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Automation Engineer SCADA, HMI, PLCs

Pune, Maharashtra, 411051, India
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April 16, 2012

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Patil Raosaheb Balasaheb +** 888*******

Flat No.-22, Building No.-A2,

Matruchaya Appt., Savitri Nagar,

Hingane Khurd, Sinhagad Road,

Pune-51, Maharashtra (India)

Objective: To work with an organization that gives me the work environment where I can utilize my knowledge and experience for achievements.

Professional Skills: -

Automation and control systems design & development, Project Leading, System Integration, Start-up, Support, Field installation and Commissioning using PLC/ Controller/ Processor/ HMI/ SCADA for various machineries, plants and processes. Ability to resolve complex and usual automation systems problems.

PLC Allen-Bradley (MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix), Siemens (S7-200, S7-300 Series),

Omron Micro PLC, LG Master K Series, IDEC – windlgc / windldr,AVG(EZ PLC’s),ABB,GE-Fanuc,Vipa,Unitronics, Mitsubishi, Delta, Wincon,Schneider-Telemechanic,TP PLC

SCADA RSView32 (Rockwell Automation),

Cimplicity (GE Fanuc),

Lab View (National Laboratory),

Wincc (Siemens),

InduSoft, Plantscape (Honeywell)

HMI/MMI Panel View (300 to 600 series, AB)

TD and Siematic touch panel (Siemens)

Prizm (HIO 10 to 760 Series, Renu Electronics)

DELTA Hmi’s, Unitronics, Messung, TP02, 05(Tian)

µC/µp Atmel /Phillips/Intel - 89C51, 89C52, Intel 8085.

Professional experience: 9 Years.

Present Job Details:

Employer: Creative Automation and Controls, Pune

Role: Automation Engineer (Development and commissioning)

Duration: 1-Dec-2003 till date

Previous Job Details:

Employer: Kalashri Electronics, Pune.

Role: Engineer – Repair & Calibration.

Duration: 1-May-2003 to 30-Nov-2003

Professional experience Details:

• Complete electrical installation, engineering, HMI and PLC application software development, servicing and training, and commissioning of customers support.

• Examining requirements of new automation systems, implementing, architecting creative solutions to accomplish business goals.

• Discuss with customers during implementation and design of the new complex services, understanding complicated problems resulted in successful issue resolution.

• Helping and consulting with other team members in resolving unusual and complicated problems related to new development, production support and testing.

• Initiated several concurrent projects for different applications, responsible for coordination, timely development, production functioning and smooth implementation of automation systems.

• Providing technical reports and documentation, according to company standards.

• International Projects:

- Golden Oil Industries Limited – G.P.O. Box 675, Lagos, Nigeria.

On site installation, erection & commissioning of the Automation system for Edible Oil Plant(Alfa Laval). (2 Months-from 27Aug. to 28Oct.2007)

After commissioning work at Golden Oil Industries Ltd. On their request worked as a

Customer support & Service Engineer on payroll basis for the six months through Creative Automation and Controls, Pune. (Feb2008 to Jul2008)

- Muhoroni Sugar Company Ltd. – P.O. Box-2, Muhoroni, Kenya.

Complete automation and control systems development, Field installation & commissioning of the 50 T/H boilers by using Wincon PLC, ABB SLC and Indusoft, RSView32 SCADA’s.

(From 21 Oct.2008 to 05 Jan.2009)

- KSL Sugar Co. Ltd. – Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Continuous PAN (Shreejee Make) automation and control systems development using SLC AB and FTView SCADA. Installation & commissioning of the instruments such as Brix Transmitters, PT, LT, Flow meters, Control Valves, VFD’s and development of the software (Feb 2010).

- Guyana Sugar Co. Ltd. – Enmore Estate, Guyana, South America

Automation and control systems development, onsite installation, erection & commissioning for the Sugar Plant (Evaporator, Syrup Clarifier, Molassis Conditioner, Pan House, Centrifugal Machines, Sugar Dryer, & Packaging House) by using Compactlogix, Micrologix, Siemens-S7-200, and FTView SCADA. (Feb-2011)

• Domestic Projects (Plants):

Complete automation and control systems designing, development, Field installation, & commissioning.

- Sugar Plants ( Mill-House, Boiling-House, Pan-House,Centrigugal Machines, Packaging-House & Boiler) using AB Micrologix, Compactlogix, Flexlogix SLC ,Messungs,Siemens S7-200 & 300, LG,VIPA, DELTA PLC, Siematic touch panel, Panel View, Renu, Messung Hmi and Indusoft, RSView, Wincc Lab View SCADA.

- Decanters (Alfa-Laval) in Sugar Factory using Messung PLC & HMI.

- Oil Plant (Hammer mill, Pretreatment, Bleaching, Deodorization, Fractionation, & Boiler) using Siemens S7-300, Wincc SCADA, GE Fanuc PLC, Cimplicity SCADA

- Margarine Plant & Packaging machine using Siemens S7-200, RSView SCADA,

- Batching Plants used for making the concrete building blocks using LG master K Series, Siemens S7-224,AB – 1100,1200 & Unitronics PLC, Siematic touch panel & Indusoft, RSView SCADA.

- Food Processing Plant using AB-1400 & SLC, RSView SCADA.

- Milk Processing Plant & Butter Packaging machines (Warna Dairy) using AB-1400 & SLC, AVG (EZ PLC), TP (Tian) PLC & Hmi, RSView SCADA.

- Pump Automation in water Supplying/Treatment Plants. Using Relay logic, Unitronics, AB micrologix 1500, Prizm Hmi & RSVIEW SCADA. Pump automation System using micro controller 89C51.

- Development of the SCADA system used in the Power Plant. (RSView SCADA)

- Development of the SCADA system used in the Desalination Plant. (RSView SCADA)

- Worked on the SCADA used for the Water Treatment Plant. (Indusoft & RSView SCADA)

- Worked on the QBLD and Plantscape Hmi server of Honeywell used for the Mill-House Automation in Sugar plant.

- Worked on the Vehicles Management system by using S7-224 and RSView SCADA.

• Domestic Projects (Machines):

Complete development of software, Designing the Electrical / instruments wiring diagram, and commissioning.

- Block Making Machines using LG, Unitronics & Siemens PLC, Siematic touch panel, Prizm HMI.

- Pipe Bending Machines (3-Axis, 5-Axis) using Siemens, AB, TP PLC, Prizm Hmi, and RSView SCADA.

- Brake Testing Machines using Siemens PLC, Prizm HMI.

- Rain Testing Machines using AB-1200 PLC, and RSView SCADA.

- Vacuum Test Machines using Messung PLC & HMI.

- Spring Test & Load Deflection Machines using Mitsubishi, Unitronics PLC, Delta & Prizm HMI.

- Wire Cut & Fix Machines using AB-1200, Prizm HMI.

- Capacitor Test Machines using EZ PLC & Indusoft SCADA.

- Student Trainee kit ( Pick & Place Robotic Hand, Drawing triangle, square, circle, pentagon, hexagon etc) using AB-1400 Micrologix & Panel view HMI.

• Instrumentation:

Field Installation, Servicing and Range Calibration of following Instruments

- Pressure, Temperature Transmitters, Differential PT, Differential Pressure Switches and Pressure Switches, Pressure & Temp. Gauges – WIKA, Yokogawa, Info’s, and Precision make.

- Mass Flow Meters, Variable Areas Flow meters – Enders & Hauser, Kroner Make.

- Level Transmitters & Level Switches (Diaphragm type, Capillary tube Type, Ultrasonic Type) – E&H, Rosemount, Yokogawa, Precision Make.

- Bricks Transmitters – Berthold, Versatile Make.

- Oxygen Analyzers, Control Valves with Electropnematic Positioner, Pneumatic Dampeners, Encoders, Stepper Motors With Ac/Dc Drives, Servo motors & Drives , LVDT, Proxy, Magnetic Switches, Load cells & Their indicators, CT, Isolators, Rotary guardians.

- VFD – Danfoss, ABB, AB, Siemens, Yokogawa, LG etc. Ac/Dc power Breakers, Smart Relays.

- Designing the Electrical / instruments index, data sheets and wiring diagram, Hook up diagrams, Cable tray & Cable Scheduling, Instruments schedule & Field installation. Exposure of Study and Review of P & ID, Process Flow diagrams (PFD), with respect to the Instrument types and Process description.

Personal Details:

Date of Birth : 24-June-1982.

Marital Status : Married.

Language Known : Hindi, English, and Marathi.

Educational qualification:

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Passed in April, 2003 From S.R.T.M. University, Nanded (Maharashtra).

Software & Languages Known:

Language Known : C

Application Development Tools : Visual Basic 6.0

Database System : M S Access

Applications : MS Office, AutoCAD

Other Industrial Involvements:

ISO 9002 Training & Certificate.

Entrepreneurship awareness training & certificate.

Get training of an Escalator, Elevator at OTIS Elevator Co. India Ltd.

Worked as an Internal Quality Auditor in Kalashri Electronics (ISO 9002 company).


Established proficiency in implementing creative solutions and architecture, problem resolution and management for new and existing systems for various industries like: Food & Beverage, Automotive, Chemical industries, Oil, Metals, Material handling, Power Plants/Utilities, water/Wastewater treatment.

All the information given here is true to the best of my knowledge & awaiting favorable invitation from your end.

Thanking you,

Patil R.B.

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