 9 ball sessions.


Currently on F 1 student visa with an OPT Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

Eligible to work in the United States for any employer till August 2014.

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