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United States
March 01, 2011

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Looking forward for a challenging job where I can expand my knowledge in field of wireless communication and also contribute my best to the company’s growth with my 1.5 years of experience in wireless networking.


Professional Master’s in Information Technology and Management(Concentration-Voice and Data Communications) – Graduated on Dec 2010, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-GPA:3.9/4.0

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology – 2008- Anna University, Chennai -(First class)


Speaciality : CCNA Certified, MCSA , MCSE ,MCSAM certified,

Platform : Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/WINDOWS 7, Linux,

Programming : CORE JAVA, J2EE,Batch File Scripting, PERL,C,C++ ,VBasic.

knowledge in IP Multimedia Subsystems.

Protocols:SIP,RTP,RTCP,H.323,MGCP,IP,UDP,TCP,routing protocols like OSPF,EGIRP,BGP etc.


-Drive Testing

-Edge Cell Coverage Testing.

-RF Performance Analysis (NI,Throughput,Modulation,Frequency planning,optimization,FPC,Multipath)

-Systems Engineer of various Antenna types like GAP,SAAP,DAP I,DAP II,DAP Vx,DAP DUO,MULTICARRIER (WiMAX)

-Troubleshooting system level issues with AP

-Familiarity with Link Budget,Propagation Models like HATA,COST 231,Okumura,

SNR/BER,Reciever Sensitivity,Antenna Types,Antenna Gain,ERP,Testing and Measurements.

-Network Management of EMS,CAPC,AAA.


-Spectrum Analyzer





-Router upgrade

-Switch IOS upgrade

-Have set up a LAN

-Worked on system and server migrations


-PBX cabling and PBX software management

-Troubleshooting systems on software crashes, hardware faults.

-worked on wireless networks too


-Experience on Ubuntu,Centos,SUSE

-working knowledge with Apache,MySQL,Bind

-installation of Test Beds of IP Multimedia Subsystems,Asterisk on Linux Platform

-IPsec Implementation

-installation of Telnet,sshd,apache,bind,MySQL,

-Perl scripting on Linux platform

-Working knowledge with Diagnostic tools like TCPDUMP,wireshark for analysis of protocols like SIP,DIAMETER,TCP/IP,


Asterisk Project, Apr 2010

Install the Universal Unified Communications application and integrate it with an Asterisk server.

*Involves Asterisk server installation from scratch with dependencies.

*Integrate a feature “Click to dial” and “Click to Conference” with asterisk.

*Developed a new feature “call-back” and integrated to server in PHP-AGI.

*Study the Interfaces of Asterisk namely AMI and AGI at the functional and architectural level.

IP Multimedia Subsystems , Mar 2009

This project is the continuation of a paper “A Study of An Open Source IP Multimedia Subsystem Test Bed “.This is focused on concluding the best architecture of placing the Interrogating-CSCF, Proxy-CSCF, Serving-CSCF in system(s) to research on performance of the IMS functionalities.


• Installation of Open IMS Core.

• DNS setup

• Users were created and updated into databases

• Registering users

• Call between two clients in the IMS setup on one machine.

• Call between two clients in the IMS setup on 4 machine

• Compare results.


• There is a interesting variation of the four metrics(Measure of Registration time, Respond to the initial invite time, Ringing Time, Disconnect time) measured on IMS system deployed in four different system and a single system.

• Some of the issues that can be responsible are

• More overhead when done in a single system.

• Systems processing time varies.


Performance Evaluation of Data mining Techniques for medical data, May 2008

• Implementing and Evaluation of clustering algorithm -KNN, KMeans

• Implementing and Evaluation of decision algorithm –C4.5, ID3

• Accuracy of the algorithms were checked and compared.

Payroll System

• Gets in employee details

• Displays all the details of the employee

• Calculates various functions like loan, housing rent (HR), PF, bonus etc. and displays their pay.

• Calculates the entire company’s expenditure on the payroll of employee.

Gaming Software

• The game developed was Tic-Tac-Toe.

• It was developed in C++

Airlines Reservation

• Gets in flight details

• Displays seat availability for flights

• Reservation can be done.

Inventory System

• Gets in product details

• Displays products details

• Alerts when the product reaches critical level of new purchase.


• Participated in the Dot net and IBM workshops

• Attended Seminars on Cryptography and Network Security

• Organized Converita, a national level IT Symposium at my college

• Active participant of NSS

• Class committee member

• Teaching Assistant at Illinois Institute of Technology.


Systems Engineer/RF Performace Test Engineer at WiMAX Lab of Motorola.(Sep 2010- current)

Job description:

-The major areas of responsibility include regression, performance, and capacity system testing of the WiMAX network.

-Reporting issues and Working with developers to collect and analyze data.

- Working with System Engineering teams in planning test case scenarios for feature, system integration and performance testing, regression testing and also to perform network debugging when defects are found.

- Configuring WiMax System Elements like EMS, CSN and ASN gateways, Sectors of AP, WiMax routers, PCMCIA cards, USB dongles and to test Interoperability of the same.

- Handovers Testing: Intra ASN, Inter ASN, Idle mode mobility and Analysis of Handover mechanisms

- Throughput: Throughput analysis under adaptive and fixed modulation schemes(TAM enabled/disabled).

-Analyzed throughput on the basis of Noise Interference

- Worked on various tools like motshell, APSnap, Spectrum Analyzer, Demon etc for troubleshooting on UNIX platform.

-Using Motorola tools to perform field tests to capture and analyze issues

-Comparisons of software loads with previous builds

-Perform drive test data collection and analysis of the field collected data.

IT System Speacialist/Wired and Wireless Network support at TENG & Associates,Inc. (1 Year)

Job description:

-experience with Wi-Fi configuration and network support.

-network performance monitoring

-used wireless networking tools like netstumbler, network monitor.

-Analog and digital phone setup on PBX .

-Systems and Network support

-Experience with microsoft servers,routers,switches.

-IT Help Desk support

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