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Engineer Project

Prince George, Canada
March 01, 2011

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Ronald D. Robichaud

**** ***** ******

Prince George, BC.

V 2L 4W2

Feb 25th, 2011

REF: Employment Opportunity As Project Engineer.

May I ask that you review and consider my application for the available position of Project Engineer.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and I am currently registered as a P. Eng (Mechanical) with APEGNB.

I have more than twenty years work experience in a career that spans the pulp and paper, and oil and gas industries. During that time I have held various positions including project engineer, maintenance engineer, maintenance supervisor of a multi trades work force, plant manager and field operations supervisor.

My experience in the field of project engineering includes demolition, site preparation and new construction associated with plant expansions, new buildings, power boilers, steam plant, power generation, heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, stripping columns, concentrators, chemical addition, chemical recovery, corrosion inhibitor systems, pumping, piping(ASME 31.1, ASME 31.3, CSA Z 183 & 184 ), storage tanks (API standards), fuel supply, clarifiers, water treatment, effluent treatment, environmental projects, water recovery, heat recovery, HVAC equipment, material handling systems, and heavy mobile equipment. I have managed contractors on site during normal construction projects as well as during emergency shutdown situations in which hundreds of tradesmen had to be brought on site in short notice to make unscheduled repairs. I am accustomed to working within a multi-discipline team. I have managed contract work for engineering services with many of the large engineering firms including: SNC Lavalin, Fransen Engineering, Worley Parsons, Simons, Kvaerner and Sandwell.

On the maintenance side, I have managed and improved upon the maintenance and preventative maintenance programs as well safe work procedures and practices for all plant and heavy mobile equipment within my areas. I have worked on process improvements, equipment performance, energy conservation, and failure investigations. I have used the computerized CMMS system (Avantis) to the fullest extent possible for all maintenance and project work. I have always done my own planning, scheduling, material and services procurement.

In the area of operations and supervision I have experience as plant manager of a small manufacturing plant which employed forty personnel and had five staff reports. In this capacity I was responsible for the overall operation and sustainability of the plant. I have prepared annual operating, maintenance and capital budgets. I participated in contract negotiations and administered the plant’s overall environmental health and safety program. In the pulp and paper industry I have supervised crews of twenty or more unionized tradesmen including: millwrights, welders, pipefitters, electricians, instrumentation technicians, heavy equipment mechanics, carpenters, masons, painters fire inspectors, laborers and truck drivers.

My supervisors would confirm that I am a good team player who works well with his operations counterparts. During my career I have endeavored to keep abreast of new technology, tools and equipment which would improve the safety and efficiency of new installations and major repair projects.

I believe that my skills and experience would be an asset to your firm and I thank you for considering my application for employment at this time.

Yours Truly

Ronald Robichaud P. Eng.

[ 11/03/01 ]



1842 Larch Street,

Prince George, British Columbia

Canada, V2L 4W2

Cell Phone (250) ***-****

E Mail Home []


Employment As Project Engineer


University of New Brunswick

Fredericton, New Brunswick

• Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.ME.)

• Bachelor of Science in Forestry Engineering (B.Sc. FE )


Registered P.Eng. (Mechanical) with APEGNB


Experience in using MS Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2007[ Outlook, Word, Excel, Project, & Power Point], Adobe Professional, Lotus Notes, Visio, Auto Cad 2008, Fab Suite, CMMS (Avantis ) Software, Shell Livelink, Primavera, J.D.Edwards, and Great Plains.


Class Five Drivers License

Cat 980G Bucket Loader

Cat D8N Crawler Tractor



I am familiar with the federal, provincial, territorial and company Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental standards and regulations. I have chaired and participated in constructability review meetings, kick off meetings, hazop review meetings, daily and monthly safety meetings, tool box meetings, and safe work procedures review. I have prepared construction execution plans, risk assessments for contractors coming on site, incident reports, and site safety audits. I promote daily safety on the site through safety talks, review of incident reports, near misses, enforcing good housekeeping practices and leading by example. I insure that my direct reports have all of the required safety training and re-certification that is required by regulations.

Project Management

I have managed capital projects, both in house and under contract with engineering consultants, from the design base memo stage (DBM) through to completion and turn over. I have prepared management of change (MOC) requests and Approval for Expenditure (AFE) in which detailed cost estimated and return on investment had to be calculated. I have worked on multiple capital projects concurrently in addition to managing planned and unplanned (emergency) shutdowns in which hundreds of contract tradesmen had to be brought on site to do plant repairs.

My background in maintenance has provided me with the insight to insure that new installations meet the requirements for safety as well as routine maintenance and inspection operations. On large projects in which the design work was contracted out to an engineering firm, I endeavored to work very closely with the designers to insure that all of the stakeholder’s requirements were incorporated into the design.

As project manager/engineer my duty was to review, comment and sign off on all engineering drawings and construction work packages form the beginning stage (Issued for Review ) to the construction stage (Issued for Construction). These packages were also circulated for comments and sign off by other members within the project team including in house; E & I, Civil, & Piping designers; operations & EHS stakeholders; and lastly the superintendent of the engineering department. My responsibility was to insure that all comments and concerns were addressed and resolved, to the team’s satisfaction, before proceeding to the next level.

I have prepared and submitted to supply chain management, request for quotes and tenders and in conjunction with supply chain management have evaluated and selected the successful bidder.

I have always done my own planning, scheduling, material and services procurement through a computerized CMMS (Avantis) system. I was responsible for approving all invoices related to the project including receipts for contractor time and materials. Contractor queries were conveyed to me through the Request For Information (RFI) procedure in which the request and resolution were documented in the project files. I have always endeavored to insure a quick turn around time on all RFIs and in those situations where a design change had to be made I initiated a Field Change Note (FCN) in conjunction with our in house design team or the design consultants. On those design changes which involved an added cost to the project I prepared a Project Change Order (PCO) for approval

Using Microsoft Excel I prepared, updated and submitted weekly project cost reports to the client / stakeholders for review.

I have initiated, documented, tracked and followed up on non conformance reports (NCR) to insure that corrective action was being followed as stated by the contractor in his response to the NCR. I have always maintained accurate and detailed electronic project files. In those departments where there is a Technical Department Control, (TDC) I insured that all project information was channeled to TDC for documentation and distribution.


As project engineer I was the primary contact with the contractors working on site. All safety concerns with regard to contractors working on my assigned projects were brought to my attention for resolution. I was responsible for the follow up on all incident reports within my area. I chaired weekly project meetings with the contractors in which safety, progress, schedules, and delivery were reviewed. Representations from the client’s operations and EH&S departments were also in attendance at these meetings. For shut downs, tie ins and hot tapping work, a separated meeting was held to review the work procedure with the contractor, the tradesmen doing the work and the client’s operations personnel. Part of my duties included daily site inspections in which I inspected; quality of work, housekeeping practices, safe work procedures, progress, number of tradesmen on each job, equipment on site and its physical condition. All equipment brought on site had to have a valid mechanical inspection & certification including cranes, loaders, forklifts, vehicles, welding machines, etc.

Many of the capital projects on which I have worked, involved demolition and new construction in an existing area of the plant and as such it was necessary to work very closely with operations personnel to insure that normal production of the plant was not effected by the demolition and the new construction work. All required shut down work for tie ins or hot tapping work was coordinated in detail with operations.

I have prepared, submitted and reviewed construction execution plans which would detail how the work is to be done in a safe and efficient manner with minimum risk involved. I have prepared risk assessment and mitigation plans to minimize risk for contractors coming on site. I have reviewed and evaluated contractor work procedures, quality and progress, and have in some cases submitted non conformance reports.

Project Turn Over

As a project engineer I was responsible for ensuring that the contractor provided marked up As Built Drawings as well their QA documentation pertaining to the project. Near the close of construction work I organized, scheduled and led walk downs involving, my project group, the contractor, operations, and maintenance personnel to establish a punch list of outstanding items. I was responsible for the follow up to insure that all items on the punch list were completed before re-scheduling another walk down in which completion documents could be approved by all members associated with the walk down. All turn over documentation was recorded electronically in the project files and hard copies were placed in the project binders for storage in TDC. I was also responsible for providing assistance to operations during the commissioning stages by procuring outside field services, technical information and any required contractor manpower during the commissioning stages.

Technical Knowledge

Good technical knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering, conceptual design, equipment and piping layout, construction practices, mechanical equipment, maintenance, equipment files, repair history, spare parts inventories and process functions. I have the experience of working on projects which have a hazardous and explosion rating classification

Good trouble shooting skills obtained from maintenance experience. Knowledgeable in the way that major industrial companies do engineering, maintenance and business.

Computer Skills

Proficient in using computer software for project management, engineering, maintenance, estimating, planning, scheduling, purchasing, accounting, filing, presentations, and communications.

Communication & Networking

Good oral & written communication, believe in keeping my supervisor informed of all potential problems which could effect production. Attend regular operations, maintenance and projects meetings. Schedule and chair projects and maintenance meetings as required. Adhere to the meeting addenda and move quickly to get those who stray off track back on track.

Leadership and Team Work

More than twenty years experience in supervision and management. I foster team work within the group. Lead by example. Attend and participate in projects, maintenance and operations meetings as scheduled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Decisions effecting production and downtime should be made within the team. During brain storming secessions within the team, I believe in exploring the feasibility of all proposals from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Experience in supervising multi-trades work force including: millwrights, pipefitters, instrumentation techs, electricians, heavy equipment mechanics, fire inspectors, carpenters, masons, painters and laborers. Ability to co-ordinate and delegate work so that no-one is left overloaded. Good judgment and ability to motivate others. Set goals for myself and each member in my crew. Identify and procure the required training for all members of the crew. I am able to recognize the strengths, talents and potential skills in others and to motivate individuals to develop their potential in those areas.

Open minded, patient and utilize the key principles in dealing with people problems. Stern with regard to enforcing company policies, rules, regulations and union company contract. Recognize and praise achievements.

Ambitious & Hard Working

I take pride in my work. I do not like making mistakes, but choose to learn from mistakes and share with others, the knowledge gained from mistakes. I enjoy a challenge and I am interested in learning about new technology as well as the utilization of new tools and equipment which would improve the efficiency of construction and repair projects.

Flexible to Change

My career path confirms that I am flexible to change and enjoy all aspects of engineering work.


Presently Employment


Prince George, BC

Currently employed as Mechanical Owners Representative on a Recovery Boiler Upgrade Project (110 million ) in Prince George BC.

June 2010 to September 2010


Regina, Saskatchewan

Employed for a term position as Project Manager with a steel fabrication and erection company in Regina.

April 2008 to Dec 2008


Muskeg River Site, Alberta

Employed as Project Engineer, under contract to Albian Sands, in the utility area at the Muskeg River oil sands site. Projects included; installation of corrosion inhibitor system, replacement of condensate return pumps c/w hot tap tie ins, recycle water as gland water, HVAC installations in MCC buildings, and cleaning of contaminated condensate, My duties included the following:

• Leading project engineering activities for projects within the utilities area.

• Technical consultant to operations and maintenance whenever required.

• Ensure quality of projects including engineering design, scheduling, costs, etc.

• Guiding and controlling engineering contractors within the area.

• Coordinating with other groups and departments to ensure successful project execution

• Maintain technical documentation within the area.

• Integrate operations and maintenance into the project design.

• Adhere to the Shell methods of doing engineering and business.

• Apply the Shell HSE policies and standards.

2000 to 2007

UPM – KYMMENE MIRAMICHI ( Previously Repap NB )

Miramichi, NB

Employed as Maintenance Supervisor in the utility area of a pulp and paper mill complex. Responsible for the preventative maintenance and repair of all mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation equipment in the following areas: fiber re-pulping, power boilers, steam plant, power generation, hog fuel handling, ash handling, water supply and distribution, boiler feed-water treatment, effluent treatment, pollution control equipment, fire protection equipment including back up diesel generators and high capacity fire water booster pumps, and heavy mobile equipment. Duties include the following:

• Ensure a safe working environment, address all safety concerns, conduct daily safety talks, monthly safety meetings, safety audits of shops and worksites, procure training and certification for our tradesmen in; lockout, confined space, gas detection, WHMIS, fall arrest, first aid, cpr, chemical spills, fire suppression etc.

• Provide the highest quality of maintenance services and utilize the CMMS (Avantis ) computerized maintenance software to the fullest extent possible for planning, scheduling, reviewing trends and repair history on equipment, as well as the procurement of stock and non stock parts. Tradesmen to follow all the company maintenance standards, and work procedures. Ensure all tools and equipment used for repairs are maintained in a safe, operable and ready condition.

• Ensure the mechanical availability of all equipment in the above mentioned areas; tradesmen must utilize the carefully prepared lubrication and preventative maintenance schedules, perform regular inspections, measure vibration and temperature as required, and document with closing comments on all work orders and inspection forms. Plan and schedule the repair of all defective equipment before it takes the process down.

• Supervise twenty trades personnel including two pipefitters, six millwright-welders, one oiler, four tour (shift) millwrights, two electricians, two instrument technicians, one fire equipment inspector, and two heavy equipment mechanics.

• Adhere to and administer the terms of the collective agreement

• Plan and schedule daily work and major shutdown work in each area.

• Procure all non stock parts and materials needed for repairs as well as outside services whenever required.

• Develop manpower, strive for training, and promote the flex trades method of doing work by encouraging and assisting the tradesmen to become certified in other fields such as millwright-welder, pipefitter- welder, millwright-machinist, and electrician-instrument tech.

• Work as a team with other staff.

• Provide technical support and assistance as required.

• Keep abreast of new technology and procedures.

• Provide after hours maintenance coverage, one week in every six

1987 to 2000


Miramichi, New Brunswick

Employed as Project Engineer (Mechanical).in the Kraft, Ground wood, and Light Weight Coated Papermill Complex. Duties included the following:

• Project Management

Implementation of capital projects starting from the conceptual stage, preparation of budget estimates, requests for capital expenditures, coordinating with consultants and or performing the engineering design in conjunction with the requirements of production, and maintenance.

Preparation and evaluation of tender documents, requisitions for materials and services, and schedules for the installation of new equipment.

Technically manage the construction forces and supervision of the commissioning and start-up of new equipment.

Provide assistance with the training of production and maintenance personnel.

Financially monitor and control projects, approve invoices, and audit financial contracts and agreements.

Promote safety with the contractors by conducting pre-construction meetings, performing daily safety inspections of the work site, addressing safety violations and insuring that all equipment has been properly locked out before commencing work.

• Major Maintenance Projects

Management of major maintenance projects requiring outside contractors, primarily during scheduled shutdowns, i.e. annual plant shutdown of seven days duration.

• Unscheduled Maintenance.

Respond immediately 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to equipment or system failures at any facility within the complex.

• Stand-By Coverage

Provide scheduled engineering and maintenance coverage one week in every six.

Other Positions Held With Repap NB

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer in the Kraft and Paper Mills from 1991 to 1994. Duties included the following:

• Participated in the preventative maintenance program along with a team of other engineers to insure that all plant equipment was maintained at the highest level of performance and availability.

• Mechanical troubleshooting of all plant equipment which malfunctioned or failed to meet operating standards. Recommend corrective action and insure that it was implemented.

• Mechanical design and layout of pumping, piping, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems which would be installed by plant tradesmen. Equipment procurement for new installations.

• Coordinated mechanical field erectors and service men on site for major repair work and overhauls of plant equipment.

• Coordinated the training of plant tradesmen in the areas of laser alignment, bearing maintenance, mechanical seals, and steam traps

• Participated in the roll management program for the paper mills. Prepared weekly roll grinding schedules and verified that all paper machine rolls were ground to specifications.

• Maintained equipment files on plant equipment and recommend spare parts inventories for new equipment.

• Provided coverage as a maintenance supervisor when required.

• Promoted safety among plant tradesmen and outside service representatives.

• Insured that plant welders were tested annually in accordance with department of labor regulations.

• Responsible for all N.D.T. (Non Destructive Testing ) work performed by outside contractors on plant equipment and insure that all required repairs were completed.

1984 to 1987


Truro, Nova Scotia

Employed as Plant Manager at Domtar’s Wood Preserving Plant. Duties included the following:

• Scheduling of plant production and maintenance operations.

• Maintaining plant equipment, machinery, and the facilities in good operating condition.

• Administration of the company environmental, health and safety program.

• Administration of the plant quality control program.

• Plant administration in accordance with internal control standards.

• Prepare and submit the annual operating budget.

• Approval of all plant purchases.

• Approval of all overtime worked.

• Hiring and firing (discipline) of plant personnel consisting of a total work force of forty people.

• Adhere to and administer the terms of the collective agreement.

• Participate in negotiations for a collective agreement with the union.

• Settlement of customer complaints.

1978 to 1981

Abitibi Price Woodlands Division

White River, Ontario

Employed as Forestry Engineer at Abitibi’s Logging Operations in Northern Ontario. Duties included the following:

• Supervision of production crews including truck drivers, bulldozer and grader operators, timber fellers, and slasher operators on a woodlands tree harvesting operation.

• Responsible for the layout and construction of logging roads and the quality of wood being harvested on Abitibi’s timber limits.

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