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Design Assistant

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
June 11, 2012

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Curriculum Vitae

(DOB: Jun. **, ****; POB: Xi’an, China)


I am a hardworking researcher; a self-starter with great personality; interested in the obtaining a position within your organization where my professional experience, education and abilities would be an advantage to the growth of my employer and myself.


Aug. 2008 - May 2012 Ph.D. Microbiology

The University of Southern Mississippi, MS, USA

Aug. 2005 - Aug. 2008 M.S. Molecular Biology

The University of Southern Mississippi, MS, USA

Sep. 2000 - Jul. 2003 M.S. Microbiology

Northwest University, Shaanxi, China

Sep. 1996 - Jul. 2000 B.S. Biological Sciences

Shaanxi University of Technology, Shaanxi, China

Working Experiences

Jan. 2011 - May 2012 Graduate teaching assistant (Human Biology lab, General Microbiology lab, and Medical Microbiology lab), The University of Southern Mississippi, MS, USA

Sep. 2003 - Jul. 2005 Advisor (undergraduate students), instructor (Experimental Design & Analysis, Microbiology lab, and Biochemistry), Huaiyin Institute of Technology, Jiangsu, China


• Outstanding Teaching Award, Huaiyin Institute of Tech. 2004

• Rong Zhijie prize, Shaanxi Univ. of Tech. 2000

• Excellent Student Scholarship, Shaanxi Univ. of Tech. 1996 - 2000

Refereed Publications

• Xunyan Ye, R.D. Ellender, and Shiao Y. Wang. 2012. Detection and genotyping of human norovirus in freshwater creeks in Mississippi. In preparation to Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

• Xunyan Ye, R.D. Ellender, and Shiao Y. Wang. 2012. An improved method to detect norovirus in oysters using probe hybridization to enrich target RNA and RT-qPCR. Submitted to Journal of Virological Methods.

• V. Harwood , M. Brownell, S. Wang, J. Lepo, R. Ellender, A. Ajidahun, K. Hellein, E. Kennedy, X. Ye, and C. Flood. 2009. Validation and field testing of library-independent microbial source tracking methods in the Gulf of Mexico. Water Research. 43: 4812-19.

• Xunyan Ye and Yun Zhang. 2005. Protoplast preparation of Jisongrong mushroom (Agaricus blazei). Journal of Microbiology. 25 (6): 106 -109.

• Xunyan Ye. 2005. Producing nucleic acid in bacillus JSM1601. China Biotech. B04: 299-302.

Poster Presentations

• Xunyan Ye, R.D. Ellender, and Shiao Y. Wang. Bioaccumulation and depuration of murine noroviruses by freshwater clams (Corbicula fluminea), American Society of Microbiology 111th General Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 2011.

• Xunyan Ye, R.D. Ellender, and Shiao Y. Wang. Development of a probe hybridization method to facilitate detection of noroviruses in oysters. American Society of Microbiology 110th General Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2010.

• Brownell, M.J., V.J. Harwood, J. E. Lepo, S.Y. Wang, K.N. Hellein, E.M. Kennedy, and X. Ye. Field testing of library-independent microbial source tracking methods in the Gulf of Mexico. American Society for Microbiology 110th General Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2010.

• Xunyan Ye, R.D. Ellender, and Shiao Y. Wang. A comparison of methods to concentrate viruses from environmental waters using MS2 as a model. American Society of Microbiology 108th General Meeting, Boston, MA, 2008.

Research Experiences

• A filter-based PMA technique to distinguish live- from membrane-compromised microorganisms in environmental waters using qPCR. 2010.

• Evaluation of PCR additives for microorganism detection in environmental waters. 2009.

• Detection of human pathogens or indicator microorganisms (avian influenza viruses, enterococci, salmonella, bacterial phage MS2, polyomaviruses, bacteroidales, and M. Smithii) by conventional PCR, real time PCR, plaque assay or MALDI-TOF. 2008 - 2009.

• Concentration and detection of human noroviruses in environmental waters using hollow fiber ultra-filtration method. Master thesis. The Univ. of Southern Missi.”. 2005 - 2008.

• Gene expression of C. elegan N2 using cDNA microarray and qPCR. 2005 - 2006.

• Mutation breeding of Agaricus blazei murill using He-Ne laser. Master thesis. Northwest Univ. (China). 2000 - 2003.

• Analysis of amino acid in rice using HPLC. Bachelor thesis. Shaanxi Univ. of Tech. (China). 1999 -2000.


• Experimental techniques: microbial culture, Gram Stain, streak for isolation, DNA/RNA/protein extraction, restriction enzyme digestion, reverse transcription, qPCR, cloning, DNA sequencing, gel electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, HPLC, MALDI-TOF, cell/tissue culture, virus propagation, plaque assay

• Presentation and data analysis: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Sigmaplot, statistical software (JMP IN, SPSS, and R package), bioinformatics analysis (primer design, BLAST, DNASTAR lasergene, and MEGA)

• Experiment design, method development, and report writing, knowledge of SOPs, basic computer skills, advanced calculator skills, good communication skills


• R.D. Ellender

Tel: 601-***-****


• Glen Shearer

Tel: 601-***-****


Classes Taken at The University of Southern Mississippi

(Classes taken at two previous universities are not listed here)

Class Credit hour Grade

Pathogenic Microbiology 3 B

Microbial Physiology 3 C

Molecular Biology 3 A

Bioinformatics 4 A

Environmental Microbiology 3 B

Environmental Microbiology Lab 1 A

Molecular Ecology 2 A

Molecular Ecology Lab 2 A

Current Topic in Organic Chemistry 3 A

Virology 3 B

Viral Pathogenesis & Diagnosis 3 B

Professional Development in Teaching 1 P

Biological Science Seminar 3 P

Dissertation 22 E

Research 141 A

Cumulative GPA 197 3.8

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