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Computer Science Project

Pune, India
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January 05, 2012

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Gauri R. Gaikwad

(MSc Computer Science)

Intend to build a career with leading corporate of hi-tech environment with committed & dedicated people. My skill sets will help me to explore myself fully & realize my potential for developing next-generation technologies.

Technical Skill Sets:

• Languages/Technologies : PHP, JAVA, C, C++, ,

• Operating Systems : Windows Linux, unix.

• Tools/Applications : Visual Studio 2005.

• Databases : SQL server 2000, MS Access and MySQL.

• Projects worked upon

1. Name of the project: CAPTCHA SECURITY.

Project Duration: 2 Months (BSc Computer Science).

Its completely automated public turing test to tell Computers and humans apart.

A CAPTCHA is a program that can generate and grade tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot.

This is project which helps us against hacking the user account.

It has 4 types of CAPTCHA .

Picture CAPTCHA, text CAPTCHA, math CAPTCHA, audio CAPTCHA.

Team Size: 3

Language used: Java JSP.

Platform: Certified distributions of Linux.

2. Name of the project: IP Messenger.

Project Duration: 3 Months (MSc Computer Science Semester- I).

IP Messenger is revolutionary office messaging software for effective intra-office communication.

Text chat systems are popular and widely used.

It is developed in cross-platform language called as QT, so that an application can run on any operating systems.

Team Size: 2

Language used: C++, package QT.

Platform: Fully tested distributions: Linux or Windows X.

3. Name of the project: PC Infotech-Website for online shopping.

Project Duration: 3 month (MSc Computer Science Semester- II).

The website provides total information of computer accessories such as monitor, mouse etc and provides efficient online shopping.

Website has concentrated to provide the latest information of various computer accessories along with their price and salient features.

Team Size: 2

Language used: PHP.

Platform: Windows 98/2000 or XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7.

4. Name of the project: Secure Loan Banking.

Project Duration: 3 months (MSc Computer Science Semester- III).

It is an model representing online banking.

This application encrypts users all confidential information such as credit card number, PIN numbers needed for the loan application.

It provides security at three different levels:

1) Data Security –

Every account holders personal information such as name, address and income information about self, partner etc and asset information.

All this information will be encrypted by using the PGP Key algorithm.

2) Credit Card Security –

Credit card validation by using MOD 10 logic.

3) Site Security –

CAPTCHA logic will be used for securing the site.

The term CAPTCHA (for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart)

Team Size: 2

Language used: C#

Platform: Windows based operating system MS SQL SERVER 2005.

Educational Information

Degree Marks University/Board Year

SSC 88.00% Renuka Swaroop Girls High School

(Maharashtra Board) 2005

HSC 67.00% Fergusson College

(Maharashtra Board) 2007

BSc(Computer Science) 65.00% Abasaheb Garware College(Pune University) 2010

MSc(Computer Science)

Semester-I 73.67% Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University 2010

MSc(Computer Science)

Semester-II 77.17% Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University 2011

MSc(Computer Science)

Semester-III 73.50% Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University 2011

MSc(Computer Science)

Semester-IV Persuing Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University 2012

Personal Information

• Hobbies : Drawing, listening songs and reading, travelling.

• Date of Birth : 09/07/1990


31/11, Guruwar Peth,

Bhagirathi building,

Shitaladevi chowk,

Pune – 411042.

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